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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Dream Begins

    • April 5, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Akira Akebono is a kid who dreams of having his own team of battle robots. When he gets a chance to qualify for a special license for that, will his grandfather's latest robot help them defeat Team Michael?

  • S01E02 Step One

    • April 12, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    With Akira and Ryugu at odd, they are approached by a girl named Heruka who wants to be manager of Akira's team. Can Akira win the opportunity and his liscence when his next robot battle begins?

  • S01E03 Training Battle

    • April 19, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    When Team Akira battles against Team Mokoto, a mysterious scientist named Professor Maelstrom sends a robot named Ginzan to destroy Daigunder.

  • S01E04 Hybrid Match

    • April 26, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Akira tries some robot combination with Daigu in their match with Team Green. What combination will help Akira win the match?

  • S01E05 Enter Ginzan

    • May 3, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Ginzan kidnaps Daigunder during Akira's training. Can Akira and the other robots rescue Daigunder in time?

  • S01E06 Robot Round Up

    • May 10, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Team Akira must stop dinosaur type robots who are rampaging a local town.

  • S01E07 Bots Will Be Bots

    • May 17, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Bulion, Eagle Arrow, and Drimog go through different challenges against each other. Will they work together to help Daigunder fight Ginzan?

  • S01E08 There Is No

    • May 24, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Since their last match was interrupted by Ginzan, Team Akira and Team Mokoto have a rematch. With Akira using the Dino Unit, will he win some step-up points by defeating Team Mokoto?

  • S01E09 Been There, Done That

    • May 31, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Team Akira makes a good video containing clips from Akira's battles.

  • S01E10 Friend or Foe

    • June 7, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Akira and Daigunder must form an unlikely truce with Ginzan in order to escape a tunnel containing living, metal-dissolving liquid.

  • S01E11 Battling with Style

    • June 14, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E12 Loose as a Caboose

    • June 21, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E13 The Mystery of Team X

    • June 28, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Team Akira is set to battle Team X in a tournament where they're mysteriously registered in. When Commissioner Spinklestarber arrives saying that the 2 teams were entered through hacking, Akira then finds out the Team X's only mysterious Battle Robot and only member is really Ginzan with another plot to destroy Daigunder?

  • S01E14 The Enemy Within

    • July 5, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E15 Too Many Robots Spoil The Broth

    • July 12, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    After being yelled at by Eagle Arrow for his uselessness in battle because Akira never had him attack an opponent, Drimog leaves. Tigamaro and Rogamaro in disguise offer Drimog attachable wings. But when Tigamaro and Rogamaro are controlling the wings with a remote control as a part of a plan to destroy Daigunder, it's Eagle Arrow to Drimog's rescue. In the aftermath, Eagle Arrow and Drimog make amends and Team Akira is invited to the Albatross Kingdom.

  • S01E16 A Royal Pain

    • July 19, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Team Akira arrives in the Albatross Kingdom for it's tournament as well as Team Ginzan. When the Albatross Kingdom's king is kidnapped by mysterious robots, can Akira, Daigunder, and Ginzan rescue him?

  • S01E17 Brits, Bots and Betty

    • July 26, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    After arriving on Tropicalis Island, Akira and Ryugu have some fun in the sun, then prepare for their match against Team Brit. Meanwhile, Eagle Arrow bumps into a robot used by a woman named Betty who is studying the Aurora lights above the island.

  • S01E18 A New Friend

    • August 2, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Bone Rex saves a boy named Jimmy from plummeting to his death. He explains to Bone Rex, Akira, Ryugu, and Daigu that he wants to become a Battle Robots mechanic. Meanwhile, Tigamaro and Rogamaro plan another attack on Daigunder.

  • S01E19 Two Bots or Not Two Bots?

    • August 9, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Tigamaro and Rogamaro kidnap Beebot and replace him with an evil double to manipulate the Daigunder Unit and the Dino Unit to fight each other during a fight with Team Blues. Can Akira and Heruka foil Skippybot's motive? Not if Ginzan finds out what Tigamaro and Rogamaro were up to.

  • S01E20 Goon With The Wind

    • August 16, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    With Team Ginzan defeated by Team Oval, Team Akira faces off against Team Oval. Despite Team Oval's weatherly attacks and defenses, Team Akira defeats them and wins the Albatross Kingdom tournament and prize.

  • S01E21 Fight or Get Off The Bot

    • August 23, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Team Akira helps a young battler have confidence in himself when in a battle.

  • S01E22 A Battle Down Memory Lane

    • August 30, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

    Ryugu and Akira develop a closer bond.

  • S01E23 Fire and Ice

    • September 6, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E24 The Stand in the Sand

    • September 13, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E25 Maelstrom's Madness

    • September 20, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E26 Daigunder My Thumb

    • September 27, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E27 The Battle for Ryugu

    • December 4, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E28 Maybe the Grass Ain't Greener

    • October 11, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E29 Dazed and Kamfused

    • October 18, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E30 Teamwork

    • October 25, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E31 A Lesson Earned is a Lesson Learned

    • November 1, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E32 Doctor Bridget Explains it All

    • November 8, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E33 Desperate Trap for Daigunder

    • November 15, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E34 Maelstrom vs. Dragon Burst

    • November 22, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E35 History of the Title Grosser

    • November 29, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E36 Charge! Fight for the Hard Foughted

    • December 6, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E37 Assault declaration! The secret fortress of the dark beast !!

    • December 13, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E38 Explosion Declaration! The Last Day of Die Land !!

    • December 20, 2002
    • TV Tokyo

  • S01E39 Declaration of the future! Invincible cluster power!

    • December 27, 2002
    • TV Tokyo