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Season 1

  • S01E01 Occurrence at Glen Ridge

    • September 9, 1989

    Uncle Steve is shot by an over-eager hunter and Lassie is impounded for attacking the hunter. Now Will must rescue his canine friend and Lassie must get help for the unconscious Steve.

  • S01E02 City Lights

    • September 16, 1989

    After accidentally getting locked in the back of a truck, Lassie finds herself lost in the city and must find her way home, befriending a runaway along the way.

  • S01E03 Bingo Was Her Name

    • September 23, 1989

    Lassie brings a stray dog home, and Dee accidentally gives it to a dog thief before the real owner arrives to claim it.

  • S01E04 Heatwave

    • September 30, 1989

    Thinking that Lassie is crowding his chances, Megan's boyfriend locks Lassie in the McCullough's car during a major heat wave.

  • S01E05 Lassie at Last

    • October 7, 1989

    Megan and her friend mysteriously become sick after skinny-dipping in a stream. Chris, Will and Lassie do some investigating and learn that the cause may be linked to illegal chemical dumping.

  • S01E06 Halloween

    • October 14, 1989

    Will's buddy Wayne is determined to play a prank on an elderly neighbor the night before Halloween, but he may not be the only one surprised.

  • S01E07 Roots

    • October 21, 1989

    A woman claims to be Lassie's true owner, but to Steve's shock is revealed to be part of his past as well.

  • S01E08 Tinker

    • October 28, 1989

    A miniature horse that Will is temporarily taking care of becomes the source of contention between the McCulloughs and a neighbor who's a local politician.

  • S01E09 A Dog and His Boy

    • November 4, 1989

    Neil, an autistic boy whose mother is being helped to find a job by Dee, befriends Lassie and forms a bond with her.

  • S01E10 New Generation

    • October 11, 1989

    The family is excited when Lassie is expecting her first litter, but it almost takes second place in Will's attention, as his BMX bike club the Glen Ridge Riders is competing in local competitions.

  • S01E11 Once Upon a Time

    • November 18, 1989

    Mr. Shepherd, a mysterious magician fails to impress Megan with hocus-pocus until his performance at a benefit show.

  • S01E12 Quality Time

    • November 25, 1989

    Will joins his friend Arnie in a prank that closes the school for the day, freeing the boys to get into more trouble.

  • S01E13 Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

    • September 8, 1990

    The McCulloughs' accidental houseguest is a dour man who doesn't like children or animals, but he hides a surprising secret.

  • S01E14 Still Life

    • September 15, 1990

    Dee and Lassie are trapped by a storm inside an old house on the same day she receives some potentially devastating news from her doctor.

  • S01E15 Trapped

    • September 22, 1990

    At a party, Will is the intended target of a practical joke, but the joke turns serious when both he and the joker are trapped beneath a crumbling structure.

  • S01E16 Just Another Saturday

    • September 29, 1990

    Chris and Dee are off celebrating an anniversary, Will is at a friend's and Megan and Lassie are home when a boy accidentally crashes his motorcycle into the garage, but no one knows that the accident ruptured a gas pipe.

  • S01E17 He's Back

    • October 6, 1990

    Uncle Steve returns and takes Megan and Will hang-gliding, but when the glider crashes with Steve and Will aboard, Lassie and Megan must find a way to save them.

  • S01E18 Wild West

    • October 13, 1990

    The McCulloughs visit a ghost town to find out more about Dee's Old West ancestor, but Will and Lassie wind up facing a modern-day outlaw.

  • S01E19 Pot Hunters

    • October 20, 1990

    Ancient Indian relics originally uncovered by the McCulloughs are in danger of being stolen from the site, and Dee's archaeologist friend may be involved.

  • S01E20 Watch Your Step

    • October 27, 1990

    Chris' new job is located on a former military shelling site that's supposed to have been cleared, but when Will, Megan and Lassie wander onto it they find themselves surrounded by still-live shells.

  • S01E21 Burglary

    • November 3, 1989

    Laid up at home alone with an injured leg is not the safest place for Will to be when the McCullough house is targeted by a pair of neighborhood burglars.

  • S01E22 Snake Pit

    • November 10, 1990

    Will and Lassie are trapped inside a closed store with a rattlesnake that's already bitten the owner, and there's no way to call for help.

  • S01E23 Livewire

    • November 17, 1990

    An earthquake knocks a live power line loose onto a building site's wire fence while Will is trapped on the wrong side.

