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Wild Things

It's a nonstop adrenaline rush. A trip to strange places that you've never even imagined. It's 48 Hours Adventures! The premiere, "Wild Things," introduces you to scuba divers who swim with sharks, runners who sprint from bulls, and a woman who takes care of baby elephants. Running With The Bulls: Correspondent Erin Moriarty takes viewers to Pamplona, where runners sprint just a few feet ahead of charging bulls. New York City bar owner Joe Distler understands the adrenaline rush well. He has been participating in the event for more than 30 years. Watch as Distler does it again. Adventurous Links: Want to find out how you can run with the bulls? Or how to help save orphaned elephants? The Web can tell you, and we've gathered the best sites here. Lightning Strikes: Correspondent Russ Mitchell explores the amazing power of lightning. You'll meet Gretel Erlich, who was hit by lightning on her cattle ranch in 1991. She almost died, and talks about how the experience changed her. Taking Care Of Baby: Correspondent Susan Spencer profiles a woman who finds new families for baby elephants orphaned by poachers and farmers in Africa. Dipping Into The Volcano: In Hawaii, Spencer meets volcano researcher Carl Thornber, who gets very close to what he studies. He once lived 200 yards from Kilauea, the best-studied volcano in the world. When it erupts, other residents flee, but Thornber gets in closer, to where the lava temperatures rise above 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Swimming With The Sharks: Correspondent Harold Dow reports on a group of divers who go swimming with sharks off the Bahamas. Known as a "shark rodeo," this spectacle is both beautiful and terrifying.