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Every DCOM ever aired... minus the commercials.

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Under Wraps

Three 12-year-old kids discover a Mummy (undead) in the basement of a "dead" man's house. It comes alive due to the conjunction of the moonlight during that time of the month. They are scared of him at first, but with time discover he is friendly, if clumsy and confused. The kids name the mummy Harold, and decide he will temporarily take up residence in one kid's bedroom. After paying a visit to their Halloween-obsessed friend, Bruce, they discover that if the mummy is not put back in his coffin before midnight on Halloween, the mummy will cease to exist.

You Lucky Dog

Jack Morgan is a dog therapist, once famous for being able to read his dog's mind. Although Jack cannot read the minds of other dogs, he still operates a canine mind-reading business, without divulging his inability to customers. Mr. Mooney and his wife bring their dog to see Jack. Dissatisfied with Jack's inability to read his dog's mind, Mr. Mooney, who is a friend of the city mayor, threatens to have his business closed down. After the Mooneys leave, a wealthy man named Clyde Windsor brings his dog, Lucky, to see Jack, who is stunned by his ability to read the dog's mind. Jack informs Windsor that Lucky is bothered by three individuals that live with him.


Andy "Brink" Brinker and his in-line skating crew—Peter, Jordy, and Gabriella—who call themselves "Soul-Skaters" (which means they skate for the fun of it, and not for the money), clash with a group of sponsored skaters, Team X-Bladz—led by Val—with whom they attend high school in southern California.


The film begins with 13-year-old Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown) and her mother, Gwen (Judith Hoag), arguing over why she and her younger siblings 12-year-old Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) and 7-year-old Sophie (Emily Roeske) can never go out for Halloween, and why Marnie cannot go to a Halloween party. Her mom offers no clear explanation. Gwen's mother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds), who is an expert witch, shows up for her annual Halloween visit. The children are happier to see Aggie than Gwen is, as Aggie openly encourages the children to get more involved in Halloween.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

The year is 2049 and Zenon Kar is a 13-year-old girl who lives with her family on an Earth-orbiting space station. After getting into trouble with the space station's commander, Edward Plank, Zenon's parents punish her by sending her to Earth to live with her Aunt Judy. On Earth, Zenon experiences trouble fitting in with other kids, who consider her name, space-station stories and slang to be weird. Likewise, Zenon considers the children at her school woefully out of touch with pop culture. Homesick, Zenon often communicates with her best friend on the space station, Nebula Wade, via a video phone tablet. Eventually, Zenon makes friends on Earth with two boys, Andrew and Greg (with whom she develops a relationship). Along the way the kids learn to be more accepting of one another and to look past first impressions.

Can of Worms

Mike Pillsbury, a teenage boy who believes that he is an Extraterrestrial life and does not belong on Earth, uses a satellite dish one night to send a message to outer space, requesting to be rescued. Two weeks earlier, Mike is telling a fictional story to his friend Nick, and Nick's younger brother, Jay. In Mike's story, a war breaks out between two different alien groups, resulting in a baby alien being sent to Earth to be raised as a human. Nick becomes annoyed with the story, as it represents Mike's unusual feelings that he is not meant to be on Earth. Mike is injured during a football game and sees an alien as part of a hallucination. Mike then wonders if football is the right sport for him, but his father, a former football player, insists he stick with the sport.

The Thirteenth Year

Cody Griffin is an adopted teenager; his birth mother is a mermaid who left him on the Griffins' boat when he was a baby to avoid being captured. As she left, she was spotted by Mr. Wheatly, a fisherman who became obsessed with finding mermaids. Years later, Cody establishes himself as a quick swimmer on his school's swim team, and he has a girlfriend named Sam. He is under a lot of pressure from a big swim meet coming up and because he is failing biology, he is partnered with Jess Wheatly, the class geek who is a marine biology expert.

Smart House

After the death of his mother, 13-year-old Ben Cooper takes it upon himself to take care of the household, and he, his single father Nick, and his little sister Angie are struggling to balance household chores, school, and work in Monroe County, New York. Ben enters a competition to win a Smart House, which will take care of all their needs via computer. The family wins the house (named Pat) and move in, and are introduced to its creator, Sara Barnes.

Don't Look Under the Bed

Frances McCausland (Erin Chambers), an intelligent and level-headed girl, is starting high school a year early. Strange things have been going on in her town of Middleberg: dogs appearing on people's roofs, alarm clocks going off hours early, eggs all over a teacher's car, gelatin in the school swimming pool, and the letter "B" spray-painted all over town. The Bs also appear on the school lockers—except for Frances', which has a B on the inside. These pranks seem to point to Frances, who does not understand what is happening or why. An older boy named Larry Houdini (Eric "Ty" Hodges II) offers to help Frances, telling her that he is an imaginary friend, which is proven true as children are the only other people who can see him. Larry tells Frances that she is being framed by the Boogeyman. Frances has a difficult time believing this.

Horse Sense

Michael Woods is a lazy, preppy 20-year-old living off his parents' wealth in Los Angeles, while struggling through college classes and dating a spoiled child named Gina, whom his family dislikes. Michael learns that his 11-year-old cousin Tommy Biggs, whom he has not seen since a family reunion several years earlier, will soon be arriving from Montana to visit. Michael casts Tommy aside during his visit, prioritizing his social life and the demands of his girlfriend over his guest.

Up, Up, and Away

Scott Marshall (Michael J. Pagan) comes from a family of superheroes. His father, Bronze Eagle (Robert Townsend (actor)), has the gift of flight. His mother, Warrior Woman (Alex Datcher), has the power of superhuman strength and superior Melee combat skills. His brother, Silver Charge (Kasan Butcher), is gifted with Speedster (fiction), electrical and magnetism manipulation. His little sister, Molly (Arreale Davis), has both x-ray vision and heat vision. His grandfather, Steel Condor (Sherman Hemsley), has superhuman strength, Vulnerability#Invulnerability and flight (though at his old age, he flies slower than cars), and has an ongoing feud with Superman. His grandmother, Doris (Joan Pringle), has the ability to Shapeshifting. Unfortunately, Scott lacks powers and if none appear before his 14th birthday, he's normal for life. The Marshalls all share the same "superhero weakness", which is aluminum foil.

The Color of Friendship

In 1977, Piper Dellums (Shadia Simmons) is a black girl who lives in Washington, D.C. with her father, Congressman Ron Dellums (Carl Lumbly), an outspoken opponent of the South African apartheid system and the oppression of black South Africans, her mother Roscoe Dellums (Penny Johnson Jerald), and two younger twin brothers, Brandon (Anthony Burnett) and Erik Dellums (Travis Davis). Piper, who has been taking an interest in the different nations of Africa, begs her parents to host an African exchange student.

