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Thursday March 3, 2005

Harley meets with Jeffrey and tells him she wants to take his deal. He's suspicious at first, but Harley's firm, insisting that she has remembered the crime. Meanwhile, Alan is about to tell Gus the truth when Gus lashes out and a wounded Alan decides to keep quiet. Gus finds Harley, just as Jeffrey is telling her she'll have to appear in court to swear to the plea she just signed. When Jeffrey leaves, Gus appeals to her to change her mind and presents her with a set of plane tickets. She's deeply tempted and even gives in to a kiss but eventually tells Gus it's over. Gus declares that he loves her but won't be in court to watch her take the deal that puts her away. Reva is determined to find Cassie and warn her about her husband. But, Edmund is hiding Cassie out in a suite at Towers, letting her recuperate. When Tammy and Reva find Edmund, they confront him about Cassie's whereabouts, but Tammy is convinced by Edmund's arguments and takes his side. Desperate, Reva seeks out Jeffrey an

  • Originally Aired March 3, 2005
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Production Code 14616
  • Network CBS
Name Type Role
Kurt McKinney Guest Star
Matthew Lagle Director