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Season 1

  • S01E01 Dealbreaker

    • July 1, 1990
    • CTV

    In the series premiere, billionaire industrialist Alexander Addington finds out from a source at the UN that Annie Morley, an old flame of his employee Peter Sinclair, has been kidnapped after her husband, Eric, reneges on a deal with a former CIA colleague involving triggers for sleeper bombs - the latest toys for terrorists. No one has reported it to the police and no investigation is taking place. Against this backdrop, the Counterstrike team swings into action with direct orders from Addington to intercept the deal before the transaction is completed.

  • S01E02 Dead in the Air

    • July 8, 1990
    • CTV

    An Addington contact at the US Justice Department informs Alexander just hours before the naming of a special prosecutor, that a small time Washington DC drug importer may have plans to take down the special prosecutor, who will go to Columbia to indict and extradite a certain Columbian drug baron to the United States, in an attempt to curry favours with that very drug baron. It is the job of the Counterstrike team to find out what is install for the prosecutor and foil those plans. Peter Sinclair also throws in a bonus by way of shutting down the disco establishment owned by the Washington DC drug importer.

  • S01E03 Now and at the Hour of Our Death

    • July 15, 1990
    • CTV

    As the military junta of the South American republic of San Pedro prepares for their first democratic elections in decades, an aide to the President informs Father Vera, a Catholic priest who founded a key opposition, that the clergy was on the President's hit list and would be dead before the election. The aide also gives him an envelope with enough information to throw this military junta out of power if the priest could present the information to the United Nations Committee on Latin American Affairs due to convene the day before the election. More importantly, the world press covers the opening day. An emergency call from a Cardinal in the Vatican reaches Alexander asking him to help protect Father Vera during his stay in Boston before he goes before the UN committee and elude a death sqaud sent by the President.

  • S01E04 Art for Art's Sake

    • July 22, 1990
    • CTV

    As Lord Charles Sutcliffe of the Sutcliffe Museum readies to return a priceless artifact to its country of origin by handing it to Prime Minister Milos Janzan, an old friend of Alexander, masked gunmen armed with semi-automatic machine guns steal the artifact after all security protocols have been deactivated. Alexander telephones the British Home Secretary concerning this theft and reminds him that the new democratic government has barely came to power. He takes the first flight to London after being stonewalled by the Home Secretary. At the same time, he sends Peter and the Counterstrike team to London to assist in retriving the stolen artifact and expose the thief.

  • S01E05 Power Play

    • July 29, 1990
    • CTV

    After a reception with various bankers, Pres. Pauai of Mahal retires to his hotel suite with his senior staff. They confer on the best course of action after examining the draft agreement submitted by Mr. Portersen and many other bankers. Unfortunately, Pauai is framed for the murder of a beautiful American blonde after he unknowingly drank the drugged champagne and slept with her that very night. The next day, he sends General Loctuck to send his apologies to the bankers because he is ill. Loctuck tells the bankers that much and much more, namely that the government of Mahal is not prepared to accept the draft proposal that the banker suggested. An associate of Alexander calls him frantically pleading him to talk to Pauai in hopes of him convincing Pauai to reverse the current decision announced by the general. Alexander makes vaugue promises to try his best and sends Sinclair to Chicago to clean up this affair.

  • S01E06 A Little Purity

    • August 5, 1990
    • CTV

    An environmental group by the name of Earth Now holds a protest rally outside a factory of a polluting chemical company, Grafton Chemicals, where a terrorist bomb exploded and the group's slogan was at the scene of the crime. Grafton Chemicals becomes the third company the group has targeted for action and a bomb has exploded. Unlike the two previous occassions, this time, the bomb killed a patrolling security guard and Bridgitte, the leader of Earth Now, is in serious trouble. Out of concern and interest, Alexander calls Bridgitte, an old friend and godmother of Suzanne, to inquire about her involvement. She denies all involvement with the bombing and admits that she is at the end of her rope. Alexander sends the team to Toronto to clear her name. The team also finds out that Grafton has a research deal with the university, where the group is based, and more.

  • S01E07 Son with a Gun

    • August 19, 1990
    • CTV

    After an ugly quarrel between Count Biondino and his son, Enrico, Enrico stormed out of the house angerily. Within hours, two masked gunmen shot dead a couple of drug dealers in broad daylight on the streets of Rome. The police, convinced of Enrico's guilt in the crime based on the getaway motorcycle, went to see the father in hopes of arresting Enrico. A desparate Count Biondino calls Alexander for help hoping that a more objective investigation may prove his son's innocence.

  • S01E08 The Lady of the Rhine

    • August 26, 1990
    • CTV

    A young ambitious journalist of horticulture fails to make a deadline for his article about tulips on the Rhine. Addington, who is a tulip connoisseur, calls his editor to complain about the missing article. After receiving the call and reviewing the pictorial slides, she flies out to Rotterdam pompting Addington to send the team to investigate and his daughter, Suzanne, to do some more digging. Apparently, that journalist has now went missing without a trace. When questioned, Addington replies that no editor flies 8000 miles just to collect one article.

  • S01E09 Knights of Aram

    • September 9, 1990
    • CTV

    News reports claim that Count Antonio Debroca, Alexander's old friend and the reigning master of the kinghthood, has committed suicide within hours of telling Alexander that he urgently needs a face-to-face discussion about the fate of the hostages in the Middle East, as it may have an impact on the fate of Chantel, Alexander's wife. A mysterious source tells Alexander that Debroca was not lost but murdered. Alexander tells the team that he suspects his friend is murdered, but wants evidence to prove his assumption and the identity of the murderer. The team soon discovers that a murder investigation has turned into a rush to foil a madman's plot to destroy Beirut with a neutron bomb.

