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Season 1

  • S01E01 Out Of the Dark

    • September 30, 1995

    Pyron returns to Earth and summons the old races, also known as the Darkstalkers to help him enslave the humans. A Darkstalker by the name of Felicia searches for the legendary sorcerer, Elijah Grimoire in hopes that he can help her. Instead of finding the ancient sorcerer, she finds his great great great grandson, Harry.

  • S01E02 Donavon's Bane

    • October 7, 1995

    Harry and Felicia travel to Great Britain to retrieve a ring that belongs to his family line. After being attack by a man who calls himself the "Dark Hunter," Morrigan must find an ancient family heirloom that will grant her the powers she needs to defeat her new foe.

  • S01E03 Pyramid Power

    • October 21, 1995

    Morrigan, Demitri and Anakaris travel back in time to find out what happened to an ancient gem. Felicia senses that Rikuo, the merman, is in trouble. Coincidentally Harry's mom has to head to Cairo, Egypt as a 5,000 year old pyramid is seen mysteriously floating over the desert city.

  • S01E04 The Game

    • October 28, 1995

  • S01E05 And the Walls Come Tumblin Down

    • November 4, 1995

    While being turned down by a the talent agent, Irving I Irving, Lord Raptor's guitar sense something strange. Meanwhile, Pyron's computer sense the Trumpet of Jericho and sends Anakaris to find it. Strangley, Harry's ring also sense something along with Felicia go to investigate the mystery.

  • S01E06 Ghost Hunter

    • November 11, 1995

    Demitri and Morrigan notice there are hardly any remaining darkstalkers. Morrigan suspects someone is hunting the Darkstalkers. Harry finds a news article about a man who died mysteriously in Cape Town, Africa. After telling Felicia, they decide to ask Rikuo to investigate. Meanwhile, Lord raptor is sent to investigate a possible darkstalker that could be recruited for Pyron.

  • S01E07 Little Bigfoot's Last Stand

    • November 18, 1995

    Instead of teleporting Felicia, Pyron has abducted Harry and Sasquatch's curious nephew, Hairball. His plans have changed but maybe for the good. Now Felicia has to find her way onto Pyron's ship. The Bigfoot tribe also have to figure out how to save the young Hairball.

  • S01E08 My Harry's In the Highlands

    • December 2, 1995

  • S01E09 Alien's Keep Out

    • November 25, 1995

    After escaping a fight against the dark hunter, Donovan Baine, Rikuo seeks the refuge of his healing pool in Atlantis. Rikuo's rest is cut short by Pyron who's appearance reactivates the robot, Huitzil who captures Pyron.

  • S01E10 Samurai's Honor

    • December 9, 1995

    Demitri's plan on devouring an entire family is cut short when the dark hunter Donovan stops him. Noticing the girl needs help, Donovan takes her to Felicia and Harry. Donovan soon finds there is more to this young girl as he pursues Demitri, now inquiring the help of the samurai Bishamon.

  • S01E11 There's No Business Like Dragon Business

    • December 16, 1995

    Harry and Hairball stumble upon a frozen dragon while snow sledding. After being kicked off a movie set, Lord Raptor is summoned by Demitri to bring him the dragon. After convincing the dragon that Felicia is evil, Raptor takes the dragon back to Pyron to attack him.

  • S01E12 Darkest Before the Dawn

    • December 23, 1995

    Demitri has come into possession of a mystical crystal skull that holds great power. After informing Harry and Felicia of Demitri's new found power, Bishamon heads out to stop him. Meanwhile dark hunters Donovan Baine and Hsie-Ko are in pursuit of the evil vampire but, only Harry has the power to stop Demitri.

  • S01E13 Everyone's A Critic

    • December 30, 1995

    When Pyron's over acheiving brother, Terramon, comes to visit, Pyron must gather his enemy Darkstalkers in order to save the world and his pride.