The Ridiculous 6

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In the American frontier, a calm man named Tommy, known as "White Knife" by the Native American tribe who raised him after his mother was murdered is to marry a member of the tribe named Smoking Fox. Following a run-in with a deranged, Native American-racist food proprietor named Clem and the Left-Eye Gang (who have all removed their right eyes to join) led by Will Patch, Tommy is visited by a bank robber named Frank Stockburn who claims to be Tommy's biological father. Tommy explains to Frank that his mother was shot by a man with a tattooed hand when she was escorting him to school during his childhood. Frank also tells Tommy that he is dying of Tuberculosis and had amassed $50,000 which he buried in a meadow next to a pine tree and is offering to Tommy and the Natives. The next day, a group of bandits with connections to Frank come to the village, led by the ruthless Cicero who wants Frank to give them his "big score" he gained a while back. Frank has the bandits kidnap him so he can lead them to the $50,000 at the so-called "Singing Windmill", in return for the bandits not attacking Tommy or the Indians. With no time to search the meadow and find the money, and to live to his tribe's standards, Tommy decides to resort to stealing from dishonorable persons (corrupt politicians, racist bankers, and thugs alike) to obtain the amount needed and save his father. During his quest, Tommy discovers that he has 5 half-brothers: Mexicans burro rider Ramon whose innkeeper mother had a fling with Frank; mentally challenged yet happy-go-lucky Lil' Pete (Lautner) whose strong neck makes him immune to hanging; feral mountain-man Herm (Garcia) who speaks incomprehensibly while having helped his mother sell their moonshine.

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