Bunny O'Hare

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The title character, a widow whose savings have been depleted by her selfish, middle-aged children, Lulu and Ad, finds herself homeless when the bank foreclosure on her Mortgage loan. She becomes friendly with Bill Green, an aging itinerant salvaging the house's plumbing, who she soon discovers is really fugitive bank robber William Gruenwald. Hoping to recoup her losses from the bank that took her home, Bunny blackmails Bill into teaching her how to rob the institution in exchange for keeping his identity a secret. She wears a long blonde wig, oversized hat, and sunglasses, while he dons a fake beard, leather vest, and bell-bottom pants, and the two pull off the caper and escape on a List of Triumph motorcycles motorcycle. Buoyed by their success, Bunny convinces Bill to join her in more heists, and the different modus operandi they use - setting free a Domestic Canary to distract the guard, setting off smoke bombs - make it difficult for police lieutenant Horace Greeley and criminologist R.J. Hart to Offender profiling their suspects.

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