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Season 77

When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language.
Name First Aired Runtime Image
S77E01 San Diego Family Searches for Vintage Cottage By the Bay August 29, 2013 25
S77E02 Newlyweds Buy a Big Home in the Richmond Burbs July 11, 2013 25
S77E03 Chicago Couple Seeks House With Enough Space for Chickens September 6, 2013 25
S77E04 Wife Wants a Big House in Ohio but Her Husband Wants to Downsize September 5, 2013 25
S77E05 He Wants Character, She Wants New in Austin, Texas July 21, 2013 25
S77E06 Triathlete Wants A Home With History in Wilmington, North Carolina September 10, 2013 25
S77E07 Native New Yorkers Move Back Home to Westchester County July 3, 2013 25
S77E08 Couple Bickers Over Country vs. City in Columbia, Missouri September 13, 2013 25
S77E09 Jason Wants to Put Down Roots and Buy a Condo in Washington, D.C. July 16, 2013 25
S77E10 Out of the Basement and Into the Atlanta Burbs August 6, 2013 25
S77E11 TV Personality Looks for a Mid-Century Retreat in Palm Springs September 2, 2013 25
S77E12 NASA Employee Looks for Huge Home in Houston September 18, 2013 25
S77E13 A Professional Designer and Her Husband Search for a Home in Chicago July 30, 2013 25