Holy Flying Circus

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At a meeting in the offices of their film distributor, the members of Monty Python discuss allowing the film ''Life of Brian'' to be released in America first because of America's First Amendment to the United States Constitution. John Cleese voices his support for the idea, and says that he loves Americans. We then see American reporters at a screening of the movie where a near riot is taking place, with the protesters condemning the film as "blasphemous". The Pythons review a disheartening statement made by a religious leader, implying that the film causes violence. Cleese misinterprets this (possibly deliberately) and goes off on a tangent about little kids carrying out copycat crucifixions on their friends. Their distributor, Barry, suggests a low profile approach for the UK release so as not to cause too much upset. "Let's not project an advert onto the side of Westminster Abbey or make ''Life of Brian'' Christmas crackers".

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