Alley Cats Strike

A Middle school#United States basketball game between the cities of East Appleton and West Appleton ends in a tie. The two cities, both vying for a trophy known as The Mighty Apple, must determine the winner through a tie-breaking Ten-pin bowling competition. Alex Thompson and his friends, Delia, Elisa and Ken, are in West Appleton Junior High School's bowling club; they discover that Todd McLemore, a popular basketball player, is also a member of the club, as his friends Leo and Flip had signed him up as a prank.

Rip Girls

Sydney Miller is a 13-year-old girl who was born in Hawaii and moved away at a young age after the death of her mother, who she barely remembers. From her great aunt, Sydney inherits a derelict Hawaiian plantation that had been used through five generations. Sydney, her father Ben, and her stepmother Elizabeth leave their residence in Chicago to visit the plantation, known as Makai. When the Millers arrive, they meet attorney Bo Kauihou, who informs them that Sydney will inherit the plantation if she stays there for two weeks. Bo attempts to dissuade Sydney's parents from selling the plantation, stating that the ground is still fertile enough for use as farm land, although Ben is hesitant as he and Elizabeth have no farm experience. Although Bo wants to preserve the plantation, he informs the Millers that there have been inquiries about purchasing the property.

Ready to Run

''Ready to Run'' is the story of 14-year-old Corrie Ortiz (Krissy Perez), an energetic girl who dreams of becoming a jockey in the predominantly male sport of Thoroughbred horse racing. Although her father died in a racing-related accident, and her mother is against it, Corrie's spirited memory drives her to try to achieve her goal.

The Other Me

Will Browning is a student who does not perform well in school. His father says that if Will does not improve soon, he will be spending the summer at Camp Spartacus, a boot camp for boys which will help him learn responsibility and discipline. To make up for the grades, Will orders a science project from an organization, "Ocean Pups."

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

13-year-old Adam Hansen (Matt O'Leary) and his best friend Duffy (Jake Epstein) have some tickets for the Headless Horseman concert, and his sister 16-year-old Chelsea (Laura Vandervoort) has a date with her dreamy boyfriend Peter. The only problem is, they are both grounded: Adam is punished because he did not do his homework, instead making up a story using an article from the magazine ''The Weekly Secret'', and Chelsea because she called Adam a dweeb, which their mother, Lynette (Caroline Rhea), happened to hear. Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mother out of the house, even if it includes a chance meeting with a very mysterious man named Dimitri (Charles Shaughnessy). Everything seems to go according to plan, until their 8-year-old little brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey) realizes that Dimitri is a vampire.

Phantom of the Megaplex

17-year-old Pete Riley works as the assistant manager at the local 26-screen grand megaplex, a job that he loves and spends the majority of his time at. Rumor has it that the megaplex is haunted by a "phantom", someone who was trapped inside the old movie theater that was demolished to build the current megaplex. Pete, senior manager Shawn MacGibbon, the other employees, and an elderly member of the family who once owned the original theater known as "Movie Mason" (played by Mickey Rooney) who loves movies and thinks he works at the megaplex, are working to prepare the theater for the star-studded premiere of the new Hollywood blockbuster ''Midnight Mayhem''. Wolfgang Nedermayer, the owner of the megaplex, is to be among the guests. To Pete's disappointment, he is forced to bring along his younger siblings, 13-year-old Karen and 12-year-old Bryan, to the theater while their widowed mother goes out on a date with her boyfriend George.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

Two teen girls, Samantha Elizabeth "Sam" Kwan (age 13) (Brenda Song) and Allison Rachel "Allie" Thompson (age 13) (Hallee Hirsh) find a Weather modification at a shack in the woods. After learning of its controls, they use it to make it snow in Los Angeles.

Zenon: The Zequel

Zenon Kar is now 15, two years older, in the year 2051 and none the wiser about the dangers of meddling, but when she shows Nebula a new game and how to play it, she inadvertently empties out Commander Plank's office and is assigned work detail in the Alien Patrol lab. It is revealed that Greg broke up with Zenon. The space station is now under command of the military and General Hammond is assigned to command the station. Commander Plank, very furious, comes out of his office and stops Zenon. Even worse, he assigns Zenon to look after General Hammond's daughter who turns out to be her old nemesis, Margie, who's demanding and threatens to have her dad kick Zenon and her family off the space station if Zenon doesn't obey her.


The fast-moving Carson family gets ready to take on their next challenge as eldest son Andrew (Trever O'Brien) gears up for a motocross race with the hopes of winning a corporate sponsorship.

The Luck of the Irish

Popular junior high school basketball player Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman) learns that his high school is putting on a special event called Heritage Day, a celebration for everyone of different heritages. He asks his parents, but they're reluctant to tell him the truth about where their family came from, insisting they were from Cleveland.

The Jennie Project

Hugo Archibald (Lance Guest) is a doctor and brings home a wide variety of exotic animal species. The latest animal he brings home is a Common chimpanzee named Jennie. Dr. Archibald is not home very much, and Andrew, Dr. Archibald's son, feels he does not care about him.

Jumping Ship

Michael has big plans to show his country cousin a good time aboard a luxury yacht, only to discover the yacht he’s chartered is actually a dilapidated fishing boat. When modern-day pirates give chase, the boys and the captain are forced to jump ship, leaving them stranded on an island.

The Poof Point

Two scientists invent an anti-aging machine. On one of their test runs, a part of the machine falls out, causing it to not be able to turn on. The dog messes with the controls as they go inside of the machine to fix it. The dog turns it on causing the scientists to anti-age instead of the test subjects. Nothing happens at first and they leave the room. As the day progresses, their children Eddie (Tahj Mowry) and Marie (Raquel Lee) notice that their parents minds seem to become less-advanced and more childlike and their clothes change to things younger people would wear such as pigtails, overalls, striped shirts, etc. They realize it is the effects of the anti-aging machine and now they have to get their parents back into the machine and reverse the effects so they don't go out of existence, but there is a problem. Their parents keep making messes, running off, and doing everything they can to cause trouble and not go into the machine to age. The children get them into the machine right on the verge of poofing away and save their lives.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

15-year-old Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) has just spent 2 years with her grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds). While hosting a wikt:mortality neighborhood Halloween party at their house, Marnie tries to impress a cute new boy, Kal (Daniel Kountz), by showing him Aggie's magically-hidden room. Soon Aggie notices unwelcome magic (paranormal) symptoms. She and Marnie travel to Halloweentown to investigate and to fix the problem before the portal between Halloweentown and the mortal world, open only on Halloween, closes at midnight.

