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Name First Aired Runtime Image Certified
S00E01 Superbowl 45
S00E03 Court is Now in Session: How Boston Legal Came to Be March 23, 2006 45
S00E06 Exhibit A: The Look of Boston Legal 45
S00E07 Legal Pad: The Words of Boston Legal 45
S00E08 An Unlikely Pair: Alan Shore and Denny Crane May 5, 2009 14
S00E09 Deleted Scenes from "Head Cases" (Pilot) Episode 45
S00E10 Closing Statement: The Boston Legal series finale May 5, 2009 13
S00E11 Stricken from the Record! May 5, 2009 20
S00E12 Denny’s Daughter: The Untold Story May 5, 2009 20