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Sebastian Tillinger



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Sin City Blue January 14, 2010 Guest Star
Huff Black Shadows June 18, 2006 Guest Star
Commander In Chief The Elephant in the Room May 31, 2006 Guest Star
Huff Radio Silence May 21, 2006 Guest Star
Huff A Cornfield Grows In L.A. May 14, 2006 Guest Star
Huff Red Meat April 30, 2006 Guest Star
The Drew Carey Show Red, White and Drew November 3, 1999 Guest Star
Zoe… Pilot January 17, 1999 Guest Star
Becker City Lights December 21, 1998 Guest Star
Boy Meets World Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield November 20, 1998 Guest Star
Felicity Spooked October 27, 1998 Guest Star
Weird Science WS4 July 25, 1998 Guest Star
Step by Step The Half Monty February 27, 1998 Guest Star
Smart Guy The Dating Game November 12, 1997 Guest Star
Cybill From Boca, With Love March 10, 1997 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Matthew's Old Lady January 8, 1997 Guest Star
Weird Science Strange Daze June 22, 1996 Guest Star
Malibu Shores Cheating Hearts April 6, 1996 Guest Star
Weird Science It Takes a Geek March 2, 1996 Guest Star
Weird Science Spies 'R' Us September 9, 1995 Guest Star
Bringing up Jack Gimme an R-Y-A-N June 24, 1995 Guest Star
Weird Science Unplugged November 5, 1994 Guest Star
Weird Science Sex Ed June 4, 1994 Guest Star
Weird Science Airball Kings April 16, 1994 Guest Star