'Twas the Night

A troubled and irresponsible man named Nick Wrigley (Bryan Cranston) is hacked by criminals who are looking for a bank account code to Nick's boss. The criminals Bill (Jeff Geddis) and Harry (Sandy Robson) manage to find his apartment and start beating him for the Internet scam he has pulled on them. They tell him they want their money by Christmas or else they will have their enforcer Eliot (Jung-Yul Kim) beat him up. Bill and Harry leave and Nick decides to run away. Nick is leaving the building when Eliot sees him leaving and chases him. Nick manages to escape when he runs to a North Pole stage where kids meet Santa Claus. He steals the costume for Santa Claus and walks to the bus stop in disguise and goes to his brother's house.

Double Teamed

In 1985, twins Heather and Heidi Burge are forced by their overly-pushy father to leave their former school and attend a different school to have better chances at college scholarships. Heidi, however, tended to think that she was athletically inferior to Heather, and in an attempt to get out of Heather's shadow, she joined in a school play.

Cadet Kelly

Kelly Collins (Hilary Duff), is a free-spirited eighth grade girl whose mother gets married to Brigadier General Joe "Sir" Maxwell (Gary Cole). When her new stepfather becomes the Commandant of a Military academy, George Washington Military Academy, Kelly and her family move upstate. Kelly has to enroll at the school, since it is the only school in the area, leaving behind her art school and her best friend Amanda (Sarah Gadon). On her first day at military school, she befriends Carla (Andrea Lewis), a girl who has been there for a long time and shows her the ropes. Kelly, at first, has trouble fitting in and obeying the orders of the officers above her, especially Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone (Christy Carlson Romano), who has a crush on Cadet Major Brad Rigby (Shawn Ashmore). Kelly feels drawn to Brad instantly, and competes with Captain Stone for his attention. Captain Stone does not treat Kelly well, verbally abusing her and destroying her personal belongings. After taking a long time to complete the obstacle course, Captain Stone has Kelly take the course again. After getting all dirty from the course and finishing it, Kelly heads to the dance, but stumbles and ruins Captain Stone's dress at the dance. Her stepfather talks to Kelly in his office about the incident and what the teachers are saying about her. At home, Kelly is ready to tell her mom about her feelings and opinions of the new school, but before she could even start, her mother reveals to her that Kelly is going to have a half-sibling (implying that her mother and her stepfather are going to have a baby together). Seeing that her mom needs her support, she vows to help her stepfather learn how to take care of a child and make him "ready" to be a dad. To get back at Captain Stone for destroying one of Kelly's $15,000 blanket, Kelly decides to paint into Stone's hair in the middle of the night, in the same pattern as a blanket of Kelly's that Stone ruined.

Tru Confessions

Trudy "Tru" Walker is a teenager who aspires to have her own TV show. Tru is somewhat unhappy with her life. Her twin brother, Eddie, has autism caused from losing oxygen at birth and as a result, it causes him to act like a young child, which is often the source of chaos when in social situations. Although Eddie is affectionate, his behavior often frustrates Tru because she feels as if she is unable to reason with him. She is also angered by the harsh way her brother is treated by members of her peer group. Furthermore, she is often frustrated with her mother because it seems as if Eddie is the sibling who is favored. Although Tru feels sorry for Eddie, she is tired of being unable to pursue normal activities.

Gotta Kick It Up

A young executive turned teacher helps a group of young Hispanic and Latino Americans girls find themselves and overcome societal obstacles through their dance troupe.

A Ring of Endless Light

When 16-year-old Vicky Austin, her sister Suzy and little brother Rob visit their grandfather on Seven Bay Island, Vicky faces several unexpected challenges. Her beloved grandfather, the retired Reverend Eaton, seems to be seriously ill, but tries to pretend that nothing is wrong. Vicky met the rich but emotionally troubled Zachary Gray the previous summer, and he reappears to renew the acquaintance. Another boy, 17-year-old Adam Eddington, recruits Vicky to help him with a research project, working with a dolphin called Basil. Vicky discovers she can communicate telepathy with the dolphin and his mate – and possibly with Adam as well.

The Scream Team

Two children, Ian and Clare, move into a town where their grandfather has just died. Ian thinks his grandfather's spirit is trying to tell them something, finding some library news clippings about a man named Zachariah Kull, who was accused of burning his home with his wife in it. Later, Ian and Clare capture a ghost named Jumper (a dead skydiver) who ends up freed by his partner, Coffin Ed (a revolutionary soldier). They follow them and other ghostly wisps of air into the forest, where they find an abandoned building. Entering, they find arriving ghosts entering a mirror, which leads to the afterlife. Ed and Jumper's boss, Mariah (a dead bride) isn't too pleased with this. Ian and Clare learn that they look for souls that don't want to cross over, and are dubbed the "Soul Patrol" by Jumper; they ended up with these jobs while waiting for their turn to cross over.

You Wish!

Alex Lansing (A.J. Trauth) is extremely tormented by his younger brother, Stevie (Spencer Breslin) such as buying a turkey from a pet adoption show and making jocks (Gary & his friends) slam a pizza on Alex's head, but most recently, Alex is forced to take Stevie to the mall with him and his friend James, when Stevie receives a magical coin to wish anything and runs off in the mall without telling Alex. Alex is grounded for a month because of carelessness with Stevie and they are sent to bed. After Stevie gives Alex the coin, Alex wishes that he'd never had a little brother.

Right on Track

Based on a true story about two sisters who came out on top of a man's sport, the story is based on Courtney Enders and Erica Enders-Stevens, two sisters who get into junior drag racing and make it all the way to the top. The two sisters fight a battle of fellow racers who are against having girls race with them therefore it pushes them harder to compete against their competition. Erica becomes stressed when her racing life becomes mixed with her social life and academic goals, and decided to quit racing, until she realizes racing is what she truly wants to do. Finally towards the end of their teen years the Enders sisters come out on top to win the NHRA Junior Dragster national title. They continue to race throughout high school and college, and still do so today.

The Even Stevens Movie

Louis ruins Ren's junior high graduation after he plays a prank on Coach Tugnut. Meanwhile, Gil breaks up with Ren, so she takes a job babysitting Beans. After Ren and Louis get into a fight and accidentally hurt Miles McDermott, he talks the Stevenses and Beans into going on a vacation, which is the set of a new reality TV show called ''Family Fake Out.'' It is set on the fictional island of Mandelino, which is only a short distance off the California coast.

The Cheetah Girls

Four teen girls in Manhattan - Galleria, Chanel, Dorinda, and Aqua - perform at a children's birthday party as The Cheetah Girls. During the performance, several mistakes occur, including stumbles from Aqua and Dorinda. While they feel a bit discouraged, Galleria is there to provide encouragement and remind the girls of their dreams of stardom. After the performance, Chanel rushes home to tell her mother about the show, but her mother is too busy preparing for a date with her new Parisian (person) boyfriend to pay attention. Galleria comes home to her parents who chastise her for not taking phone messages for her mother or walking their Bichon Frise dog, Toto. While it is clear that Galleria's parents are supportive, they also wish that Galleria was more focused. Meanwhile, Dorinda must hurry off to her job, which is revealed to be janitorial work at a community center.

