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Season 1

  • S01E01 George Meets the Dragon

    • November 19, 1966
    • ITV

    Having chased away 16 pretty young housekeepers, George is taken aback by the arrival of the 17th, formidable Gabrielle Dragon.

  • S01E02 The Unexpected Sport

    • November 26, 1966
    • ITV

    When the Colonel breaks his leg, George must substitute for him in a polo match, and secretly bets that the other team will win.

  • S01E03 The Not So Tender Trap

    • December 3, 1966
    • ITV

    George impersonates the Colonel in order to seduce the pretty Letitia, then is convinced that he has drunkenly proposed to Gabrielle by mistake.

  • S01E04 Night, Night, Sleep Tight

    • December 10, 1966
    • ITV

    Gabrielle and George both have a little trouble getting to sleep. Particularly so after her television-watching habits convince her there's a burglar in the house.

  • S01E05 Royal Letter

    • December 17, 1966
    • ITV

    Having been on the receiving end of another one of Gabrielle's speeches, George and Ralph concoct a little joke when she sends a Christmas card to Buckingham Palace.

  • S01E06 Merry Christmas?

    • December 24, 1966
    • ITV

    Each of Maynard's household has their own busy Christmas Day planned, but one-by-one Gabrielle, George, Ralph and the Colonel himself all end up back at the house far sooner than intended.

Season 2

  • S02E01 TV Conflict

    • May 20, 1967
    • ITV

    Following an argument with George over what to watch on television, Gabrielle packs her bags. Maynard demands that George ensures her return.

  • S02E02 Sunday Morning

    • May 27, 1967
    • ITV

    Following a theological discussion over Sunday breakfast, Gabrielle makes a bet with ralph and Colonel Maynard that she can force George to go rejoin the flock.

  • S02E03 The French Lesson

    • June 3, 1967
    • ITV

    Gabrielle wins a trip to Paris for two. George is delighted to be invited, but Gabrielle hasn't been further than the Isle of Wight before, never mind in an aeroplane...

  • S02E04 The Learner Driver

    • June 10, 1967
    • ITV

    George is reluctantly talked into taking Gabrielle out for a driving lesson, but she ends up reversing into the Chief Constable's car. Surely a custodial sentence awaits?

  • S02E05 The Old Flame

    • June 17, 1967
    • ITV

    Colonel Maynard announces his engagement to 'the one who got away', a Miss Priscilla Montague. George gets things off to a bad start with his new Mistress, but it's not long before Gabrielle declares war!

  • S02E06 Table Manners

    • June 24, 1967
    • ITV

    Ralph and Colonel Maynard have quite a bit of fun when Gabrielle and George challenge each other to forgo food. How long will the pair hold out?

  • S02E07 Friendship Bureau

    • July 1, 1967
    • ITV

    A discussion with Ralph leads George and Gabrielle to consider answering an advertisement in the newspaper for a dating agency, the 'Confidential Friendship Bureau'. George is particularly taken with the possibilities.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Reunion

    • January 6, 1968
    • ITV

    Gabrielle's WAAF reunion gets off to a slow start, but there's a surprise in store for George 'Rumpo' Russell after he admits to Dragon his wartime service record.

  • S03E02 Court Case

    • January 13, 1968
    • ITV

    Colonel Maynard is less than amused to find Gabrielle, George and Ralph before him in court on a Monday morning - and even less amused by their tale involving breaking his car and late-night mischief at a bed and breakfast!

  • S03E03 The TV Set

    • January 20, 1968
    • ITV

    Having struggled to successfully follow a 'Make your own TV' instructional book, George sets his heart on an ex-demonstration set advertised in the paper for just £10. The only problem is, Gabrielle has the same idea.

  • S03E04 The Holiday

    • January 27, 1968
    • ITV

    Heading away for a week's fishing holiday, Maynard gives the staff the week off. None of them can afford a holiday separately but George has a plan to pool his savings with Gabrielle's...

  • S03E05 The 10:15 Train

    • February 3, 1968
    • ITV

    Upon discovering that their beloved Tuesday 10:15 train into London no longer stops at their station, George and Gabrielle resolve to enforce its reinstatement.

  • S03E06 Family Tree

    • February 10, 1968
    • ITV

    Researching her family tree, Gabrielle becomes convinced that she is a descendant of Henri, Duke d'Ragon, musing that he must have been spirited out of Revolutionary France by the Scarlet Pimpernel.

  • S03E07 Big Deal

    • February 17, 1968
    • ITV

    Realising he's spending more than he earns, George spots a business opportunity in the local paper's selling and wanted columns. Roping in Gabrielle, the pair hope to make a quick buck - but their venture puts the Colonel's beloved Bentley in danger.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Backing Britain

    • September 26, 1968
    • ITV

    Colonel Maynard instructs Gabrielle to 'back Britain' by purchasing only domestic products, amidst the national trade gap's widening. He's less than keen when she serves up doc leaf tea and parsnip wine, in place of his beloved brandy.

  • S04E02 The Football Match

    • October 3, 1968
    • ITV

    Having been ejected from a dull football match between West Ham and his dear Gunners, George determines to ensure he has a ticket for the rematch. Gabrielle lends a hand, but a day watching the game with her wasn't what he had in mind.

  • S04E03 Gabrielle's Birthday

    • October 10, 1968
    • ITV

    It's Gabby's birthday and although he's got her a card, George plum forgot to buy a present. That is, however, not what she thinks when she discovers a fur stole in his room.

  • S04E04 Life Insurance

    • October 17, 1968
    • ITV

    A visit to the doctor in order to take out pension policies ends up with George on the receiving end of Gabrielle's every care and affection.

  • S04E05 Floribunda Gabrielle

    • October 24, 1968
    • ITV

    Ralph successfully grows a 'tose' - a tulip/rose cross - and announces he will formally name it after Gabrielle. A half-overheard conversation lead the Colonel and George to quite a different impression.

  • S04E06 Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing

    • October 31, 1968
    • ITV

    George has fallen in love and intends to get married. His fiancée's father, a stern Brigadier, is far less keen, however, so Gabrielle suggests the pair elope.