  • S01E10 Extreme Measures

    • September 16, 1990
    • CTV

    On a visit to his friend's vineyard, Peter Sinclair heard shots being exchanged in the cellar. Apparently someone tried to kill his friend, Jean-Paul Grenier. Grenier confides in Sinclair and Addington that seven other former members of Alpha Titan, a covert group that once operated in West Africa, have been murdered in the past 18 months and that their deaths have went unsolved after Alexander reveals to him that he was a former member of the group. The obvious question is why after more than a quarter of a century since this covert group disbanded is the assassin killing his former comrades. In order to protect Grenier's life and other living members, Peter and the Counterstrike team needs to separate the targets from the assassin and then ""kill"" them. Thereby making the assassin a traget also.

  • S01E11 Thanos

    • October 7, 1990
    • CTV

    In a failed attempt by Nikki's friend to leave her husband, an arms dealer, with her two daughters during the family trip to Paris, the daughters have been separated from their parents and are held by a colleague of her husband who is also a conspirator and plotter against the government of his native country. Nicole approaches Alexander for help; only to discover that Alexander is interested in putting this arms dealer out of business. She finds out that the arms dealer is in the process of acquiring Thanos, a missile targeting system for NATO in final development, and has political aspirations of his own. It is up to the Counterstrike team to get the daughters and put him out of business once and for all.

  • S01E12 Siege

    • October 14, 1990
    • CTV

    While Alexander exchanged light banter with PM Haddad, a terrorist group by the name of October Justice disrupted a conference between top industrialists of the world and leaders of the developing world in Normandy by storming the relatively lightly guarded chateau in which the spouses of the delegates were staying and taking them hostage. The terrorists announced to the world the events that just took place on all external communications of the chateau. In their second communique, the terrorists made clear that they want PM Haddad handed to them unconditionally.

  • S01E13 Escape Route

    • October 28, 1990
    • CTV

    In an attempt to divert the police from an impending jail break, the mastermind of an extinct terrorist organisation and the brother of the prisoner nominally ressurrect and reinstitute the terrorist group opposed to globalisation and capitalism. The group threatens to kill one important industrialist everyday that the prisoner remains behind bars. As the one of the most important industrial leader, Alexander becomes a target and summons Sinclair to Paris to end the threat.

  • S01E14 The Beginning

    • November 10, 1990
    • CTV

    A terrorist group intercepts Addington's car en route to a party and kidnaps Chantel Addington. The Toronto police quickly sets up office at the Addington Toronto townhouse to track and monitor any ransom demand phone calls that might come in. When Peter Sinclair shows up at the Addington residence, Alexander has evidently telephoned the British Home Secretary asking for Scotland Yard's best agent in anti-terrorism. As expected, the terrorists did telephone Alexander at his residence with a ransom demand for weapons to be air-dropped into Angola. The police tracks the call to a rural farmhouse and plans a hostage rescue mission. After the botched raid that killed a couple of terrorists, it becomes apparent that this may be another cold case as the police packs up their gear at the Addington townhouse. While Alexander and Peter comtemplate on future actions against the terrorists, Alexander proposes that Peter leaves Scotland Yard temporarily and assemble a private task force to h

  • S01E15 Cry of the Children

    • November 17, 1990
    • CTV

    Luke's old girlfriend, Zoe, gets involved with a child smuggling ring by the time she is in Paris. She takes the child to tell Luke that the infant girl, Gaby, is Luke's daughter. As a result, Luke goes to Addington to ask for some time off to deal with his personally problems. Alexander suspects that Luke is probably in much deeper trouble than he knows and his instincts proves to be right. Alexander tells Peter and Nikki to go to New York with Luke on some false pretext.

  • S01E16 Masks

    • November 24, 1990
    • CTV

    A former associate of Alexander, Amanda, plans to insert an impostor of him at a conference in order to sabotage an agreement to ban the production of chemicals that can be used to manufacture chemicals weapons, which Alexander has been working on for the past two years. Apparently, Amanda is also involved in the assassination of George, a Greek legislator and an ardent supporter of this agreement. Unknown to the assassin and his associates, a young gypsy witnessed the murder and has stole away on a freighter to New York, where the conference is taking place. Alexander wants the team to go to New York and find this witness for the authorities to transport him back to Greece, where another friend of Alexander is prepared to guarantee his safety while the local police questions him.

  • S01E17 Mindbender

    • December 1, 1990
    • CTV

    A hard line Russian Army officer reviews the profiles of several former servicemen and selects Luke Brenner for a very special operation. Unknown to Luke, the lady he is flirting with drugs his drink before Luke is flown out to the Bahamas to be brainwashed and conditioned. The next day, Nikki and a very frustrated Peter wait for Luke to make an appearance for their return flight to Paris, but Luke fails shows up. At this time, Alexander calls them with orders to prepare his New York townhouse for Suzanne, who will be attending Columbia. Luke suddenly appears at the Addington townhouse, but his strange behaviour stirs suspicion that something wrong is going on. This sets them on the trail of the Russian major and her assassination plot.

