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Bertram Millhauser


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Check and Double Check 1930 Producer
Tokyo Joe 1949 Writer
The Invisible Man's Revenge 1944 Writer
The Phantom Foe 1920 Director
Girl of the Port 1930 Producer
Midnight Mystery 1930 Producer
The Leopard Lady 1928 Producer
6,000 Enemies 1939 Writer
An Angel from Texas 1940 Writer
Code of the Sea 1924 Writer
Forty Winks 1925 Writer
Lucretia Lombard 1923 Writer
Nick Carter, Master Detective 1939 Writer
Patrick the Great 1945 Writer
Pay or Die! 1960 Writer
Pierre of the Plains 1942 Writer
Plunder 1923 Writer
Scandal Street 1938 Writer
Sherlock Holmes 1932 Writer
Storm at Daybreak 1933 Writer
The Black Secret 1919 Writer
The Crime Nobody Saw 1937 Writer
The Fatal Ring 1917 Writer
The House of Hate 1918 Writer
The Mystery of the Double Cross 1917 Writer
The Purple V 1943 Writer
The Timber Queen 1922 Writer
Under Cover of Night 1937 Writer
Smart Woman 1931 Producer
The Lady Refuses 1931 Producer
College Scandal 1935 Writer
Ebb Tide 1937 Writer
Enter Arsene Lupin 1944 Writer
Ever in My Heart 1933 Writer
Jimmy the Gent 1934 Writer
River's End 1940 Writer
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death 1943 Writer
Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943 Writer
Sweater Girl 1942 Writer
The Big Shot 1942 Writer
The Garden Murder Case 1936 Writer
The Life of Jimmy Dolan 1933 Writer
The Magnificent Brute 1936 Writer
The Pearl of Death 1944 Writer
The Spider Woman 1943 Writer
The Suspect 1944 Writer
The Texans 1938 Writer
The Web 1947 Writer
The Woman in Green 1945 Writer
Walk a Crooked Mile 1948 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Adventures of Jim Bowie The Cave May 9, 1958 Writer
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Curfew Cannon January 24, 1958 Writer
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Pirate on Horseback January 17, 1958 Writer