Full-Court Miracle

Alex Schlotsky (Alex D. Linz) is a 14-year old freshman at Philadelphia Hebrew Academy, where he and his friends are on the school's struggling basketball team, the Lions. Without a good coach and with a dream of winning the Liberty Tournament and defeating their school's rivals, the Warriors, Alex and his friends are determined to find their own Judah Macabee to coach their team. During one day of practice at a local park, Alex finds what he believes is their coach—Lamont Carr, a college basketball star whose knee injury prevented him from getting to the NBA. After interrupting his practice, Alex and Lamont don't get off to a good start. The next day, however, Alex offers to pay Lamont to coach their team for a while: Lamont reluctantly agrees.

Pixel Perfect

Teenager Roscoe is trying to help his best friend, Samantha. Sam's band, the Zetta Bytes, are struggling. Despite her vocal talents and guitar skills, Sam is told that she needs to dance in order for their band to succeed. Roscoe uses his father's computerized holographic equipment to create a sentient, autonomous humanoid hologram called Loretta to dance for the band.

Going to the Mat

Jason "Jace" Newfield (Andrew Lawrence (actor)) is the new blind student at his school, whose family recently moved from New York City to Salt Lake City, Utah. Thinking that his way to fit in is through playing the drums, he shows off in class only to find out that his band teacher, Mr. Wyatt, is also blind.

Zenon: Z3

Zenon Kar is now 18 and competing to win the Galactic Teen Supreme contest and celebrate at the Moonstock Festival on the Moon. Zenon wants to beat handsome competitor Bronley Hale. She also reunites with Moon preservation activist Sage Borealis. Sage is desperate to keep the Moon from being colonized and exploited and wants Zenon's help.

Stuck in the Suburbs

Brittany Aarons (Danielle Panabaker) is a regular teenage girl, one of the many who has a crush on popular pop singer Jordan Cahill (Taran Killam). However, she is bored of living a suburban existence and pines for excitement. At school, she meets a new girl, Natasha Kwon-Schwartz (Brenda Song), who informs Brittany that she moved to suburbia from several years on and off living in Europe and New York. Brittany's other friends dislike Natasha for her nonconformism, but Brittany pursues a friendship with her. Upon finding out that Jordan is filming a video nearby, Brittany invites Natasha to join her and her fangirl friends to watch the shoot. Jordan, at the video shoot, expresses dislike for the shallow new single, wanting to sing his own lyrics, which his record company denies him. When Jordan and his team knock into Brittany and Natasha after the shoot, Eddie (Jordan's assistant, best friend and confidante) and Brittany accidentally pick up one another's phones in the ensuing mess.

Tiger Cruise

Maddie Dolan, a teenager from San Diego, wants to convince her father Gary Dolan, a U.S. Navy commander, to give up his career and come home. Maddie accepts her father's offer to participate in Operation Tiger, a week-long cruise for military families and their friends aboard his aircraft carrier. She meets two other teenagers boarding the Tiger cruise, Tina and Anthony. Tina is fascinated by military life; her older sister Grace is a United States Naval Aviator. Anthony, whose older brother Kenny is a sailor, is a drummer who prefers to have nothing to do with military life.

Halloweentown High

Two years after Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown) prepares to begin a new school year. She asks the Halloweentown Council to work toward openness between Halloweentown and the human world. She proposes bringing a group of Halloweentown students to her own high school in the mortal world. The Council is initially apprehensive, mostly due to the legend of the Knights of the Iron Dagger: a fanatical knighthood who wanted to destroy all things magical. The Halloweentown Witches' Council, however, agrees to accept the plan after Marnie mistakenly bets "all the Cromwell Magic (paranormal)" that her plan will work. If she does not prove she is right by midnight on Halloween, then her entire family will lose their magical abilities. Marnie, regretting what she said to the Council, wants to cancel the program she has made, but her grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) opposes, saying that they have nothing to fear.

Now You See It...

Aspiring teen producer Allyson Miller (Alyson Michalka) signs up to produce a new reality show, searching for the world's greatest kid magician. Desperate to find her star, Allyson (along with adult mentor Paul, and kid cameraman Cedric) stumbles upon Danny Sinclair (Johnny Pacar), who gets them on the show. When Danny is selected as one of three finalists, he appears to have something more than the others. Even show host and master magician Max (Frank Langella) takes a special interest in Danny's talent.

Buffalo Dreams

Set against the backdrop of New Mexico, the film follows a boy, Josh Townsend, who moves because of his father's job and becomes involved with a group of teens attempting to preserve the American Bison and Navajo people traditions. Along the way he makes friends and learns important lessons about life. The movie teaches about a few Navajo traditions. Josh eventually enters a race against his rival and proves to be the better of the two, however, he quits the race after seeing the buffalo herd stampeding. Josh quickly gathers his friends to save the town and while his rival refuses to help, his disgusted friends do. Together, they herd the buffalo away from the town and back onto their preserve. During the process, Josh's friend Thomas Blackhorse falls in front of a buffalo, but is saved by his sister who finally speaks for the first time in years to help calm the buffalo. Josh and his friends are hailed as heroes by the town and in recognition of his bravery, Josh is made an honorary member of the Navajo tribe with the name Rides With the Wind. He and Thomas, who he had trouble getting along with before, make a pact to keep the buffalo safe together.

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

In his latest attempt to take over the world, Dr. Drakken, Kim Possible (character) and Ron Stoppable's nemesis, has been developing an elaborate new master plan that baffles everyone, even his assistant, Shego. Among the plan's stages are the procurement of a new toy design, development of Synthodrone androids, and a bizarre research project investigating the lifestyles of teenage girls.

Go Figure

A talented young teenage figure skater named Katelin Kingsford dreams of being a champion. During one of her competitions, she is discovered by a famous Russian skating coach, Natasha Goberman. However, Natasha coaches at an expensive boarding school and Katelin's parents cannot afford to send her there. To help Katelin with the expenses, Natasha convinces the girls hockey team coach to give the last hockey scholarship to Katelin so she can train at the boarding school. Katelin is overjoyed and excited to be taught by Natasha but quickly learns that juggling hockey practice, skate club practice, and her homework is much harder than she imagined. A student assistant coach for the hockey team named Spencer constantly ridicules her, and her fellow skaters in the figure skating club are just as rude. Katelin is also forced to hide all of her precious figure-skating-related belongings, as the hockey coach warns her that the girls on the hockey team despise "twirl girls". However, Katelin does find some solace in her roommate, Hollywood Henderson, a fellow hockey player. She finds out that Katelin is a figure skater, but promises not to tell anyone.

Life Is Ruff

At a grocery store where a cardboard box of six free puppies, five black labs and a Labrador retriever. Children come by and the black labs are adopted are taken to a home. Only the Labrador retriever puppy is left in the box and on that raining night he escapes to the streets. A year later, that puppy is eluding animal control. Eventually he is caught and taken to the pound.

