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Monday February 28, 2005

Reva enters Cassie's room, prepared to spill the beans about Edmund causing the fire. But Cassie suffers a reaction to the anesthesia and needs immediate medical attention. Edmund races in and blames Reva for Cassie's condition. Reva can't bring herself to break Cassie's heart and keeps the secret from her sister. Meanwhile, Dinah is waiting to hear the good news from Jonathan that Reva wrecked Cassie and Edmund's marriage. But, Ross finds her and tries one last time to get his daughter to be honest with him about Jonathan and her own obsession with Cassie. Again, Dinah lies to Ross, even when Jonathan shows up. Ross goes off on a mission, and Jonathan reports to an anxious Dinah that Reva is with Cassie, on the verge of telling her everything. Dinah's pleased and she's ready to take Jonathan to bed when she gets a call to meet Blake for a family meeting. Dinah sets off only to discover a surprise visitor. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Reva come face-to-face and Jonathan is not happy that Re

Name Type Role
Kurt McKinney Guest Star
Tracey Hanley Bryggman Director