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Swans Crossing

Welcome to Swans Crossing at TV Tome Swans Crossing was a show about twelve teenagers that live in a fictional town called, Swans Crossing. The teenagers were:Sydney Rutledge, Garrett Booth, Mila Rosnovsky, Glory Booth, J.T. Adams, Neil Atwater, Callie Walker, Jimmy Clayton, Saja Decastro, Owen Fowler, Nancy Robbins, and Sandy Swan. Sydney was the mayor's scheming daughter, who "liked" Garrett, but was not allowed to see him. J.t and Glory were also kind of a couple, Glory is GArret's sister. NEil and J.T. were trying to invent a rocket fuel(Ub2B). A lot of other stuff happened in Swans CRossing. Take a look at the episode guide to see(if you can write a more in-depth summary for an episode please e-mail it to me :[email protected])I think all the air dates are complete, and i am trying to get a very short summary for every episode.


First Aired: June 1, 1992
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 5:00 PM
Runtime: 30 minutes
Network: Syndicated
Genre: Drama


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