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Season 1

  • S01E01 Major Operation

    • January 30, 1961
    • CBS

    Major Minor is told that if he doesn't catch Snagglepuss, he will be kicked out of the Adventurer's Club. So, the Major lets Snagglepuss out of his cage at the zoo, and then a chase ensues.

  • S01E02 Feud for Thought

    • February 6, 1961
    • CBS

    a couple of hillbillies are feuding. over the hand of a mountain gal named suzy-sal.to settle the fight she declares that she will marry the first one who can find her a genuine mountain lion fur to make a coat. Guess who the hillbillies run into in the woods? You guessed it, Snagglepuss.

  • S01E03 Live and Lion

    • February 13, 1961
    • CBS

    It's duck-hunting season, and little Yakky-Doodle is on the run! He hides in Snagglepuss's mailbox, and when Snagglepuss goes out to get the mail, is delighted by a free meal in the mail. He tries to eat Yakky.

  • S01E04 Fraidy Cat Lion

    • February 20, 1961
    • CBS

    Mr.& Mrs. J. Evil Scientist are having trouble with a giant mouse created by their son Junior. Snagglepuss wanders upon their creepy old mansion and knocks on their door in the dead of night, and J. Evil & the Mrs.let him in. Can Snagglepuss survive the giant mouse?

  • S01E05 Royal Ruckus

    • February 27, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is in old France, clad in cape and sword. Will Snagglepuss live through this experience in a world of fencing, rude people, and funny accents? Only time will tell.

  • S01E06 The Roaring Lion

    • March 6, 1961
    • CBS

    A nearby football team is in a slump, and drafts Snagglepuss onto their team. Can Snagglepuss help them win the championship?

  • S01E07 Paws for Applause

    • March 13, 1961
    • CBS

    After reading a book on the subject, Snagglepuss tries his hand at acting.

  • S01E08 Knights and Daze

    • March 20, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss visits Jolly Olde England and is instantly motivated to become a Knight of the Round Table.

  • S01E09 The Gangsters All Here

    • March 27, 1961
    • CBS

    Gangsters try to hide out in a cave, the same cave where Snagglepuss is watching a ganster movie.

  • S01E10 Having a Bowl

    • April 3, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss cares for a baby that he finds in his mailbox.

  • S01E11 Diaper Desperado

    • April 10, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss tries to capture "Big Hombre" and earn a big reward, but he winds up being a babysitter for the gangster's toddler "Little Hombre"

  • S01E12 Arrow Error

    • April 17, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss plays "Robin Hood" when he saves woodland animals from trappers.

  • S01E13 Twice Shy

    • April 24, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is pursued by Major Minor's twin, the only difference is he only wants to shoot him with a camera.

  • S01E14 Cloak and Stagger

    • May 1, 1961
    • CBS

    After completing a "How to be a Musketeer" correspondence course, Snagglepuss seeks out the real thing to join up.

  • S01E15 Remember Your Lions

    • May 8, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss, appearing in the theatre in a trained lion act, grabs the chance to understudy for a Shakespearean actor. However Major Minor discovers Snagglepuss and the hunt is on.

  • S01E16 Remember the Daze

    • May 15, 1961
    • CBS

    Major Minor chases Snagglepuss around the set of the TV show "This is Your Life".

Season 2

  • S02E01 Express Trained Lion

    • September 16, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss saves a mouse from a mousetrap. Later Snagglepuss gets captured and put into a zoo, which turns out to be the posh life that he was looking for. However, the little mouse tries to "save" him and help the unwilling Snagglepuss to escape.

  • S02E02 Jangled Jungle

    • September 23, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is tired of being in a circus and decides to go back to the jungle. However, jungle life is not all that he imagined.

  • S02E03 Lion Tracks

    • September 30, 1961
    • CBS

    The railroad is trying to build a rail through the Snagglepuss's home. They hire Major minor get rid of the pesky lion.

  • S02E04 Fight Fright

    • October 7, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss quits the circus to become a sparring partner to a boxing kangaroo.

  • S02E05 Lions Share Sheriff

    • October 14, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is in the old west. Can Snagglepuss survive this strange land of spittoons, shoot-outs, duels, and hard drinking? Only time will tell as Snagglepuss gets in a scuffle with a big, scary outlaw!

  • S02E06 Cagey Lion

    • October 21, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is being transferred to the St. Louis Zoo and is caged aboard a steamship. He escapes, but runs into the notorious Cagey Crevad while on the ship.

  • S02E07 Charge That Lion

    • October 28, 1961
    • CBS

    When a bounty is put on his head, Snagglepuss hides out in the army. He meets a gruff drill sergeant and generally disrupts the routine at the army base.

  • S02E08 Be My Ghost

    • November 4, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss meets two crazy ghosts in a castle.

  • S02E09 Spring Hits a Snag

    • November 11, 1961
    • CBS

    It's springtime and Snagglepuss is in love with Lilah the Lion. However, love is blind as she takes advantage and he does not realize it

  • S02E10 Legal Eagle Lion

    • November 18, 1961
    • CBS

    When a local judge is run out of town, Snagglepuss steps in as his replacement.

  • S02E11 Don't Know It Poet

    • November 25, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss, a man looking for love, a princess, and a king are in this episode where Snagglepuss runs a business for people that have a broken hearts looking for love.

  • S02E12 Tail Wag Snag

    • December 2, 1961
    • CBS

    Major Minor decides to use the dog "Snuffles" to help him track down Snagglepuss.

  • S02E13 Rent and Rave

    • December 9, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss rents out his cave to raise money for a South Seas vacation.

  • S02E14 Footlight Fright

    • December 16, 1961
    • CBS

    Major Minor tricks Snagglepuss into thinking that he is auditioning for an acting part.

  • S02E15 One Two Many

    • December 23, 1961
    • CBS

    Snaggletooth, Snagglepuss's twin brother, stands in when Lila the Lioness is hunting for a husband.

  • S02E16 Royal Rodent

    • December 30, 1961
    • CBS

    Snagglepuss is hired as a mouse-catcher.