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As you already know, TheTVDB is a community-driven database of TV and movie metadata. All of the information we collect is available through our API, which developers access from their program, app, website, or service. With tens of millions of people accessing our API every month, it's quite expensive to run. To recover the cost, we sometimes negotiate licensing with commercial clients. Some prefer that we work directly with the end users (that's you!) to fund the project.

When you subscribe, you'll be given a PIN that you can use in your home media software or app. This PIN is used for access restriction only. We never log individual users!



per year

  • PIN assigned for personal use
    (not required for all projects)
  • Legacy API key granted
    (valid until early 2021)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority support
  • Ad-Free Site!

TheTVDB is not a streaming service!

Subscribing will not give you access to watch the shows and movies referenced on the site.
By subscribing you are agreeing to our TOS

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to cancel?

Just go to the subscription section of your dashboard, click "Cancel Subscription", and confirm.

Your API was always free in the past!

We know, and we discussed a lot of considerations before deciding to make it a subscription service. By charging a reasonable fee, we're far more able to put resources toward running the site. We're expanding our development, devops, editorial, and moderator teams and relying on company resources to help improve usability and resolve some long-standing issues. We hope you'll agree that the rate is reasonable, and that allowing free access for data contributors (coming soon!) prevents us from being a burden on any of our users.

I don't have a card to pay with

Please consider filling out missing information on the site to receive a free subscription. (coming soon)

I have an unrelated complaint

Please let us know. We're striving to improve everything about the site, and the only way we can do that is through feedback from our users.

Earn a Free Subscription

We completely understand that some people are unable to pay. Whatever the reason, we're offering a free subscription to any user that helps contribute good data to the site. We have safeguards in place to help ensure the data quality is good, which means that your free subscription might be slightly delayed. This is in the best interest of all of our users as we seek to be the most accurate source of TV and movie information around.