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Season 116

When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language.
Name First Aired Runtime Image
S116E01 Couple Seeks Wow Factor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 27, 2016 25
S116E02 Young Buyers With Low Budget Seek Mid-Century Style in Kansas City October 20, 2016 25
S116E03 St. Louis Couple Seeks Mixed-Use Home and Flower Shop July 6, 2016 25
S116E04 Professional Boxer and Musician Seek Home in Nashville September 23, 2016 25
S116E05 A Rapidly Growing Family Needs a Bigger Home in the Twin Cities November 1, 2016 25
S116E06 Beer Brewer and Family Seek Forever Home in Brevard, North Carolina September 20, 2016 25
S116E07 Engaged Couple Wants Room for Shoe Collection in Dallas September 8, 2016 25
S116E08 Ryan and Drew Want Room for Their 3 Chickens in Nashville November 14, 2016 25
S116E09 D.C. Attorney Seeks Home for Herself and Her Cat in Prince George's County, MD October 3, 2016 25
S116E10 Des Moines Couple Seeks Vintage Home Before Baby Arrives September 15, 2016 25
S116E11 College Sweethearts Seek Hurricane-Proof House in Tampa September 30, 2016 25
S116E12 Twenty-Somethings Seek Historic Home in Midtown Mobile, AL August 8, 2016 25
S116E13 Almost Empty Nesters Consider Downsizing in Louisville, KY September 22, 2016 25