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The movie starts with sports agent and bookie Vaughn (Wayne Brady) riding through Detroit, Michigan setting up wagers for an upcoming basketball game that he is in charge of. One of the protagonist of the film, Tech (Anthony Mackie) is the frontman of his streetball team (Enemy of the State) and he is determined to take down Jewelz (Phillip "Hot Sauce" Champion) and his team "Platnium". Before the game starts, Tech calls his friend (and the other protagonist) Noah Cruise to participate in the game. Noah is very reluctant but ends up playing after Tech says "Look, you owe me man. You owe me". In the first game, we also see one of Tech's best friends , Up (Lil JJ) rooting for him on the sidelines. During the game, Vaughn explains the game of streetball to his girlfriend Nicki who has come from Los Angeles to visit him. Tech's team ends up losing the game. This is where we see that although they are best friends, Tech and Cruise live in completely different environments. Noah is a naturally talented basketball player who receives an athletic scholarship to University of California, Los Angeles. His mother has died and he has moved from a Roads and freeways in metropolitan Detroit#Mile roads within Wayne County neighborhood in north Detroit to the prestigious Palmer Woods neighborhood to live with his grandmother. Although he is a skilled player, Cruise wishes to use his scholarship to become a medical doctor. Tech on the other hand, still lives in a run-down Detroit neighborhood where he has to help his mother pay for groceries and pay the bills.

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