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Warren Munson



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Las Vegas The Lie Is Cast January 17, 2005 Guest Star
Scrubs My Screw Up February 24, 2004 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Pathfinder December 1, 1999 Guest Star
Two Guys and a Girl Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford November 18, 1998 Guest Star
Something So Right Something About Schmoozing October 29, 1996 Guest Star
Cybill Romancing the Crone March 10, 1996 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Persistence of Vision October 30, 1995 Guest Star
Melrose Place The Doctor That Rocks the Cradle November 28, 1994 Guest Star
Star Trek: The Next Generation Interface October 4, 1993 Guest Star
Hearts Afire Everyday's a Holiday December 14, 1992 Guest Star
The Golden Girls Journey to the Center of Attention February 22, 1992 Guest Star
Murphy Brown Love is Blonde December 16, 1991 Guest Star
Top of the Heap The Marrying Guy May 12, 1991 Guest Star
Hunter Final Confession March 17, 1990 Guest Star
Perfect Strangers The Selling of Mypos January 26, 1990 Guest Star
Beauty and the Beast Sticks and Stones January 6, 1989 Guest Star
Misfits of Science Twin Engines December 13, 1985 Guest Star
It's a Living Desperate Hours October 19, 1985 Guest Star
Cheers The Executive's Executioner March 7, 1985 Guest Star
Otherworld Rock and Roll Suicide February 16, 1985 Guest Star
Family Ties Keaton N' Son October 18, 1984 Guest Star
Too Close for Comfort Home Is Where the Bart Is April 28, 1984 Guest Star
Barney Miller Games December 10, 1981 Guest Star
Bosom Buddies One for You, One for Me November 27, 1981 Guest Star
One Day at a Time Shake Hands October 25, 1981 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Vests May 7, 1981 Guest Star
Benson First Lady November 28, 1980 Guest Star
Taxi Fantasy Borough (1) May 6, 1980 Guest Star
The Rockford Files The Becker Connection February 11, 1977 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Critic January 8, 1977 Guest Star
S.W.A.T. Jungle War March 31, 1975 Guest Star
Shadow Chasers Blood and Magnolias January 1, 1970 Guest Star
Mr. Belvedere The Baby January 1, 1970 Guest Star