  • S01E18 Regal Connection

    • December 15, 1990
    • CTV

    After debugging the computer at the Addington townhouse in New York, a group of Africans kidnapped Professor Robert Williams outside his home. Suzanne sends Peter Sinclair to see Mrs. Yvonne Williams after she called twice, telling Suzanne that her husband has not come back. After receiving a phone call from the kidnappers, he calls Luke and Nikki to New York to assist in finding Prof. Williams. Unknown to anyone initially, there are two factions viving for power in an African trible because the monarch died from poisoning. The Counterstrike team has to figure what is going on and find Robert before he gets hurt.

  • S01E19 Cinema Verité

    • December 22, 1990
    • CTV

    News reports claims that Marlowe, a mystery novel writer and an Olympic-class swimmer in the backstroke, accidentally drowns while fly-fishing in Lake Ontario in the middle of winter. A man known to write dangerously and live just as dangerously would drown accidentally seems unlikely to say the least. Alexander smells a rat and sends the Counterstrike team to investigate.

  • S01E20 Verathion

    • January 12, 1991
    • CTV

    A very desparate Suzanne calls her father from Union Station in Toronto after her suppose date to the Award Ceremony for the Toronto Film Festival, Tommy, who changed her plans at the last minute is killed just moments after the rendez-vous. In a panic, Alexander calls Nikki in the wee hours of the night after trying without success to reach Peter in Chicago on his mobile phone, which he had turned off earlier. Apparently, those who killed Tommy has now kidnapped Suzanne and are willing to release her in return for a breifcase containing very sensitive documents concerning a miracle drug, which Tommy's company is developing. The team soon realises that Tommy was killed because he knew too much and Suzanne will remain safe so long as those documents remains undisclosed. Unfortunately, the team has to find the briefcase first before they can bargain for Suzy's safe return.

  • S01E21 The Millerton Papers

    • January 19, 1991
    • CTV

    After successfully completed a mission for Alexander, Jason Denver, Nikki's old friend, surprises her in the bathroom of her hotel suite with the loot of a heist, that Nikki's father is suppose to fence. She tells him that the loot must be returned the next day and asks Alexander to give her a couple of days to take care of some personal business in Cleveland. Unknown to anyone at the time, the loot stolen by Jason includes plans for some new weapon systems that are coming into service and someone wants them. Unfortunately, as a result, returning the heist would be more difficult than Nikki first thought. Peter and Luke delay their return to Paris from Cleveland on the suspicion that Nikki might be in more trouble than she can handle.

  • S01E22 The Dilemma

    • February 2, 1991
    • CTV

    What started out as an assignment to assist the German authorities in cracking down the numerous bank robberies of East German banks by Western professionals following the reunification of the country turned out to be an attempt to bring an end a high level IRA (Irish Republican Army) operation. Apparently, before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the East German government gave refuge to some fairly notorious IRA figures. While in Detriot, Peter spent a very rough night in a warehouse held captive by top level anti-terror operatives who told him that this would be his and Alexander's only warning and that Addington has gotten too deep and way over his head. Peter heeded the warning and decided to pull out after an ex-parti meeting with a top-level Home Office official who had the permission of the Foreign Secretary to discuss Cabinet level information. Peter had a very ugly conversation with a very emotional Alexander after Addington found out that some of the characters were conne

Season 2

  • S02E01 Tie a Yellow Ribbon

    • September 21, 1991
    • CTV

    The conclusion to season finale 'Dilemma' deals with the fallout and the resulting consequences. Senior IRA figures quickly realise that Luke Brenner and all his known associate, namely Peter Sinclair, are involved in the death of one of their most significant members and, as such, revenge becomes their overriding proirity. Harvey Went, Peter Sinclair's mentor at Scotland Yard, tells Alexander that he is Paris and wants a face-to-face meeting to discuss the immenent danger Alexander has placed Peter Sinclair and Luke Brenner in. It quickly becomes obvious to Alexander that both Peter and Luke are the next target of the IRA.

  • S02E02 Hidden Assets

    • September 28, 1991
    • CTV

    The panicky publisher of a very controversial book calls Alexander informing him that the author in question has received death threats from various corners. He also mentions that he cannot afford to have anything go wrong now as the author is writing the last chapter of the book. Sinclair learns that the so-called safe house of the publisher is not so secretive given the number of people know about it. Peter agrees that he and his freelance associates will guard the author and ensure his whereabouts remains a secret. Unfortunately, a journalist complicates the matter and further exposes the intended victim to more risks.

  • S02E03 Fall from Grace

    • October 5, 1991
    • CTV

    On a visit to Washington, Senator Fisk, former chief counsel for the Addington Group, tells Alexander that new documents concerning Panama, namely the private files of General Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian dictator; that can bring down another US administration has just surfaced. Frisk says that he wants to pursue an independent investigation into all this because of his disgust with the sheer amount of cover-ups that this administration has undertaken. Hector Stone, whose job was to get those documents and deliever it to a Senate committee, believes that he has been double crossed by his Panamanian contact, who intends to sell those documents to the highest bidder, but no one from the US can help Stone. As a result, Frisk approaches Alexander for help.

  • S02E04 It's All in the Game

    • October 12, 1991
    • CTV

    After Dr. Kistler calls Alexander about his successful discovery of the formula for cold fusion, someone abducts Kistler and steals all his papers. Alexander finds out in a phone call from the Dean Lawrence Cartwright at City University that the good professor is missing along with most of his papers and that campus security will look into it. Alexander also wants Peter and the team to investigate this matter.

