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Season 82

When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language.
Name First Aired Runtime Image
S82E01 Leaving Downtown St. Louis for the Burbs November 21, 2013 25
S82E02 Buying Turnkey vs. Building Their Dream Home in Oklahoma November 18, 2013 25
S82E03 Pro Baseball Player Wants Off-Season Party Pad in Vegas February 20, 2014 25
S82E04 The High Price of Living in Paradise November 28, 2013 25
S82E05 Strong Views in Strongsville November 26, 2013 25
S82E06 Two Men Who Want to Live in Jersey City Can't Agree On a Home December 6, 2013 25
S82E07 Two Guys Look for Hip Urban Loft in Philly November 22, 2013 25
S82E08 Young Musicians Search for Their First Home in Nashville, Tennessee November 19, 2013 25
S82E09 Single Mom Wants a Large House in Atlanta November 29, 2013 25
S82E10 Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas December 12, 2013 25
S82E11 She Wants a Victorian Row Home But He Wants a Big Yard to Mow in D.C. December 4, 2013 25
S82E12 Empty Nesters Upgrade to a Bigger Condo in Downtown Chicago December 9, 2013 25
S82E13 Grandioso on a Budget-oso in Atlanta November 8, 2013 25