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Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • May 23, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Junior doctor Rob Lake starts work in a maternity unit and witnesses the negligence of an incompetent obstetrician, leaving him facing a moral dilemma about whether to take action.

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • May 30, 2004
    • BBC Three

    When another of Hurley's operations starts to go wrong, a desperate Rob persuades Whitman to intervene. But what will the consequences be of his betraying a fellow doctor?

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • June 6, 2004
    • BBC Three

    As their relationship grows progressively more difficult, Rob tries to persuade Hurley to admit to his bungled operation. However, when Hurley goes to management, Rob is forced to attend a hearing about his own mistakes. Meanwhile, a drug mix-up leaves a patient in a coma and Rob's secret affair with Donna becomes more intense.

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • June 13, 2004
    • BBC Three

    With Rob on suspension, Polly faces a terrible dilemma when Hurley's bid to meet hospital targets endangers the life of a mother and her baby. The Taylor case comes before hospital management, but will they succeed in getting compensation?

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • June 20, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Rob and Dr Hurley must put aside their differences to save the life of a baby during the process of birth. Meanwhile, Dr Whitman makes a pass at Polly, and Maria Orton faces a psychiatric assessment due to her allegations against Hurley.

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • June 27, 2004
    • BBC Three

    Rob reaches breaking point haunted by the fact that he killed a patient. Hurley bungles another woman's care, yet remains in line for a promotion. Whitman faces a charge of sexual harrassment.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Episode 1

    • September 18, 2005
    • BBC Three

    In the series two opener, Rob is about to leave South Central Infirmary and is still seeing Donna on the sly. However he has no job lined up and the future doesn' t look to bright for him. Meanwhile, Roger Hurley has been promoted to clinical director but keeps clashing with Tony Whitman.

  • S02E02 Episode 2

    • September 25, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Tim Sibley is working on the gynae ward with Polly and is hoping this work will help him get a job with Whitman's firm. Elsewhere Chrissy , the new department manager, wants to know why Rob is leaving since he has more capablities of doing the job than Tim does. Rob asks Hurley for a reference and then Donna tells him she wants to end their affair.

  • S02E03 Episode 3

    • October 2, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Whitman has gotten on the wrong side of Chrissy after catching him in the female changing room. At the monthly M&M meeting, Hurley places Rob in a position to speak out against Whitman in front of the entire department.

  • S02E04 Episode 4

    • October 9, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Whitman is still holding a grudge against Rob and will not help in a major medical situation. Chrissy is still digging up dirt against Whitman who refuses to operate on a patient in case something goes wrong. Elsewhere, Rob and Donna's relationship proves to be so stressful that Donna turns to Diamorphine for help.

  • S02E05 Episode 5

    • October 16, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Donna becomes continues vocalizing her disagreements with Hurley. Chrissy receives anonymous letters about Hurley's negligence and everyone assumes it's Donna. Meanwhile, one of Whitman's patients dies or does she?

  • S02E06 Episode 6

    • October 23, 2005
    • BBC Three

    The HRPU opens and during the speeches Hurley announces a new Clinical Fellowship position that interests both Rob and Polly. The competition between them soon leads to mistrust. Chrissy approaches Tennant about the anonymous letters she's been receiving but he doesn't take them seriously and the repercussions aren't what Chrissy anticipated. Donna's anger and mistrust towards Hurley is growing. However,Rob stops her from going a bit too far and explains that when the time comes to 'bring him down' it'll be his decision, no one else's.

  • S02E07 Episode 7

    • October 30, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Hurley gets his sperm test results back, and it's not good news. Meanwhile, Rob has his hands full with a woman who is pregnant with five babies. He knows that they should go for a selective reduction, but Hurley feels the pressure from management for a media friendly story, and agrees to go with the woman's wishes to try and take the pregnancies to term, despite the risks involved.Hurley and Whitman both speak at a medical symposium, but the real action is in the hotel later that evening involving Hurley and Maya.

  • S02E08 Episode 8

    • November 6, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Polly finds out she’s pregnant and thinks she can deal with it herself.Tim and Whitman perform a termination procedure. When the woman returns with an infection, Tim goes out of his way not to help her. Throughout the day, Whitman is being assessed. The final test is a difficult case requiring excellent operating skills. He impresses Hilary Sachs with an unexpected theatre emergency.Rob has something important he must tell Beth and Donna and everyone wants to know what happened to Hurley and Maya in the hotel room.

  • S02E09 Episode 9

    • November 13, 2005
    • BBC Three

    A patient is re-admitted with heart problem and Whitman is convinced it has to do with the drug trial she's been on. Also, it's exam time for Rob and Polly, however only one of them can get the prestigious Clinical Fellowship. Also, Hurley receives a mystery text message, making him even more paranoid. His mind's not on the job when he fails to recognise the symptoms of a woman with terrible abdomen pain. Later, Harriet turns up at the hospital and tells Hurley he needs to move out for a while.

  • S02E10 Episode 10

    • November 20, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Whitman officially takes over from Hurley as the acting Clinical Director, and must endure a very difficult day.Polly is feeling guilty that she got the Clinical Fellowship job on the back of her research into the FSD drug and Rob’s had enough and tells Donna he wants to leave the hospital, that is until he is unfortunately summoned to a secret meeting with Tennant and Hurley, where he is made a very tempting offer.

  • S02E11 The Finale

    • December 13, 2006
    • BBC Three

    Fast-forward three years and a lot can change. Rob Lake's got a new position in a different hospital. And he is about to become a father. But one thing remains the same -- Dr. Roger Hurley is still practicing.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 The Finale

    • December 13, 2006
    • BBC Three

    Fast-forward three years and a lot can change. Rob Lake's got a new position in a different hospital. And he is about to become a father. But one thing remains the same -- Dr. Roger Hurley is still practicing.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Interviews

    • BBC Three