  • S02E05 Hide and Seek

    • October 19, 1991
    • CTV

    Dectective Larry Larwin calls Peter in the middle of the night about the murder of Mike Montog, a US police detective working on a counterfeiting and murder operation, and his entire family in their car by a bomb. At Montog's funeral, Peter learns that the murderer, Rik Allen, had evaded police survillance earlier that morning and a person matching his description was in seen around the Montog neighbourhood around the time of the explosion. More importantly, Allen has escaped to Brazil, a country that the US does not have an extradition treaty with. Peter now wants to dash out to Brazil on a personal vendetta to catch Allan and bring him back to Chicago for trial, but Alexander wants him to take the team to go to Brazil and dig out some concrete evidence that could be presented to the UN Commission on Extradition.

  • S02E06 Native Warriors

    • October 26, 1991
    • CTV

    Alexander learns from various news reports that a young Native American Indian by the name of Hawk accuses Alchemicals of poisoning the land and water of the reservation in an attempt to kill the Native Indians. To make matters worse, Hawk has detained a US Senator investigating these charges against his will and charged him with murder. As a result, both Washington and Ottawa has deployed armed federal law enforcement personel on their own side of the border to effectively surround the reservation until the Senator's release. Alexander's old Native Indian friend stops in Paris to see Alexander and ask for his help to avoid a possible bloodbath due to the sheer number of official agencies involved in this crisis. Alexander introduces him to Peter Sinclair so that the two men could confer as to how to disfuse the crisis. Once again, Peter Sinclair and the team discovers there is much more than what meets the eye.

  • S02E07 Breaking Point

    • November 2, 1991
    • CTV

    Stone takes off to Toronto to see Frank Percy, a long time friend and CIA operative, after receiving an urgent distress call from him. Once in Toronto, Stone goes straight to Frank's office only to find him dead from a gunshot. The police arrives in short order only to find Stone hanging over a corpse with a drawn gun. While the Toronto lawyers at Addington Group arrange for Stone to be released on bail, Peter and Gabrielle fly out to help; only to find out that Stone has stumbled into a high level covert CIA operation.

  • S02E08 Going Home

    • November 9, 1991
    • CTV

    Alexander decides that the first of his many NOVA project will be in Philadephia. The NOVA project will be clean of any mob involvement and, more importantly, provide affordable housing for low income families. The NOVA project in Philadephia runs through Stone's old neighbourhood. Trouble begins with the unions being dissatisfy with the contract and rampages the on-site construction office. Alexander sends the team to sort out the mess and put NOVA back on track. After receiving news of what had transpired, Stone tells Peter and Gabrielle that, in that part of town, the mob runs the unions and in turn the unions control the workers. The mob expects kickbacks and bribes and Alexander will never agree to such an arrangement come what may.

  • S02E09 Survival Instinct

    • November 16, 1991
    • CTV

    A US undercover agent is killed while investigating a suspected terrorist camp in New England operating under the pretense of a training facility for security personel. Clark suspects that the agent's cover was blown by a leak from the US government and approaches Alexander for help. To make the request somewhat outrageous, he asked whether he could borrow the services of Hector Stone. Ultimately, Addington decides that the situation warrants the sending of the Counterstrike team.

  • S02E10 Night of the Black Moon

    • November 23, 1991
    • CTV

    After signing a defence contract with Alexander and Raymond Cromwell, Canadian Minister of National Defence, Charles Hope receives a phone call informing him that his only child has been kidnapped by Lok, someone Hope has formed a brotherhood with many years ago in darkness. Lok's only interested is in the technology that is being used to build Canada's newest missile interception system. Hope privately tells Alexander that he must withdraw from the project, and an alarmed Cromwell, who overhead the conversation, asks Alexander for advise as to how to handle this situation. He also tells Alexander that, without this project starting on time, he will loose his seat in the next Federal general election. Alexander calms him down with promises to look into it and tells Raymond to keep this story out of the press until some other time.

  • S02E11 Fire in the Streets

    • November 30, 1991
    • CTV

    On a visit to New York to meet with city officials over his low-income house project, NOVA, the deputy mayor asks Alexander whether he would be gracious enough to be photographed at the site of this project with him. While at the site, Alan Clayton, a local social activist, invites them to tour the condemned building and see the lifestyle of the homeless. The situation turns ugly after the photographer calls the police accusing Clayton to taking Addington and the deputy mayor hostage. The Counterstrike learns of this from a news report and rushes to the scene.

  • S02E12 In the Blood

    • December 7, 1991
    • CTV

    Stasch Janic, who is Alexander's old friend, sends his daughter, Carmilla, who is a raising tennis sensation and Alexander's goddaughter, to a excellent tennis coach and a family friend after her old coach, Trevin, is stabbed after a tennis match, which Carmilla has just won. Alexander sends Stone and Sinclair to Yugoslavia with Stasch in the event that a death threat should actually be realised. At the same time, Gabrielle accompanies Camilla to her new tennis training campus ran by Vlad. During her stay, she discovers something very strange is going on and drags Sinclair and Stone back to New York once everything in Yugoslavia has been wrapped up. In the process of the investigation into Vlad, the team discovers that Vlad is involved in blood dopping.

