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Pulling Away

CAPSULE: Michael is given more responsibility at DAA, causing friction between him and Elliot. Hope also has to take some responsibility with the anti-incinerator campaign. Michael and Eliot are excited: Miles loved their ideas for the Snap Happy/Oh My account and DAA will make a commercial to show to a focus group. In a very public way, Miles upbraids Carl Draconis for shooting down the guys' ideas. The next day, Michael and Elliot are stunned to find that Draconis has ""left"" the company ""to pursue other interests."" Miles tells Michael he will be the creative director on the account, and depending on his performance with it, he could be offered Carl's job as the agency's creative director. Michael inherits Carl's office and his assistant Page, who he and Elliot formerly referred to as the ""dragon lady."" Meanwhile, Hope goes with John Dunaway and Ricky Bianca to see a congressman to enlist his opposition to the incinerator, but they receive no encouragement. Elliot asks Michael if he c

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Name Type Role
Joseph Dougherty Writer
Mark Belden Guest Star
Talia Balsam Guest Star
Shirley Prestia Guest Star
Stephen Kearney Guest Star
Tyra Ferrell Guest Star
Jordan Meyers Guest Star
Dan Peterson Guest Star
J.D. Souther Guest Star
Robert Phalen Guest Star
Paul Feig Guest Star
Holly Fulger Guest Star
Stanley Tucci Guest Star
Sloane Bosniak Guest Star
Bruce Davison Guest Star
Luisa Leschin Guest Star
Michael Mitz Guest Star
Rob Cohen Director