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Johnny English Franchise

In this series of action comedy films parodying the James Bond secret agent genre, Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean”) stars Britain's most confident yet unintelligent spy.

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Johnny English

Johnny English, a kindhearted but inept MI7 secret agent, with dreams of being their most trusted employee lands the adventure of a lifetime when a threat against the British Crown Jewels is made.

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English has been hiding in Tibet following a botched mission in Mozambique (during which he failed to protect the newly-elected president) when he is summoned by MI7. Under his new boss Pamela Thornton, codename "Pegasus", he is put on a mission to investigate a plot to assassinate the Premier of the People's Republic of China during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He meets fellow agent and old acquaintance Simon Ambrose, MI7's resident quartermaster, Patch Quartermain, and junior agent Colin Tucker, who will be English's new assistant.

Johnny English Strikes Again

M17 is being targeted by a massive cyber attack from South of France, exposing the identities of all its current field agents. As a result, M17 is forced to reinstate older inactive agents in order to track down the culprits behind the attack. Among the reinstated agents is Johnny English, who officially works as a geography teacher while secretly training his young students in espionage. After accidentally incapacitating the other agents, English insists on being given the services of his old sidekick, Bough, who is still a clerk in M17.