  • S02E13 Village of the Damned

    • December 14, 1991
    • CTV

    An angry Dr. Joseph Severn, a bologist in charge of a World Food Organisation project in Ontario, transmits a message resembling that of an insane man after he discovers a crate of liquid pesticide in a warehouse on his experimental farm, which Alexander Addington helped to fund. After Alexander adjourns a business meeting, Bennett informs Addington of the tape and its contents, which, after listening to it, prompts Alexander to send the team to the experimental farm to investigate. What they discover is something far more sinster.

  • S02E14 Prize Package

    • January 4, 1992
    • CTV

    Clark Reynolds, the US Deputy Secretary of State, calls Alexander looking for his assistance once again after a U.S. agent lost the package he was guarding to an Iraqi hit squad in Toronto. After securing Alexander's assistance, a team from the U.S. embassy goes to see Alexander and Peter and tells them that Mrs. Ashti Tabis, a prominent member of the Iraqi opposition and widow of the late mastermind of Iraq'a nuclear weapons program, is the package that was lost by Halloway. Peter and the team rush to Toronto to assist Halloway in the recovery, but discover there is much more than what meets the eye.

  • S02E15 The Three Tramps

    • January 11, 1992
    • CTV

    Gabrielle receives a package containing documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy from a certain source in Pennsylvania, who was killed within the hour of sending the package. She brings the entire package to Alexander in hopes of convincing him that it is worth a two-week fishing expedition in Pennsylvania. A certain US government official tracks that package to Gabrielle and orders her home to be ransacked. Two men ransacks her home just as she gets back from the meeting with Alexander. During the ensuing struggle, Sinclair and Stone arrive to tell her that Alexander has denied her request, instead find themselves coming to rescue Gabrielle from her attackers. After that incident, Alexander believes that the ransacking of Gabrielle's home is directly related to the pacakge she received earlier and send the team to Pennsylvania to investigate, and if possible clean up, this historic mystery.

  • S02E16 Behind Bars

    • March 14, 1992
    • CTV

    Gabrielle goes on an archelogical trip with a few of her classmates and Dr. Hans Kline. Unfortunately, Turkish customs find a couple of historic coins in her purse as she clears customs and passport control to leave Turkey. As a result, Turkish authorities detained her on suspicion of smuggling. Alexander find out from J.J., his pilot, that Gabrielle has not only failed to arrive in Munich with her expected flight, but is not on any scheduled flights from Turkey to Munich. Alarm bells ring in Addington's office as he alerts Sinclair and Stone has to what has happened to Gabrielle.

  • S02E17 Cherchez la Femme

    • March 21, 1992
    • CTV

    During a morning swim, a mysterious lady suddenly engages Peter in a 50-meter race. Afterwards, he begins seeing the lady, who stands accused of murdering her husband and stealing the jewels. Unknown to Peter, an American insurance investigator and bounty hunter, Dexter, is in Paris tracking her down and the stolen jewels. At the same time, an outraged Alexander wants a rather distracted Peter Sinclair and the team to investigate into what is going on at his Geneva bank after receiving an outragous phone call. Apparently, auditors has focused on a few numbered accounts, which has seen large sums of money being transfered to relatively small and obsecure holding companies around the world. Bank examiners are convinced that something illegal is going on, possibly the bank is involved in money laundrying or a bank employee is embezzling the bank and trying to cover his tracks.

  • S02E18 Dead Heat

    • April 4, 1992
    • CTV

    An unknown assailant murders an Arab guest of a charity event for animal rights organised by Ms. Previn at a public telephone booth at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The assailant successfully penetrates the tight security at the charity event by posing as the murdered Arab guest before anyone realises what had happened. Alexander not only agrees to finance this charity event, but alson invites two Middle Eastern adversaries to the event. Peter suddenly receives word that Philippe from the police is at the front door making inquires into the security precautions surrounding Mr. Addington's little charity event; only to discover that the assailant, who is better known as The Fisherman, has killed one of the Arab guests and penetrated into the charity event with the intention of killing someone even more important. This sends the team scambling for answers before The Fisherman strikes again.

  • S02E19 La Belle Dame Monique

    • April 11, 1992
    • CTV

    Monique Lamer, an Europol agent, has barely met an informant with information concerning a case involving the counterfeiting of the new single European currency, the Euro, before someone guns him down. Monique goes to see Stone after she barely escapes from the rendez-vous with her life and the briefcase the wounded informant gave her. She shows Stone the counterfeit of the new currency and asks him to take her to Addington, the only member of the committee who can be trusted with this very sensitive information. Monique threatens to go public with her information causing a Continent-wide financial scandal if Alexander does not help. Alexander has but one choice and calls Peter Sinclair to fix the problem.

  • S02E20 Ripped from the Grave

    • April 18, 1992
    • CTV

    Gabrielle meets her journalist friend, Stephane, at a reception for the new ambassador at the Romanian Embassy in Paris. Gabrielle calls Alexander from the police station the following morning after she learns that her date, Stephane, has been murdered in a manner similar to that of Jack the Ripper's fourth victim. Although Peter Sinclair is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that a copycat is on the loose, Philippe remains very skeptical that this is a mere coincidence. This sends Peter jetting across the Continent searching for the first three victims of this copycat killer. Alexander delays the team's next assignment until this has been cleaned up.

