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Sarah Partridge



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon Defenders of the Earth Escape from Mongo Episode (Pilot) September 8, 1996 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Ship of Thieves May 2, 1993 Guest Star
Mad About You Out of the Past October 14, 1992 Guest Star
Melrose Place Friends and Lovers July 15, 1992 Guest Star
Baby Boom Stress/J.C. Re-Examines Her Life November 16, 1988 Guest Star
The Golden Girls Strange Bedfellows November 7, 1987 Guest Star
Perfect Strangers First Date April 8, 1986 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone (1985) Teacher's Aide November 8, 1985 Guest Star
Dallas Deeds and Misdeeds May 3, 1985 Guest Star
Dallas Legacy of Hate February 1, 1985 Guest Star