The Pink Panther Strikes Again

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At a psychiatric hospital, former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus is largely recovered from his obsession to kill the new Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau and is about to be released when Clouseau, arriving to speak on Dreyfus' behalf, within minutes drives Dreyfus insane again. Dreyfus later escapes from the hospital and once again tries to kill Clouseau by planting a bomb while the Inspector (by periodic arrangement) duels with his manservant Cato. The bomb destroys Clouseau's apartment and injures Cato, but Clouseau himself is unharmed, being lifted from the room by an inflatable disguise. Deciding that a more elaborate plan is needed to eliminate Clouseau, Dreyfus enlists an army of criminals to his cause and kidnaps nuclear physicist Professor Hugo Fassbender and the Professor's daughter Margo, forcing the professor to build a "doomsday weapon" in return for his daughter's freedom.

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