  • S02E21 Trigger Finger

    • May 2, 1992
    • CTV

    Alexander finds out from his old friend, Yuri Kechnof, that the attack on a French prison bus resulting in the escape of Pechnoff and five other convicts has direct implications on the life of President Burbullis on the eve of her visit to Paris. Although, in theory, the President is responsible for the nuclear weapons in her country, the Russians are still very much in charge of their security, which has been the main concern for the West, especially the highly moblie tactical nuclear weapons, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the President has a few enemies internally and externally with interests in crushing the budding democratic roots taking hold in Moldova; the threat to her life becomes very real. And to those people, Pechnoff, a rightful heir to the throne, is just a mere figurehead for their cause. As a result, Alexander has made the team available to Yuri, the Charge d'affairs at the Modovian embassy, for the 24-hour vis

  • S02E22 The Circus Ring

    • May 9, 1992
    • CTV

    After a policeman on a motorcycle witnesses the dangerous driving by the driver of a blue van, he gives chase in hopes of stopping the van before greater mishap occurred. Unfortunately, the driver drives the van off the road and into a Paris river. After recovering the van, the shocked bystanders and reporters discover that three missing children in the back of the van died from drowning. Alexander discovers that one of the dead missing children is the daughter of James, a colleague of Alexander and a senior Addington executive, who requests a leave of absence to avenge the death of his daughter and prevent further similar incidents from happening to other parents of missing children. Alexander promises James that he will help and sends the team to investigate. Apparently, the three dead missing children were to be delievered to some unsavary third party, and now, the kidnappers of those children have to find replacements as they have already accepted payment. Peter Sinclair and

Season 3

  • S03E01 I Remember It Well

    • September 26, 1992
    • CTV

    Alexander's appraiser discovers the fake replicas of a priceless set of jewels because he arrived late due to the weather. Inspector Metti tells Alexander and Peter that he suspects that the burglar is none other than Nikki Beaumont because this heist has all her hallmark signiture. The good inspector reminds Sinclair of their first case together involving 6 stolen Meitis paintings and gives him 48 hours to investigate. Unknown to anyone, a dangerous French gangster by the name of Godard hired an old pro, who is Nikki's father and mentor, to do the heist. The old pro, who was busted for the Mestis paintings, and his two masked burglars double crossed Godard by stealing the jewels a day early and fled Paris.

  • S03E02 The Sting

    • October 3, 1992
    • CTV

    After attending the surprise party planned by Suzanne, Ms. Previn discovers that she had left something behind at the restaurant, Henri's. Upon arriving at the restaurant, Alexander discovers a few gangsters harassing his friend Henri. Henri pleads Alexander not to call the police and assures Alexander that this will not happen again. Alexander calls Peter and the team to his office to discuss the mob's presence in Paris with the police commissioner and to secure the permission of the Paris police before swinging into action. In that conversation, the police commissioner informs Alexander and the team that Mr. Rosi has smuggled the Purple Shirt gang from New York to do his dirty mob business in Paris. After the first run-in, the mob not only goes after Henri, but also his family and Alexander for interfering. Alexander soon learns that Mr. Rosi and his mobsters want to quietly convert Henri's restaurant into a base for his illicit drug operation. Peter and Alexander devises a pl

  • S03E03 Till Death Do Us Part

    • October 10, 1992
    • CTV

    Ms. Previn hands a mysterious video to Alexander, which shows Chantel, his lost wife, holding a newspaper and a mysterious voice telling Alexander to await further instructions. Peter recongises the voice belonging to one Trevor Winston, a criminal who was nabbed by Peter some years earlier. Despite all the inconsistencies and inplausibility, Alexander refuses to follow Peter's advice and sends the team to help bring Chantel back to his side, thereby being a willing participant of Winston's house of mirrors.

  • S03E04 Bastille Day Terror

    • October 17, 1992
    • CTV

    A former KGB agent, Monica Steile, and her boyfriend, Gorki, smuggled a Soviet (or Russian) nuclear missile into Paris after killing two Russian border guards. Clark from the US State Department flies to Paris to tell Alexander and the Counterstrike team what has transpired, reminding them that any premature leaks to the press would cause panic in the Western world. At the same time, Steile has no intention of selling the missile to her client, instead she kills him and her boyfriend leaving their corpses at the scene of the supposed meeting. She and her lesbian girlfriend has other plans for the missile and the Counterstrike team now has to foil those plans after being caught behind the eight-ball.

  • S03E05 No Honour Among Thieves

    • October 24, 1992
    • CTV

    A renowned American mobster, Morris Lampke, and his widowed half sister, Anita Duvallier, arrive in Paris, apparently with a mob contract on his head before he can testify in front of the US Senate Committee on Organised Crime. James Gottoro, his bodyguard and friend for over 30 years, is shot dead upon arriving in Paris and is brought out on the airport luggage convey belt. That leaves little doubt in the mind of his half sister who that message is intended for. She goes to see Alexander for his help without her half brother's knowledge or consent. She also reveals to Alexander that many years ago when Alexander needed some money, a fairly sizeable amount, the mobster put it togather for Alexander. Alexander agrees to help Morris Lampke solely because of his sister.

  • S03E06 Skin Deep

    • October 31, 1992
    • CTV

    The police informed a fashion designer that her beautiful star model was found dead. Apparently, Suzanne, an important investor in the fashion house ran by the designer, went off to her Paris office to help with the numerous media requests and coverage. Alexander wants the team to investigate this murder to make sure that Suzanne had no part in this crime. Peter went to the police station to confer with Philippe. He discovered, to his shocking surprise, that the victim died from the removal of her heart. Philippe also told Peter that there were nerve toxin found in the victim's blood indicating that, despite the fact she was completely immobilised, she was very much aware of what was happening as the butcher took her heart out.