The Proud Family Movie

The film opens with a man named Dr. Carver, the great-great-grandson of George Washington Carver, trying to generate a super 'Gnome Warrior', a prototype for an army of humanoid peanut warriors, but it disintegrates. The scene then turns to Penny Proud, who is celebrating her 16th birthday in her hometown of Wizardville, California, and fails her Driver's education. She and her friends are excited to be a part of 15 Cent's (Sticky's cousin and parody of 50 Cent) dance group, Spare Change.


In the magical land of Coventry, the royal witch Miranda gives birth to identical twin daughters on the night of Halloween. The sisters are named Apolla and Artemis after the Twelve Olympians twins Apollo and Artemis, the gods of the Sun and Moon, respectively; in accordance with their namesake, Apolla wears an amulet in the shape of the sun and Artemis wears an amulet in the shape of the moon. Their father Aron DuBaer, a powerful warlock, transfers the entirety of his magical powers to protect them from an evil entity known as the Darkness and is killed in the process. Karsh and Ileana assume the task of protecting the twins and flee to a non-magical dimension known as Earth to give them up for adoption. Apolla is adopted by a wealthy couple who name her Camryn Elizabeth Barnes, while Artemis is adopted by a single mother and is named Alexandra "Alex" Nicole Fielding. Alex grows up to be a Night owl (person) and stays up until the moon sets, writing about the chronicles of magical twin sisters, unaware that her stories are true. She shares a single bedroom with her close friend Lucinda, after her mother passes away a few months prior to her 21st birthday. Meanwhile, Camryn is a passionate artist and a Lark (person), who wakes up at sunrise to sketch realistic pictures; unbeknownst to her, the images she creates are of Miranda and her homeland Coventry. She is spoiled and outgoing, unlike her quiet and reclusive sister; however, the duo share the traits of kindness and intelligence.

High School Musical

On New Year's Eve, high school juniors Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) meet at a party while both teens are at a ski lodge during winter break. At the party, the two are called upon to sing karaoke together ("Start of Something New"). They find that they have a connection and decide to exchange numbers before going their separate ways.

Cow Belles

Taylor (Aly Michalka) and Courtney Callum (AJ Michalka) are two thoroughly spoiled yet well-intentioned sisters whose widower father, Reed Callum (Jack Coleman (actor)), owns Callum Dairy. Taylor has just gotten her license, after almost failing the test at the beginning of the movie. They leave the house to depart for a shopping trip, but leave a towel on the stove, starting a house fire. Shocked by their carelessness, and deciding the girls should start making their own cash, Reed puts them to work at the dairy to teach them responsibility. He goes out of town, looking for a rare butterfly to add to his collection. This leaves the girls to look after the dairy.

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu is a popular American teenager, whose life is turned upside down by a visit from Shen - a young Buddhist monk. He claims that Wendy is the reincarnation of a mighty female warrior and the only one who can prevent Yan-Lo - an ancient evil spirit - from destroying the world. Shen begs Wendy to wear a powerful amulet, which will protect her from evil until he can fully train her in martial arts.

Read It and Weep

''Read It and Weep'' begins with freshman Jameson "Jamie" Bartlett (Kay Panabaker), who has three best friends named Connor (who has a crush on her) (Jason Dolley), Lindsay (Marquise Brown), and Harmony (Alexandra Krosney), a brother named Lenny Bartlett (Nick Whitaker) and a very mean enemy named Sawyer Sullivan (Allison Scagliotti) (who she calls "Myrna" in her journal and the novel), whose boyfriend Marco is the object of Jamie's affection. She also owns a Tablet computer which she writes in every day. In that journal she writes about a character named "Isabella," or "Is" (Danielle Panabaker), a popular girl with incredible powers based loosely on herself. Jamie uses her tablet PC as her own little universe, where she tells about different people, and stories, but in actuality is her own life, just a little more imaginative.

The Cheetah Girls 2

The movie begins in Manhattan, three years after the first movie, where the Cheetah Girls have just completed their junior year and are performing at a Graduation Party for the Manhattan Magnet's Class of 2006 ("The Party's Just Begun").

Return to Halloweentown

18-year-old Marnie (Sara Paxton) decides to forego her original college plans and attend Witch University in Halloweentown. Marnie is offered a full scholarship for her good deeds and for her work in the previous years. Much to her mother Gwen's (Judith Hoag) dismay, Marnie goes, and her brother Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) is reluctantly forced along by Gwen to keep an eye on her. The school is not what it seems, as witches and Magician (fantasy) cannot use magic (fantasy); instead they learn about Shakespeare and old magic history. Marnie had thought she would learn how to use her magic and is now crestfallen. She runs into her old friend Ethan (Lucas Grabeel) and makes a new friend named Aneesa the Jinn (Summer Bishil). She also makes three new enemies in the Sinister Sisters, a triad of malevolent, extremely snobby, spoiled, and manipulative witches with whom Dylan is immediately infatuated and are the daughters of Silas Sinister (Keone Young).

Jump In!

Isadore "Izzy" Daniels (Corbin Bleu) is a star boxing in Brooklyn, hoping to win the Golden Gloves, like his father Kenneth (David Reivers), who's also his coach. Izzy competes in an exhibition match against Rodney, his classmate and the neighborhood bully, and wins using strategy and focus, giving him a chance to go to the Golden Gloves.

High School Musical 2

School's out for summer and the East High Wildcats are ready to make it the time of their lives after landing jobs in a wealthy country club owned by Sharpay and Ryan's family.

Twitches Too

After using their powers to battle the forces of darkness, the sisters settle down to lead normal lives. However, the discovery that their biological father may not be dead, but residing in New York, causes confusion for the pair.


On the first day of high school, best friends Virgil (Jason Dolley), Derek (Steven R. McQueen), and Stephanie (Chelsea Kane) each decide to try out various activities around the school; however, Virgil's high school career takes a turn when young genius Charlie Tuttle (Luke Benward) interrupts football practice as he tears across the field on a rocket car. As the football team begins harassing Charlie, Virgil comes to his defense only to get bullied as well. Virgil and Charlie are forced to dress as cheerleaders and are hung from the school mascot's statue by their underwear.

Camp Rock

A teenage girl desperately wants to spend her summer in a rock camp, but the only way she can get in is by working in the kitchen. When a teen pop star overhears her singing, he sets out to find the girl behind the voice.

The Cheetah Girls: One World

With Galleria at the University of Cambridge in England, Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan), and Aqua (Kiely Williams) are left as a trio and are cast in the lavish new Bollywood movie "''Namaste Bombay''". The Cheetah Girls travel across the globe to India. There, they meet Rahim (Rupak Ginn), the man cast as the lead, whom they realize is attractive, yet somewhat clumsy. After meeting the movie's choreographer, Gita (Deepti Daryanani), a dance battle erupts between themselves and Gita with her backup dancers. They subsequently discover that the musical's director, Vikram "Vik" (Michael Steger), must choose only one Cheetah for the role as the budget is only enough for one star.


