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Canadian Film Awards

Best Actor, Feature Film
Best Actor, Non-Feature Film
Best Actress, Feature Film
Best Actress, Non-Feature Film
Best Adapted Screenplay, Feature Film
Best Amateur Film
Best Animated Feature
Best Animated Short
Best Art Direction, Feature Film
Best Art Direction, Non-Feature Film
Best Arts and Experimental Film
Best Black and White Cinematography
Best Cinematography, Feature Film
Best Cinematography, Non-Feature Film
Best Colour Cinematography
Best Direction, Feature Film
Best Direction, Non-Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Documentary Over 30 Minutes
Best Documentary Under 30 Minutes
Best Editing, Feature Film
Best Editing, Non-Feature Film
Best Feature Film / Best Motion Picture
Best Film Over 30 Minutes
Best Film Under 30 Minutes
Best Film for Children
Best General Information Film
Best Musical Score, Feature Film
Best Musical Score, Non-Feature Film
Best Nature and Wildlife Film
Best Non-Dramatic Script
Best Non-Theatrical Film (Government Sponsored)
Best Non-Theatrical Film (Non-Government Sponsored)
Best Non-Theatrical Film (Open)
Best Original Screenplay, Feature Film
Best Screenplay, Non-feature Film
Best Sound / Overall Sound
Best Sound Editing, Feature Film
Best Sound Editing, Non-Feature Film
Best Sound Re-Recording
Best Sound Recording
Best Supporting Actor or Actress, Non-Feature Film
Best Supporting Actor, Feature Film
Best Supporting Actress, Feature Film
Best TV Drama
Best TV Entertainment
Best TV Information
Best Theatrical Feature
Best Theatrical Short
Best Travel and Recreation Film
Film of the Year
Golden Reel Award
Outstanding New Talent


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