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The Raw Truth

Senator David Carmicheal dies in a car accident while on his way home after Monroe Park, a tabloid journalist and host of the television show 'The Raw Truth', implicates the Senator in Jenette Moore's fatal car accident on election night in 1978 after attending his victory party. Afterwards, Park does a piece on the Carmicheal accident implying his drinking problems resulting in his wreckless driving that night that caused the fatal accident killing the Senator. A furious Alexander Addington calls up the station chief demanding Park to retract his piece on Carmicheal's tragic death. With sky high ratings and dramatic increase in viewership weekly, the station chief refuses to pressure Park for a retraction or pull the plug without proof. As a result, Alexander orders Peter Sinclair and the team to clear Carmicheal's name and put Monroe Park out of business. Park decides to do an expose on Addington and the kidnapping of his wife upon hearing the news that Addington is after him.

Name Type Role
Richard Oleksiak Writer
Tony DiFranco Writer
William Fruet Director