Melissa Morris desperately tries to gain more attention from her always preoccupied father, Neal, a best-selling author. Melissa lives in the shadow of Tripp Zoome, the adventurous and clever hero from her father's popular spy novels. Before a long overdue father-daughter vacation, her father gets kidnapped by obsessive fans: Wheeze with his friend, Sheldon and his brother, Andre.

Hatching Pete

When Cleatus can't play the school mascot, Pete has to secretly do the job.

Princess Protection Program

Princess Rosalinda Montoya Fiore (Demi Lovato) is about to be crowned queen of the small nation of Costa Luna. General Kane (Johnny Ray (comedian)), the dictator of neighboring country Costa Estrella, invades her palace with his agents during her coronation rehearsal, and attempts to capture the royal family and take over the country. Joe Mason (Tom Verica), an agent of the Princess Protection Program, a secret organization funded by royal families that looks after endangered princesses, whisks her away to safety via helicopter. Kane’s agents, however, succeed in capturing her mother, Queen Sofía.

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

The Russo family, Alex, Justin, Max, and their parents Jerry and Theresa are preparing for a vacation to the Caribbean. An unenthusiastic Alex reluctantly agrees to tag along after a life-threatening situation in which Harper and Alex were almost hit by a coming subway. Justin saves the two for a chance to be praised at using magic to save Alex once again after Alex does something wrong. Once in the Caribbean, the family meets a boy working at the hotel that Alex instantly develops a crush on. The family then visits a street fair, where they meet a street magician and former wizard (who lost the full-wizard contest to his older brother) named Archie who wants to turn his girlfriend, Giselle, from a parrot back into a human by finding the Stone of Dreams, which has the power to grant any wish or reverse any spell. Jerry considers it crazy since many wizards have gone on the quest and never returned.


Christopher Wilde is a famous pop star and teen idol, whose music is very successful all around the world. Sara Olson of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Michigan is an obsessive fan of Christopher Wilde who seeks to use her family's trip to Hollywood, California, California to visit her widowed grandmother as an opportunity to meet him for spring break. Christopher, meanwhile, is on the brink of landing a movie deal and has agreed to remain out of the supermarket tabloid in order to prove that he is serious about landing the role.

Den Brother

Alex Pearson (Hutch Dano) is an avid Lemon Oaks High School hockey player who is seeking the attention of Matisse Burrows (Kelsey Chow), the most attractive girl in school. Alex also wants a car, but his widowed father Jasper refuses to help financially, stating that Alex's "attitude" needs to improve, citing Alex's recent suspension from the hockey team for showboating. In order to become more creditable with his father, Alex has to do chores and babysit his little sister, Emily (G. Hannelius). Meanwhile, the leader of Emily's Bumble Bee troop has just been informed her husband got a great job offer in another part of the country, and hastily leaves without arranging for a successor, which the girls worry their troop will be dissolved. Alex tells the girls he will be the substitute scoutmaster, and he uses the alias of "Mrs. Zamboni" to fool parents and the Bumblebee council.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

A year after the events of the Camp Rock, Mitchie Torres returns to Camp Rock for another summer year, along with her friends and her love-interest Shane Gray and his brothers of the rock band "Connect 3" (Nate and Jason). Along the way, she and her mother Connie notice that a new camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake. Mitchie and her friends also notice that there are fewer campers than last year, and attempt to lift everyone's spirits at the Opening Jam ("Brand New Day"). Camp Star sends parachutes to Camp Rock with chocolates and marshmallows, inviting them to a bonfire at their camp, but Brown Cesario is less than enthusiastic, as Camp Star's director is Axel Turner, whom he once kicked out of his rock band, the "Wet Crows".

Avalon High

Allie Pennington, the daughter of two medieval literature scholars, transfers to Avalon High and becomes involved in a prophesied re-staging of Arthurian legend. Allie meets various new people who she later discovers are the reincarnations of figures from the legendary Camelot. She befriends two boys: Will, a quarterback and most likely the reincarnation of Arthur, and Miles, who has psychic flashes and is most likely the reincarnation of Merlin. There's also a third boy, Marco—Will's stepbrother—whom Allie believes is the reincarnation of Mordred and determined to kill Arthur (Will), which would send the world into ''another'' dark age.

The Suite Life Movie

After making plans to spend spring break with his girlfriend Bailey Pickett (Debby Ryan), Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) decides to leave the The Suite Life on Deck#SS Tipton, a large cruise ship where he attends school, to work as an intern for Dr. Donald Spaulding (John Ducey) at a prestigious research firm instead. He does so in hopes of obtaining a scholarship to Yale University. When Cody's twin brother Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) reveals Cody's plans to Bailey before Cody could, she becomes infuriated that Cody canceled his plans with her and refuses to speak to him. Meanwhile, Zack asks Cody for his car, which their parents will give to Cody when he goes to college, but Cody refuses.

Lemonade Mouth

High school students Olivia White, Mohini "Mo" Banjaree, Charles "Charlie" Delgado, Stella Yamada, and Wendell "Wen" Gifford all meet after ending up in detention for different reasons. Miss Reznick, the music teacher supervising detention, leaves to argue with the principal Mr. Brenigan about his decision to move all extracurricular activities to the basement to make room for a new gymnasium. The five then tap out a beat and play instruments, and Olivia sings "Turn Up the Music." Miss Reznick returns and says that they would make a great band, and encourages them to enter a music competition called "Rising Star," in which a popular band, Mudslide Crush, planned to enter.

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) performs a dance number at the Lava Springs Country Club ("Gonna Shine"). There she meets a famous producer and casting director Jerry Taylor (Pat Mastroianni) who offers her a chance to star in his newest show on Broadway. Sharpay convinces her father Vance (Robert Curtis Brown) to let her move to New York City on her own. He hesitantly accepts, but he has a condition; if the plan backfires and she is not in a show by the end of the month, Sharpay is forced to move back with her parents and work at Lava Springs.

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

To celebrate the anniversary of Perry becoming their pet, Phineas and Ferb create an enormous shuttlecock to play giant badminton. When Perry's hovercraft accidentally collides with their shuttlecock, the boys crash into Dr. Doofenshmirtz's lab and destroy his "Other-Dimension-inator", which creates portals to parallel dimensions. Intrigued, the two help Doofenshmirtz rebuild the machine. Perry arrives to stop Doofenshmirtz, but unwilling to reveal his secret identity to the boys, reverts to pet mode and is unable to stop them from helping Doofenshmirtz.

