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  • Born In Greenwich, London, England, UK
  • Born April 1, 1875
  • Died February 10, 1932
  • Gender Male
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  • Race White or Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)
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Movie Red Aces 1930


Movie Kong: Skull Island 2017
Movie King Kong 1933
Movie The Bloodstained Butterfly 1971
Movie The Man at the Carlton Tower 1961
Movie The Menace 1932
Movie Der Mann, der seinen Namen änderte 1958
Episode The Schlocky Horror Picture Show
The Human Monster [aka Dark Eyes Of London] (1939)
Movie A Criminal at Large 1939
Movie Face of a Stranger 1964
Movie Kong: Return to the Jungle 2006
Movie The Inn on the River 1962
Movie The Green Archer 1940
Movie Candidate for Murder 1962
Movie Flying Fifty-Five 1939
Movie Banglar King Kong 2010
Movie The Terrible People 1960
Movie Crossroads to Crime 1960
Movie Incident at Midnight 1963
Movie The Frightened Lady 1932
Movie The Sinister Man 1961
Movie The Clue of the New Pin 1929
Movie The Sinister Monk 1965
Movie Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included 1985
Movie The Share Out 1962
Movie Flat Two 1962
Movie Le mystère des jonquilles 2014
Movie Die Schokoladenschnüffler 1986
Movie The Door with Seven Locks 1940
Movie Creature with the Blue Hand 1967
Movie The Crimson Circle 1922
Movie Double Face 1969
Movie We Shall See 1964
Movie Der Hexer 1964
Movie Dead Eyes of London 1961
Movie Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen 1961
Movie Kong 2000
Movie The Gaunt Stranger 1939
Movie Accidental Death 1963
Movie The Indian Scarf 1963
Movie The Malpas Mystery 1960
Movie The Black Abbot 1963
Movie The Yellow Mask 1930
Movie Again the Ringer 1965
Movie Prison Breaker 1936
Movie Nurse and Martyr 1915
Movie Der Zinker 1963
Movie Room 13 1964
Movie The Avenger 1960
Movie Le jugement de minuit 1933
Movie Rùzový Hubert 1985
Movie The Four Just Men 1939
Movie The Flying Squad 1940
Movie The Door with Seven Locks 1962
Movie Thank Evans 1938
Movie The Gorilla Gang 1968
Movie The Man with the Glass Eye 1969
Movie Educated Evans 1936
Movie Der Bucklige von Soho 1966
Movie Five to One 1963
Movie Die seltsame Gräfin 1961
Movie Circus of Fear 1966
Movie The Diamond Man 1924
Movie King Kong Lives 1986
Movie Wanted at Headquarters 1920
Movie Five Golden Dragons 1967
Movie White Face 1932
Movie The Flying Fifty-Five 1924
Movie The Squeaker 1937
Movie The Main Chance 1964
Movie The Lad 1935
Movie Attempt to Kill 1961
Movie The Monster of Blackwood Castle 1968
Movie Angels of Terror 1971
Movie Das Geheimnis von Lismore Castle 1986
Movie The Man Who Changed His Name 1934
Movie The Green Archer 1961
Movie Mystery Liner 1934
Movie Man Detained 1961
Movie Return Of The Terror 1934
Movie Dangerous to Know 1938
Movie King Kong Escapes 1967
Movie The Ringer 1952
Movie Kate Plus Ten 1938
Movie Marriage of Convenience 1960
Movie The Curse of the Yellow Snake 1963
Movie Der große Unbekannte 1927
Movie Traitor's Gate 1964
Movie Before Dawn 1933
Movie The Clue of the New Pin 1961
Movie Chick 1936
Movie Red Aces 1930
Movie To Oblige a Lady 1931
Movie Never Back Losers 1961
Movie The Forger of London 1961
Movie The Fourth Square 1961
Movie Seven Blood-Stained Orchids 1972
Movie Curse of the Hidden Vault 1964
Movie King Kong 1976
Movie The Case of the Frightened Lady 1940
Movie Number Six 1962
Movie Urge to Kill 1960
Movie Down Under Donovan 1922
Movie The Devil Came from Akasava 1971
Movie The Crimson Circle 1936
Movie Face of the Frog 1959
Movie L'oro di Londra 1968
Movie Der Mönch mit der Peitsche 1967
Movie The Trygon Factor 1966
Movie The Human Monster 1939
Movie The Terror 1938
Movie Mr. Reeder in Room 13 1938
Movie Time to Remember 1962
Movie Clue of the Twisted Candle 1960
Movie The Missing Million 1942
Movie The Puzzle of the Red Orchid 1962
Movie The Zombie Walks 1968
Movie Der Hexer 1963
Movie What Have You Done to Solange? 1972
Movie Clue of the Silver Key 1961
Movie The Flying Squad 1932
Movie Sanders of the River 1935
Movie The £20,000 Kiss 1962
Movie The Return of the Frog 1938
Movie Death Trap 1962
Movie The Red Circle 1960


Movie Red Aces 1930


Movie King Kong Lives 1986
Movie The Flying Squad 1932

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