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Arnold Johnson


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Buddies Famous Last Words March 27, 1996 Guest Star
Family Matters It Didn't Happen One Night October 1, 1993 Guest Star
Family Matters Mama's Wedding February 26, 1993 Guest Star
Family Matters Higher Anxiety February 19, 1993 Guest Star
Roc Joey's First Fan December 13, 1992 Guest Star
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The Aunt Who Came to Dinner March 23, 1992 Guest Star
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Vying for Attention March 2, 1992 Guest Star
Homefront S.N.A.F.U. September 24, 1991 Guest Star
Ferris Bueller A Night In The Life August 11, 1991 Guest Star
Davis Rules Soap April 9, 1991 Guest Star
Family Matters Requiem for an Urkel December 7, 1990 Guest Star
Matlock The Buddies December 12, 1989 Guest Star
Highway to Heaven The Return of the Masked Rider October 3, 1984 Guest Star
Hill Street Blues Domestic Beef October 7, 1982 Guest Star
Detective School Oh, How We Danced August 7, 1979 Guest Star
The Jeffersons George Finds a Father December 20, 1978 Guest Star
Good Times A Place to Die December 30, 1975 Guest Star