Geek Charming

Dylan Schoenfield, Woodlands Academy's top girl, accidentally drops her fashionable and very expensive handbag into the mall fountain. She is surprised when film geek Josh Rosen, who is also part of Woodlands Academy, retrieves it for her. However, in exchange for him rescuing her bag, Dylan has to agree to be the subject of Josh's documentary. Dylan hopes the film will help her campaign to become "Blossom Queen" and claims that winning is her main goal in life. After watching Flight_of_the_Navigator together, Dylan invites Josh to her house, where they make an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sundae". While Dylan leaves for a while to go get something, Josh notices a wall of pictures, one of which has Dylan's mom in it, crowned the Blossom Queen. When Dylan comes back he asks her about it, and she says that her mom was Blossom Queen back in 1985. She had died when Dylan was 8. She also admits that she will feel more connected to her mom if she wins Blossom Queen, as her mom had.

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

The Duncan family plans to go to Amy's parents' new condo in Palm Springs, California for Christmas. However, they are separated en route when Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) makes a snap decision to give up her airline seat for a free ticket to prove to her parents she can go to Florida for her spring break with her best friend Ivy (Raven Goodwin). Unwilling to let her daughter travel alone, Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker) also disembarks the plane, only to discover that the next flight to Palm Springs departs after Christmas. Meanwhile, the rest of the family arrives in Palm Springs, but things aren't any easier as Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) tries to care for Charlie (Mia Talerico) under the watchful eye of Amy's mother Petunia (Debra Monk), who strongly dislikes Bob and blames him for Charlie's mischief and the other's kids mishaps; PJ (Jason Dolley) learns the pros and cons of his grandparents' pool after getting a sunburn; and Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry) quickly realizes the downfalls of teaching Grandpa Hank (Michael Kagan) how to play his favorite video game, Galaxy of Death, after Hank becomes addicted to it.


The story takes place involving three intertwined stories told by teenage friends who all go to the same school. The first story focuses on how a kid and a dog who are best friends become frenemies and how they become best friends again. The second story focuses on how two BFFs become total frenemies over a senior editor job. The third and final story focuses on two lookalikes who swap lives with each other, similar to ''The Prince and the Pauper''.

Radio Rebel

Tara Adams is a very shy senior at Lincoln Bay High School who dreads speaking to anyone in the school hallways or getting called on in class. But in the privacy of her bedroom, she rocks out as a podcast DJ named "Radio Rebel." Her alter ego gives inspirational messages to her fellow high school students and in turn they become her protégées. Except, for one student, mean-girl Stacy, who despises Radio Rebel for her extreme popularity. She also constantly taunts and insults Tara for her timid personality. Tara's stepfather, Rob, runs SLAM FM, Seattle’s hottest FM radio station. When he finds out that Tara is Radio Rebel while listening to one of her podcasts at the request of DJ Cami Q, he decides to let Tara fill in for the open DJ slot at SLAM FM.

Let It Shine

In New Orleans, Lousiana, Kanye West (Tyler James Williams) is a musically talented choir director who writes rap lyrics under the pseudonym "Truth" because of his father Pastor Jacob's (Courtney B. Vance) disapproval of hip hop music and his shy demeanor compared to his more outgoing best friend/brother Kris McDuffy (Trevor Jackson (actor)). Cyrus also secretly works as a busboy at a club, Off the Street, where the music label of their childhood friend, teenage singing sensation SZA (Coco Jones), is sponsoring a songwriting contest. Roxie chooses Truth's heartfelt song "Don't Run Away" as the winning entry but misidentifies Kris as Truth because the photo Cyrus submitted was of them both. Kris convinces Cyrus to let him take credit for the song because he has feelings for Roxie. As Kris uses Cyrus' verses to get closer to both Roxie's heart and his newfound fame, Cyrus begins to resent his best friend.

Girl vs. Monster

The movie begins on the day before Halloween with Skylar, a fearless 15-year-old teenager with a powerful singing voice, prepares for the ultimate costume party with her best friends, Henry and Sadie. The plan is for Skylar to sing at the party, with rock band member Ryan Dean. Skylar is crushed when the next afternoon, her parents make her stay home and even activate an alarm system to keep her in. She attempts to sneak out of the house by cutting the power so the alarm system won't work. That unfortunately unleashes a monster named Deimata (that was contained in her parents' monster containment unit) who is determined to feed the fear on Skylar and her family forever. As Skylar’s world is turned upside down, she learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret – that she comes from a long line of monster hunters. She is the 5th generation. Now, it’s up to Skylar and her friends to channel their inner strength and conquer more than just this monster. Every person has their own personal monster, which feeds on their fear.

Teen Beach Movie

Two surfing lovers, whose doomed relationship is nearing to a close, find themselves swept into a dimension-traversing wave that sends them into a beach movie musical in the 60's.

Cloud 9

Snowboarder Kayla Morgan (Dove Cameron), the best girl shredder in Summit Valley, competes in a snowboarding challenge and wins for the girls' division. With her Swift snowboarding teammate/boyfriend, Nick Swift (Mike Manning (actor)), who is also the son of team coach Sebastian Swift (Jeffrey Nordling), she trains as a part of the Swift Team to win the "Fire and Ice" snowboarding competition. A year ago, a viral video branding the famous, legendary snowboarder Will Cloud (Luke Benward) as an "epic failure" caused Will to end his snowboarding career. He wiped out attempting a move he created in Fire and Ice, called the Cloud 9, and almost died, allowing the Swifts to take the win. Now, Will works at his family's dog-kennel with his mom, Andrea (Amy Farrington). During a pre-Fire and Ice party for the Swifts, Sebastian Swift tells Nick that he needs to do whatever it takes to win Fire and Ice. After the party, Kayla, Nick, and their teammates find Will's sled that he left behind. Kayla and Nick get on and ride the sled, however, Nick is unable to control it and apologizes to Kayla before throwing himself out of the sled. Still riding, Kayla crashes through the mountain lodge sign, demolishing it and breaking the sled in the process. A security guard finds her and takes her home, and Kayla was abandoned by her teammates to take the blame. Will is informed that his sled is broken.


Zoey Stevens is an average 16-year-old girl who, with her mother, has just moved in with her new stepfather and 3 stepbrothers. Her brother Adam is always in a rush due to being captain of the basketball team. The youngest one, Ben, is always getting dirty. Zach, the middle child, has a habit of making disgusting mixtures. Their father, Ted, is the basketball team's coach who wakes everyone up at 6:45 in the morning to be prepared. When Zoey arrives at her high school, Adam quickly abandons her and she makes an unlikely friendship with Rachel who shows her to her class.