  • S03E07 The Curse of the Amber Chamber

    • November 7, 1992
    • CTV

    After several accidents at the excavation site of the last known place where the Amber Chamber was buried, the workers stopped working until their safety can be guarranteed. Apparently, one of Alexander's company has been hired to locate and recover the Amber Chamber, a gift from a German Kaiser to Tzar Nicholas I of Russia, after the Nazi stole it towards the end of World War Two and then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin calls Alexander about the news as well as the rumoured curse surrounding the Amber Chamber. Alexander dismisses the idea of a curse and sends the team to investigate and get the workers back to work.

  • S03E08 Death Seal

    • November 14, 1992
    • CTV

    Stone receives news that a military transport plane crashed in Newfoundland, Canada, carrying 50 soldiers and its crew including the elite US Navy SEAL Squad 7 from a training mission in the Middle East. A certain Colonel Jack Devon spoke to the press about the latest act of terror that claim more American lives. Immediately afterwards, Stone calls Peter to inform him that he will not be attending the SAS Advance Training session, instead he has flown over to Newfoundland to investigate and in the process dragged the whole team over.

  • S03E09 Cyborg

    • November 21, 1992
    • CTV

    A Nobel winner genetic science researcher, Dr. Arno, and two security guards were brutally murdered at his secured lab inside the Krestline compound and his assistant, Moya, was gone. Alexander tells Peter that Krestline is a recent Addington acquisition and wants the team to find out who killed Dr. Arno and who took Moya. What soon becomes clear is that there is very little to go on and there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

  • S03E10 DOA

    • December 5, 1992
    • CTV

    A woman wearing dark sunglass gunned down Peter Sinclair outside the courthouse, where a Libyan terrorist is due to be tried for the bombing of an airplane over Scotland. The dart that hit Peter contained a deadly connoction that will infect his bloodstream and nerve system resulting in his death within 24 hours. Stone tells Alexander that the trial of the Libyan terrorist and the gunning down of Sinclair is undoubtly related. The team has to find the scientist and have him replicate the antidote before time runs out on Peter.

  • S03E11 Cat in the Cradle

    • December 11, 1992
    • CTV

    Sam Percy, Frank Percy's son, went to a nightclub to collect on an old IOU from a certain John McGill, an informant for his father. Unknown to Sam at the time, his late father had some bad ghosts that were never meant to dug up after his passing. McGill conveniently arranged for Sam to be killed in an auto accident on his way home after Sam left the joint. Unfortunately, the accident never took place due to Sam's quick wits. Instead of going home following what had happened, Sam went to see Stone, who was in Philedaphia settling into his newly acquired house, for help. At the same time, McGill learned of the failure of the accident and ordered a hit on Sam and his mother to take place that very night at the Percy residence. After the hit was foiled, Stone calls Peter for help.

  • S03E12 Bosnian Connection

    • December 20, 1992
    • CTV

    Bridgette, the former head of the environmental group Earth Now, is in Bosnia at the height of the Bosnian civil war investigating into the lost relief shipments of Firstline, a charity heavily supported by Alexander. At the time of her disappearance, Bridgette was caught in the crossfire of the warring factions as she tried to get the supplies moving from their city depo. Alexander receives a telegram from Bridgette informing him to expect a phone call from her within 48 hours, otherwise he should assume she had gone missing. The phone call never materialised and the press has began questioning the credibility of Firstline as a charity. Against this backdrop, Alexander sends Peter and Stone to Bosnia to find Bridgette and solve Firstline's supply problems, while Gabrielle flies to New York to disfuse the public relations crisis at Firstline main office.

  • S03E13 Betrayed

    • January 9, 1993
    • CTV

    A veteran assassin made an attempt on the life of Julia Devane, an old friend of Alexander, one evening after Julia had dinner with Alexander. Shortly afterwards, Alexander sends the team to protect Julia and investigate the attempt. Unknown to Alexander, Julia has plans to launch a hostile bid for Addington Publishing after Alexander refuses to sell. In the process of protecting Julia, she offers Peter the job of Vice President in her company. Alexander finds out that Peter may accept the position from Julia's lawyer, Sam Lever, who is in Paris to deliver the notice of intent to make a hostile takeover of Addington Publishing.

  • S03E14 Clearcut

    • February 7, 1993
    • CTV

    A couple of fun loving environmentalists finds a dead spotted owl crucified on a tree with a sign carrying a message to Alexander Addington as they spent a beautiful day in the great outdoors. Alexander receives an urgent call from the Governor Jim Donnely of Maine telling him that the truce Addington had negotiated between the environmentalist and loggers had just went up in flames in his election year. A rather desparate governor proposes to intervene if tensions gets worse, but Alexander promises to fix the problem he helped to create and calls Peter and the team to reactify the situation. It quickly becomes apparent that the loggers were due to return to work the next day, but this action suggests to Peter and the team that whoever did this wanted to sabotage that very agreement or so it appears.

  • S03E15 Free to Kill

    • February 14, 1993
    • CTV

    Dr. Sharon Reynes calls Alexander to inform him that Jack Morris has been murdered. Apparently, the burglar stabbed Jack 13 times before fleeing without taking a single item. Dr Raynes also tells Alexander that Jack was the third of the four members of the parole board that Alexander and Sharon once served on has been murdered and that Alexander is next. Alexander sends the team to investigate into these murders and protect Alexander as he plans to attends Jack's funeral.

