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Animal Magnetism

48 Hours takes an inside look at some fascinating animals and the people who love them. Some people will go to extreme lengths to express their love and devotion for their pets – including going to jail and cloning. Others seeking to find lost pets fall prey to scam artists who entice their victims to pay large sums of money in hope of recovering their missing pets. Pet Scams Take Off: 48 Hours reports on a new criminal trend: pet scams. Holding On To A Pet: To ease the pain of his inevitable death, Becky Cranford decided to preserve a piece of her beloved border terrier with the help of modern technology. She is not the only one. Pet Cloning Arrives: Will pet cloning one day be common? Jim Axelrod reports. An Animal Paradise: In Utah, animal lovers have created an amazing shelter for older animals, who might otherwise be put to sleep. Fur Flies In Divorce: When animal lovers divorce, they sometimes have bitter custody battles for the cats and dogs. Will one woman go to jail rather than give up her pets?