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Season 1

  • S01E01 A1 Rain Dancer

    • December 8, 1989
    • ITV1

    Thomas and Sally meet for the first time on the A1. Having been caught with his pants down, Thomas fixes Sally's car and is reluctantly offered a lift to Leeds; and that's when the sparks start to fly!

  • S01E02 The Howling

    • December 15, 1989
    • ITV1

    Although they try to remain a healthy distance, circumstances semm to keep drawing thomas and Sally back together again.

  • S01E03 Fool's Gold

    • December 22, 1989
    • ITV1

    While the eccentric Lord Winderscale struggles to come to terms with the loss of his prized £1,000,000 Botticelli, Thomas and Sally are placed in danger when they make a startling discovery on board Sally's houseboat. A kidnapping, a hair-raising boat chase along the canal and a few home truths at the manor keep the odd couple busy.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Burning Your Boats

    • September 29, 1990
    • ITV1

    Sally finds herself up against commercial and civic corruption when she sinks her capital in to a canal cruise hire company,

  • S02E02 Bring Back My Barney To Me

    • October 6, 1990
    • ITV1

    There are disastrous consequences for the hard Geordie Finch brothers when they dabble in a spot of Common Market Euro-crime.

  • S02E03 A Woman's Lot

    • October 13, 1990
    • ITV1

    When a photographer comes looking for "the grit and grime" of the north for his latest girlie calendar, Thomas is only too happy to help.

  • S02E04 The Devil Wept in Leeds

    • October 20, 1990
    • ITV1

    Thomas and Sally save Europe's number-one hitman from a watery grave - and nearly die of shock when he tries to repay them.

  • S02E05 Trial By Marriage

    • October 27, 1990
    • ITV1

    Sally's old friend Jane Rowlands and her husband Bill seem blissfully happy. But looks can be deceiving!

  • S02E06 Hotrod Horace

    • November 3, 1990
    • ITV1

    Sally's uncle Horace is a cantankerous Yorkshireman who hates most things in life - especially Lancastrians and Londoners!

  • S02E07 Bigamy Blues

    • November 10, 1990
    • ITV1

    Mrs Sally Hardcastle meets the other Mrs Hardcastle in an international mix-up. Sally and Thomas fly out to Portugal to unmix it.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Poetic Justice

    • October 12, 1991
    • ITV1

    Things seem to be going well for Thomas: he started up his own business, and Sally is suddenly back in his life. Can it last?

  • S03E02 The Food of Love

    • October 19, 1991
    • ITV1

    Sally is frustrated when she can find no solution to the anguish of an old friend who goes to the dogs when her husband leaves home.

  • S03E03 Hard Times, Hard Men

    • October 26, 1991
    • ITV1

    Slick city councillor Nick Craven isn't so sharp when it comes to settling his debts - especially the fifty quid he owes Thomas.

  • S03E04 An Unsavoury Business

    • November 2, 1991
    • ITV1

    Shock-horror surprises, the righting of wrongs and a rift in their relationship combined to torment and antagonise Thomas and Sally.

  • S03E05 The Sisters of Achill

    • November 9, 1991
    • ITV1

    Sally is taken herself off to the Costa del Sol for a well-earned rest, and Thomas is left behind in Leeds to take care of the business.

  • S03E06 A Roman Empire

    • November 16, 1991
    • ITV1

    Sally and "uncle" Leonard go back a long way so Leonard's sudden death is a shock. She gets another one when she is appointed executor!

  • S03E07 Shingle Beach

    • November 23, 1991
    • ITV1

    A grubby little private detective is the bearer of an unexpected message, which takes Thomas and Sally south to Kent.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Flameproof and Free

    • June 4, 1993
    • ITV1

    Thomas is released from Her Majesty's care to find that Sally has left the area with another man, and is now pregnant.

  • S04E02 The Driving Instructor

    • June 11, 1993
    • ITV1

    Probationer Thomas is handed the unenviable task of instructing a group of young offenders in motor mechanics.

  • S04E03 A Quick Killing

    • June 18, 1993
    • ITV1

    Thomas leaves Samantha collecting her own tickets as he sets about a sticky adventure of his own.

  • S04E04 Down to Earth

    • June 25, 1993
    • ITV1

    There's excitement as construction workers uncover an ancient bone, believed to date back to Viking times.

  • S04E05 The Long Road... There

    • July 2, 1993
    • ITV1

    Thomas is set to drive a lorry-load of engineering samples to Budapest, with Lively as his co-driver: disaster strikes when the lorry is stolen.

  • S04E06 The Long Road... Back

    • July 9, 1993
    • ITV1

    British diplomat Isabel Stevens uses her influence to get Thomas released from a Hungarian prison cell.

  • S04E07 Gilding the Lily

    • July 16, 1991
    • ITV1

    Fresh from his escapades in Hungary, Thomas returns to find the future of the Steam Museum hanging in the balance due to financial problems.

  • S04E08 Blowing Bubbles

    • July 23, 1991
    • ITV1

    Thomas is taken back to the sixties when an old friend turns up unexpectedly - And ends up causing him considerable aggro.

  • S04E09 Sand Dancer

    • July 30, 1991
    • ITV1

    Thomas tries desperately to patch things up with Jo, while Lively stumbles across a buried steam engine...

  • S04E10 One Jump Ahead

    • August 6, 1991
    • ITV1

    Thomas is offered an expenses-paid trip to a villa in Tuscany, but as he and Jo arrive they are greeted by armed Italians,