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Season 1

  • S01E01 Little Bad Wolf

    • September 12, 2005
    • Noggin

    Jack, Mel, and Mary help a lost little wolf by introducing him to music. They help him find the one that suits his talents best.

  • S01E02 How Mel Got His Groove Back

    • September 14, 2005
    • Noggin

    Mel thinks he is a cat after a drum lands on his head. The neighbor Cathy helps Jack and Mary to use her musical skills to make him normal again.

  • S01E03 The Music Genie

    • September 15, 2005
    • Noggin

    The band has been granted three wishes from a Music Genie after they blew on a unique horn. Jack doesn't feel comfortable with his perfect wish, unlike Mary and Mel who are enjoying their wishes.

  • S01E04 The Bongo Bird

    • September 19, 2005
    • Noggin

    A baby Bongo egg hatches inside the clubhouse and Jack, Mary, and Mel help the bird find it's mother by using their instruments to make sounds like the baby bird.

  • S01E05 Marching Band

    • September 26, 2005
    • Noggin

    Rain forces Jack, Mel and Mary to bring their marching band inside where they use the sounds of the rain falling and the storm to help them make music.

  • S01E06 Bug Love

    • October 3, 2005
    • Noggin

    Jack is scared when Mary invites some new friends to the clubhouse. Mel helps Jack to understand that everyone is not really so different from each other.

  • S01E07 Mel's Super Swell Dance Party

    • October 10, 2005
    • Noggin

    Mel throws a dance party and the entire neighborhood attends! DJ Master Mel keeps the music flowing and unexpected.

  • S01E08 Space Opera

    • October 10, 2005
    • Noggin

    Jack and Mary are both ready for playtime, the only thing is - each one of them wants to play something different! Jack is intent on exploring space while Mary wants to sing an operetta. They each drag Mel back and fourth on their adventures until he is worn out. Thats when they decide to compromise and the trio preform an opera based in space!

  • S01E09 Grow Daddio

    • October 17, 2005
    • Noggin

    In order to help him grow, Mary brings her new seed Arthur to the clubhouse for some soil, water, sun and most importantly music! Cathy helps the band figure out what type of music Arthur needs to help him really grow big and strong.

  • S01E10 The Grumpy Squirrel

    • October 24, 2005
    • Noggin

    Jack, Mary, and Mel show the grumpy squirrel, who is fed up with the music at the clubhouse, all the different ways they can make and use music.

  • S01E11 The Music Monster

    • October 31, 2005
    • Noggin

    Henry, the monster, isn't as scary as he could be so the band helps him show his emotions through the joy of music.

  • S01E12 King of Swing

    • February 6, 2006
    • Noggin

    Jack is the King of Swing's number one fan and he's been selected to meet his idol, but the confusing plans for the day through him off. It's up to Mel and Mary to help him get organized by using music, so they can welcome Chicago legend Buddy Guy to the clubhouse.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Snow Day

    • January 6, 2007
    • Noggin

    A Hawaiian beach party is disrupted when Mel's sand-making machine starts making snow. Jack, Mary, Prudence, and the penguins help to keep things moving as Mel tries to fix the machine.

  • S02E02 Leonard the Country Squirrel

    • January 7, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack, Mary and Mel meet Leonard, a squirrel who's new to the neighborhood and missing his friends and farm. He's super homesick today because back home is the annual Jugband Jamboree! To make Leonard feel better, Jack, Mary and Mel decide to throw him a down home party filled with music, dancing and acorn pie!

  • S02E03 Spunky the Alien

    • January 13, 2007
    • Noggin

    Spunky needs Mel to fix his spaceship, which broke down on the clubhouse floor, in time for him to fly back to his home planet Skiffle to perform at his first Fleeber Musical Concert.

  • S02E04 Jack Bunny

    • January 14, 2007
    • Noggin

    Mel the Musical Magician has come to the clubhouse wearing a cape and a top hat and he is prepared to amaze! With a toot on his Magical Musical Horn, he makes all sorts of musical magical tricks happen! However, when he attempts to make a bugle bunny appear, Mel accidentally turns Jack into a bugle bunny!

  • S02E05 Phil the Coo-Coo Bird

    • January 20, 2007
    • Noggin

    While dancing the Twisty Twist, Jack, Mary and Mel are interrupted by Phil the Coo-Coo Bird who bops into the clubhouse, totally out-of-control. Phil tells Jack, Mary and Mel that he is frustrated because today is the day when all the other Coo-Coo Birds gather in the Coo-Coo Tree and do the Coo-Coo Dance, and Phil doesn't know how to dance it. It's up to Jack and the gang to help!

  • S02E06 Jack's Big Oops!

    • January 21, 2007
    • Noggin

    Mary can't wait to show Jack and Mel how to make music with her new instrument, but she forgot the special hammers used to play it and runs home to get them. While Mary's away, Jack's enthusiasm and curiosity causes him to accidentally break it!

  • S02E07 Jack's Big Orchestra

    • January 27, 2007
    • Noggin

    When Jack gets caught up in playing music conductor, Mel and Mary decide to make his musical dreams come true and organize an orchestra for Jack to conduct! Now all they have to do is keep Jack out of the clubhouse long enough to make costumes, call friends and get set up. Easier said than done!

  • S02E08 Scat Cat

    • January 28, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack gets a bit jealous when he thinks that Mel's friend Scat Cat is now her knew best friend instead of him. Scat Cat knows all kinds of things that he doesn't and Jack feels threatened by that.

  • S02E09 Groundhog Day

    • February 2, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack is so excited about his favorite holiday and can't wait to see if the Ground Hog will see her shadow or not! But before that happens, Gertrude the Ground Hog runs into the clubhouse, too shy to face all the attention, but anchorman Brunk Stinegrouber needs her to come outside with him so they can deliver the news together.

  • S02E10 Jack's Super Swell Sing-Along

    • February 3, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack and Mary are your masters of ceremony for this big neighborhood sing-along from the clubhouse. All of our favorite neighbors come over and sing in their favorite styles of music! Live in the clubhouse! What a sing-along! What a dayyyyy!!!

  • S02E11 Laurie's Big Song

    • February 4, 2007
    • Noggin

    Laurie calls to say she will be in the neighborhood and would love to stop by and sing a special song with Jack, Mary and Mel! They have an important task to perform first... they need to find three items that Laurie needs in order for her to perform her new song correctly.

  • S02E12 Mel's Bath Day

    • February 10, 2007
    • Noggin

    While digging up trombones that he buried in the back yard, Mel becomes dirty -- so dirty that he is in dire need of a bath. Easier said than done! Good thing Sudsy Bubblestein, Professional Dog Washer and Stylist, is out scanning the neighborhood for dirty dogs! She is the only one who can convince Mel that he needs to take a bath.

  • S02E13 Jack and the Beanstalk

    • March 20, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack, Mary and Mel head up the beanstalk to see if their musical talents can help add to the special day.

  • S02E14 Silly Show

    • April 1, 2007
    • Noggin

    Jack, Mary, and Mel find seven of the funniest things that could make their boring day more exciting.