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Season 1

  • S01E01 Don't Burst My Bubble

    • September 9, 1995

  • S01E02 Gadget Boy in Toyland

    • September 16, 1995

  • S01E03 Gadget Boy and the Wee Folk

    • September 23, 1995

    Gadget Boy, Agent Heather and G-9 take a take a trip to Ireland when The Irish Interpol Chief and the King of the Leprechauns have been kidnapped by Spydra.

  • S01E04 You Oughtta Be In Pictures

    • September 30, 1995

    Spydra is annoyed that none of the world's greatest pictures show her beautiful face. So she steals the Mona Lisa and kidnaps Vincent Van Stop-N-Go to repaint it to look like her.

  • S01E05 All That Gadgets Is Not Glitter

    • October 7, 1995

    Spydra finds the secret formula for making gold in the pocket of an ancient Chinese jacket, and dispatches her henchmen to do the job. Can Gadget Boy foil Spydra's evil plan?

  • S01E06 Gadget Boy and the Great Race

    • October 14, 1995

  • S01E07 Raiders of the Lost Mummies

    • October 21, 1995

  • S01E08 From Russia with Gadget Boy

    • October 28, 1995

  • S01E09 Ship of Fools

    • November 4, 1995

    Spydra has two of the three precious Fabergee sacks, but she must have the third to make her collection . Unfortunately, it is being used by cruise magician David Slobberfield as a prop in his acts.

  • S01E10 Gadget Boy And The Uncommon Cold

    • November 11, 1995

  • S01E11 Double Double Toil And Dabble

    • November 18, 1995

    Spydra creates an almost exact replica of Gadget Boy, which was designed specifically to cause chaos and make the real Gadget look bad in the process.

  • S01E12 Gadget Boy Squadron

    • November 25, 1995

  • S01E13 My Gadget Guard

    • December 2, 1995

  • S01E14 Treasure Of The Sierra Gadget

    • December 9, 1995

  • S01E15 Gadget Boy And The Dumpling Gang

    • December 16, 1995

  • S01E16 The Day The Gadget Boy Stood Still

    • December 23, 1995

  • S01E17 Monumental Mayhem

    • December 30, 1995

  • S01E18 Jurassic Spydra

    • January 6, 1996

    Spydra creates a scheme to transform famous people into Super Insects that can steak on land, air and sea. Gadget Boy and friends must now save Spydra's captives before they are cloned!

  • S01E19 Gadget Boy's Tiniest Adventure

    • January 13, 1996

    When Chief Stromboli is injected with a micro-chip spy decector, Spydra and her thugs miniaturize themselves and enter Stromboli's body to steal it.

  • S01E20 Power Of Babble

    • January 20, 1996

    Spydra uses a Babelizer Ray that makes a world communication scramble. Gagdet Boy and company must now find a way to communicate and put that ray out of commision.

  • S01E21 Pirate Of The Airwaves

    • January 27, 1996

    Spydra has dominated the airwaves all around the world. It's up to Gagdet Boy and Co. to locate Spydra's transmitter and cancel Spydravision for the good of the Earth.

  • S01E22 Jaws And Teeth

    • February 3, 1996

    Spydra obtains an oil drinking, shark-like submarine that is munching into oil tankers, draining them, and holding the Earth's oil for ransom.

  • S01E23 Eight Hands Are Quicker Than Gadget Boy

    • February 10, 1996

    Spydra schemes to re-create the sheild of Alexander the Great by stealing the heavily guarded Invincimetal, the Earth's strongest alloy metal.

  • S01E24 Boris For President

    • February 17, 1996

    Spydra uses a personality transfer ray to switch minds - between her vulture Boris and the President.

  • S01E25 All Webbed Up, Nowhere To Go

    • February 24, 1996

    Spydra schemes to drain all of the world's energy, keep it in Saturn's rings, and then charge rent for it.

  • S01E26 Vulture Of The Bride

    • March 2, 1996

    Spydra yearns for the best inventions and the best inventor in the world. She soon steals a freeze ray and freezes the world's inventors.

Season 2