  • S03E16 The Hit

    • February 28, 1993
    • CTV

    Trevor Winston returns with a new scheme to revenge the defeat Peter handed him the last time round. During a getaway weekend in upper New York state, Trevor hires two goons to kidnap Peter while Peter's date, Yvonne, reports that Peter has gone missing in the nearby lake. Alexander soon gets word of the reports of Peter's disappearance and tells Stone and Gabrielle the news of what he has only just learned. Stone and Gabrielle rush to the scene of the crime to investigate.

  • S03E17 French Twist

    • March 21, 1993
    • CTV

    Gabrielle attends a party in New York to celebrate the success of her friend, Quinton Jones, the artist. He tells her that his invitation is related to some information he has for her. The next day, Gabrielle wakes up in a daze to the knocking on her door. The police tells her at the station that Quinton Jones has been killed in an auto accident the previous night and believes she was the last person to see him alive. As a result, they want her to make a statement. Apparently, Gabrielle finds herself suffering from a total loss of memory of everything that happened after she got to the party. A rather desperate Gabrielle calls Alexander for help.

  • S03E18 The Contender

    • March 28, 1993
    • CTV

    Jack Roy, a fight promotor, tries to convince Sugar Duke, JJ's younger brother and a raising star in the boxing world, to leave his long time trainer, Vinny, for him and his big money before a big fight. While JJ stops by to see his brother in training, he also meets Jack Roy for the first time and is not convinced that Jack Roy really has Sugar Duke's best interest at heart. After JJ drops Vinny home, a couple of assailants mug Vinny. JJ is convinced that Jack Roy is behind this attack and asks Peter and the team to help. Apparently, Jack Roy's gambling interest takes precedent and wants Sugar Duke to throw the fight. He even goes out of his way to make clear that Sugar Duke's girlfriend will take a beating if Sugar Duke fails to. Alexander agrees that the team should help JJ and even throws in some resources to back the scheme up.

  • S03E19 The Raw Truth

    • April 11, 1993
    • CTV

    Senator David Carmicheal dies in a car accident while on his way home after Monroe Park, a tabloid journalist and host of the television show 'The Raw Truth', implicates the Senator in Jenette Moore's fatal car accident on election night in 1978 after attending his victory party. Afterwards, Park does a piece on the Carmicheal accident implying his drinking problems resulting in his wreckless driving that night that caused the fatal accident killing the Senator. A furious Alexander Addington calls up the station chief demanding Park to retract his piece on Carmicheal's tragic death. With sky high ratings and dramatic increase in viewership weekly, the station chief refuses to pressure Park for a retraction or pull the plug without proof. As a result, Alexander orders Peter Sinclair and the team to clear Carmicheal's name and put Monroe Park out of business. Park decides to do an expose on Addington and the kidnapping of his wife upon hearing the news that Addington is after him.

  • S03E20 Peacemaker

    • April 18, 1993
    • CTV

    After a supposed IRA bomb took the life of a Protestant revererd and prominent leader within the Northern Irish Unionist camp, Lord Eames, the Undersecretary for affairs in Northern Ireland, orders a team from the British Special Air Service to hijack Addington to London in hopes of convincing him and Sinclair to protect Oliver Montcalm, the new leader of the Unionist, and his family during his trip to North America for secret negotiations with the representatives of the IRA. This task is complicated by the resurfacing of supposedly dead two militant members of the Unionist camp in Toronto, whose modus operandi fits perfectly with the means by which the good revererd was killed.

  • S03E21 Muerte

    • May 2, 1993
    • CTV

    An assassin, suffering from a recurring nightmare involving people she had supposedly killed, and her two associates receive orders to kill Bill Kaskins, an industrialist, at a large reception. Unfortunately, Peter Sinclair and the Counterstrike team managed to catch the assassins before they could successfully hit their target, despite getting a couple of shots off and killing a security guard. Both of the associates died in the course of the assignment and only the primary assassin managed to elude capture. Alexander manages to find out that someone paid Muerte, a murder for hire organisation (and the Spanish word for death), to kill Kaskins and sends the team to track down the assassin and the people who hired Muerte. Unknown to Alexander or the team, at the same time, Muerte sends the same assassin with a contract on Peter Sinclair, Gabrielle Germount, Hector Stone and Kaskins as an opportunity to redeem herself for the loss of their two operatives. It does not take long befor

  • S03E22 Badguys

    • May 9, 1993
    • CTV

    Jeremy Holifield, a journalist working for an Addington newspaper, tells Chelsea Little, a high-class escort, over a drink that he is about to break a story that will send shake the British establishment to the core and, in the process, level the reputation of a few very well placed citizens. Unknown to him or the escort, a British agent has placed video and audio bugs in his hotel room as he engages the escort in some kinky sexual activities. Alexander finds out from various press reports that one Chelsea Little is the prime suspect in the murder of Jeremy Holifield in New York the night before he was suppose to fly back to Paris to hand deliever his latest story, which includes illegal arms dealings by a son of one former British Prime Minister. It strikes both Alexander and Helene that this is too much of a coincidence and too convenient for those people. He therefore sends the team to New York after securing their welcome with the mayor to restore Jeremy's reputation and catch