How to Build a Better Boy

Mae Hartley and Gabby Harrison are intelligent tenth graders. Mae has a crush on a Jock (stereotype) named Jaden and thinks that he is going to invite her to the Homecoming dance. However, she is publicly humiliated by Nevaeh, a mean cheerleader girl who is already going with Jaden. In her embarrassment, Mae claims that she already has a boyfriend. To cover the lie, Gabby offers to program a virtual boyfriend for Mae using computer software known as X-17, which they believe is used by Mae's father, Dr. James Hartley, to design high definition video game characters for his company. Gabby successfully creates a virtual boyfriend according to Mae's direction, and Mae names him Albert.

Bad Hair Day

Monica, a high school tech whiz, is determined to become prom queen and planning to go to MIT or a state university. She prepares herself the day before prom so she can save time when it comes, and thinks nothing will go wrong. But on the big day, she suddenly wakes up having a bad hair day, and her destroyed prom dress, broken shoes, and everything that can go wrong does go badly wrong. While all this is happening, Monica's friend Sierra witnesses everything. Then, a doorbell is heard and Monica opens the door to a lady claiming to be an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Liz seeks the necklace that Monica somehow ends up possessing, after buying it at an antique shop, wanting to recover it and get her job back. In verifying Liz's credentials, Monica discovers that Liz is not actually an FBI agent but a private investigator. Monica smartly deduces Liz's claim and she insists on coaxing Liz into giving her a ride around town to fix her hair, replace her outfit, and take her to get driving lessons in exchange for the necklace.

Teen Beach 2

On the eve of the first day of school, Brady and McKenzie celebrate the day they met and reminisce about the summer, while they watch Brady's favorite movie, ''Wet Side Story'', the 1960s musical film that they got stuck in during the events of ''Teen Beach Movie''. Mack dismisses Brady's fear that their relationship will change when they begin school. Mack then notices she lost the necklace she received while in ''Wet Side Story'''s universe.


The teenage son of the king and queen of Auradon offers the trouble-making children of villains a chance to attend prep school in the kingdom.

Invisible Sister

Cleo (Rowan Blanchard) is a teenage girl living in the shadow of her older sister, Molly (Paris Berelc), whose popularity gets her recognized by everyone at school. Although Cleo is hardly noticed compared to her sister, she is an excellent student, but is introverted and somewhat sarcastic and cynical.

Adventures in Babysitting

Jenny Parker (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola Perez (Sofia Carson) are teenagers with opposite personalities but the same passion for photography. The two meet when they are finalists for a prestigious photography internship and accidentally switch phones at their interview. Helen Anderson (Gillian Vigman) calls Jenny's phone, begging for a last-minute babysitter because of a relative who couldn't make it. Lola is about to explain the mistake, but decides to take the job when she gets served with a parking ticket from Officer James (Max Lloyd-Jones). Jenny's crush Zac Chase (Kevin Quinn (actor)) calls to invite Jenny to a Psychic Rockets concert but Lola quickly dismisses him in order to flirt with Officer James. Zac mistakenly believes that Jenny is not interested in him so he decides to take another girl to the concert instead.

The Swap

Frustrated at how complicated their lives have gotten, tenth graders Ellie O'Brien and Jack Malloy text each other wishing they had each other's seemingly easier lifestyle. When they swap bodies, Ellie and Jack must navigate complex family dynamics, bullies, and friendship snafus all while trying to switch back before it's too late.

Tangled: Before Ever After

Six months after the events of ''Tangled (2010 film)'', Rapunzel (Disney) is set to become the official Princess of Corona. However, on the day of her coronation ceremony, Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, riding Pascal and Maximus and Fidelio, are out in the forest racing each other to the border wall with the Royal Guards in pursuit. Rapunzel is the first to make it to the wall and climbs to the top where she sees on the other side a magnificent view of the land beyond the kingdom. After a while the guards catch up and escort the two of them back to the castle.

Descendants 2

Mal struggles with her new celebrity life as the girlfriend of King Ben, putting a spell on her hair making it blonde, and maintaining a princess-like personality that she is uncomfortable with. She admits her issues to her friends Evie, Carlos, and Jay, but they are content with their new lives in Auradon and do not wish to return to the Isle of the Lost. Evie scolds Mal for relying on her mother's spell book to solve her issues. Carlos, wishing to ask Jane to the upcoming Cotillion dance, turns to Mal for help to be honest with her. Mal gives him a sweet that will make him speak the truth, but his dog Dude eats it, magically speaking the truth in English and very frankly as a result.


A wink at the monster movie genre with zombies as the heroes, the story is set in the fictitious world of Seabrook, a cookie-cutter community brimming with perky conformity 50 years after a zombie apocalypse. Today, though the zombies pose no threat, they are still required to live in Zombietown – an isolated, rundown community that has been infused with their unique creative spirit. When it is announced that zombies will finally be allowed to enroll in Seabrook High School, life will be forever changed.

Freaky Friday

The film starts off with Ellie and her two friends, Karl and Monica, participating in a big activity with their classmates called "the Hunt." Ellie's brother Fletcher comes in and does a magic trick, but she is unimpressed and tells him to get out. Fletcher, insulted, then steals an hourglass that Ellie's dad had given to her when she was little. Her father is now deceased, and so the hourglass is very important to her.

Kim Possible

Heroes Kim and Ron face the problems of starting high school as freshmen when their team gets an addition. Every hero needs a villain and one's just been sprung from prison. Will Kim save the world again or will high school bog her down?

Descendants 3

The teenagers of Disney’s most infamous villains return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep.


“ZOMBIES 2” picks up a few months after the original in the town of Seabrook, where the newly united communities of humans and zombies are reveling in their new-found peace. Addison is finishing up an exciting and competitive session at cheer camp and Zed is preoccupied with his plan to ask her to Prawn, Seabrook High’s mighty shrimp-themed prom. However, when a new group of mysterious teenage werewolves unexpectedly arrive in search of an ancient life source buried somewhere in Seabrook, a fearful city council immediately reenacts Seabrook’s anti-monster laws, making it impossible for Zed and Addison to attend Prawn together. Determined to keep their plan to be the first zombie/cheerleader couple to go to the prom, Zed runs for school president against cheer captain, Bucky, in order to change the rules.

Upside-Down Magic

13-year-old Nory Boxwood Horace discovers she can flux into animals, and her best friend Reina Carvajal can manipulate flames. Together, they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. Reina’s expert ability to harness the power of fire lands her at the top of her class of “Flares,” but Nory’s wonky magic and proclivity for turning into a “Dritten”—a half-kitten, half-dragon—lands her in a class for those with upside-down magic, otherwise known as UDM. While Headmaster Knightslinger believes the UDM’s unconventional powers leave them vulnerable to dangerous and evil “shadow magic,” Nory and her fellow UDM classmates set out to prove that upside-down magic beats right-side up.


An aspirational story about Rhea, a relatable Indian American teen whose journey of self-discovery empowers her to find her true love—creating and producing beat-driven music infused with the rich textures of her South Asian culture.