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  • S02E01 Sleeping with the Enemy

    • January 9, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Michael Prosecutes a man who didn't tell his sex partner he had AIDS; Briggs's witness has multiple personalities.

  • S02E02 End Game

    • January 23, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Searls confronts Bauer in a bid to win a death-sentence conviction against a 17-year-old; Julie contents with obnoxious but attractive Detective Frank Mirelli; Linda faces a co-op board.

  • S02E03 Courting Disaster

    • January 30, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Michael believes his client is just as guilty as the man's ex-wife, who pled insanity after murdering the man's new wife; Searls tries to evade the seductress daughter of a judge.

  • S02E04 In Confidence

    • February 13, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E05 Do No Harm

    • February 27, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Rogan prosecutes a doctor accused of killing a terminally ill woman with her consent; Julie and Mirelli explore each other's worlds; Briggs dumps a messy case on JoAnn.

  • S02E06 The Big Game and Other Crimes

    • March 6, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E07 Part of the Plan

    • March 13, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E08 Who Speaks for the Children?

    • March 20, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E09 Do the Wrong Thing

    • March 27, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E10 Without Prejudice

    • April 10, 1991
    • ABC (US)

  • S02E11 Opening Farewell

    • June 19, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    Rogan announces he's resigning to run against Bach; Searls' murder case is thwarted by federal bigwigs; James' girlfriend's murderer is caught; Kerry takes part in a demonstration.

  • S02E12 What Color Are My Eyes?

    • June 26, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    A homeless girl is too terrified to testify against her attacker; Rogan risks compromsing his vision for politics; Harris wants to go on a TV dating show with Bauer.

  • S02E13 The Devil His Due

    • July 3, 1991
    • ABC (US)

    JoAnn's nerves are shattered when a prisoner holding a bun on her is killed before her eyes; Rogan betrays his loved ones in an effort to revive his campaign; Michael prosecutes a popular bakertball coach accused in his star player's death.