  • S01E24 Kindness is Contagious

    • November 24, 1990

    A boy in a wheelchair teaches Will and Lassie how to play basketball and also has a huge crush on Will's sister, Megan.

  • S01E25 Witness

    • December 1, 1990

    Will takes a dare to enter an abandoned house so he can win some coveted baseball cards from his friend Arnie.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Diary of Sandy Frank

    • September 7, 1991

    Will's elderly friend Horace may have to give away his little dog Sandy when his landlady decides to forbid pets after her house is renovated.

  • S02E02 Best of Show

    • September 14, 1991

    Megan enters Lassie in a high-society dog show as a way of getting acquainted with handsome Peter Colfax.

  • S02E03 On the Beach

    • September 17, 1991

    The McCulloughs drop Will, Megan, and Tracy at the beach for the day.

  • S02E04 Leeds, the Judge

    • September 21, 1991

    Will, trying to impress Frankie by entering an essay contest, plagarizes a piece about a first kiss that Megan wrote in her diary.

  • S02E05 The Gathering of the Clans

    • September 28, 1991

    At the annual MacPherson/McCullough clan gathering, Megan falls for the cute son of the MacPherson clan chief.

  • S02E06 The Stranger

    • October 5, 1991

    A convicted murderer escapes from jail with one thought: to get revenge on the man who helped convict him, the proprietor of a soon-to-be-opening Glen Ridge hardware store.

  • S02E07 The Kitty Saver

    • October 12, 1991

    A man drops three kittens in a box off at the Willingham Animal Shelter.

  • S02E08 Slumber Party

    • October 17, 1991

    Feelings come to a head at a slumber party given by the McCulloughs

  • S02E09 The Amazing Lassie

    • October 25, 1991

    Will and Lassie's ESP act to raise money for the school gymnasium is a hit, but has an unexpected result.

  • S02E10 The Cave

    • November 2, 1991

    Megan is eager to photograph petroglyphs in a cave that Will has told her about.

  • S02E11 Lassie P.I.

    • November 9, 1991

    While at a party at the wealthy Hoff home, Dee is accused of stealing the Lucerne diamonds, a valuable brooch.

  • S02E12 Hit and Run

    • November 23, 1991

    Lassie stalks the culprit who struck and injured her puppy Laddie at one of Chris' construction sites.

  • S02E13 Nikki's Family

    • December 7, 1991

    The McCulloughs play host to a little girl named Nikki, whose father is looking for a new position in Sacramento.

  • S02E14 Dog Day Afternoon

    • December 14, 1991

    In the tradition of "Lassie's Day" and "The Sermon" from the original series, Lassie is trying to return a little girl's lost doll.

  • S02E15 The Represa

    • December 21, 1991

    The family returns from a combination pleasure/business trip to Mexico to discover Carlos Vasquez, son of the craftsman they bought handcrafted tile from, hiding in the back of their car.

  • S02E16 The Commercial

    • January 4, 1992

    The McCulloughs (including Lassie) are hired to portray a typical family in a television commercial.

  • S02E17 Fallen Idol

    • January 11, 1992

    Will wants desperately to go to baseball camp.

  • S02E18 Punch Drunk

    • January 18, 1992

    Megan is talked into participating in an unchaperoned party at Tracy's house.

  • S02E19 A Rabbit's Tale

    • February 1, 1990

    Megan refuses to give up two rabbits which were stolen from a research lab.

  • S02E20 A Will and a Way

    • February 15, 1992

    Will, returning home with Andrew Leeds and Lassie after a book-signing tour, is being allowed to fly Leeds' airplane.

  • S02E21 Hostage: A Dog's Life

    • February 22, 1992

    While shopping for a birthday gift, Dee is taken hostage by a young, injured, and desperate fugitive.

  • S02E22 Twin Pekes

    • February 29, 1992

    The McCulloughs were at the lake, and Will and Lassie nearby, when Mark Wadner allegedly murdered Susan Jacobs. Now Dee is the lone holdout on the jury, believing they have not proven that the man is guilty.

  • S02E23 The Computer Study

    • March 7, 1992

    Will is hoping Lassie will be the dog chosen for the test of a computer system that will help disabled people.

  • S02E24 Unknown

  • S02E25 Unknown

  • S02E26 Unknown

  • S02E27 Unknown