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Erasmus (Coogan) and Paul (Rudd) are a gay couple whose life is turned inside out when a ten-year-old boy, Bill, shows up at their door claiming to be Erasmus's grandson. Erasmus is a famous chef and Paul is the producer of his cooking show, and they live in a large showplace house in New Mexico. Bill’s father, Beau, was the result of a one-time heterosexual encounter, and Erasmus has never met him or Bill. Beau has been jailed on drug charges and instructed Bill to find his grandfather. Erasmus and Paul come to embrace parenthood, although Paul does most of the heavy lifting. Beau attempts to get clean in jail, and tells Erasmus and Paul that he plans to take Bill out of state once he is released. Bill says he would rather stay with them and Erasmus consults a lawyer, but is told that it’s unlikely he’ll get custody unless Bill is in immediate danger. Erasmus and Paul try to enjoy the holidays with Bill and the time they have left with him. Erasmus and Paul’s relationship has been strained, and Paul tells Erasmus that he plans to take a job with Rachael Ray’s show in New York. Erasmus seems indifferent at first but jumps in front of Paul’s car and begs him to stay. Paul makes it to the airport, but turns back and they reconcile. Beau gets into a drunk-driving accident with Bill in the car, and Erasmus and Paul are awarded custody.

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