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It Came from His Raccoon Bone

William Shatner and Scotty (Bill's assistant's assistant) are doing there motivational sayings. They say they want to be nice to Max. Shatner prepares to tape the part of the fake movie where he must say ""Nooooo!!!"" for a long period of time. William needs help remembering the line, so he makes Diana (cue-card lady) hold three pages saying ""Nooooo!!!"" and makes her count the Os out loud. After that important line is taped, Shatner and Scotty go to Scotty's house to use the washroom. While Shatner is using it, Scotty receives a call from the fake Sean Connery. The fake is very mad that he is not getting everything he was promised from Max. William Shatner later decides to have an auction, auctioning off things used in the fake movie such as gum, chewed by one of the actresses. The next scene has Tiny (Shatner's body double) running to a man. Shatner makes him sprint the run over and over again. Gryffyn shows her new book about a penguin that had plastic surgery on her wings to look goo

  • Originally Aired March 31, 2005
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Production Code 103
  • Network Spike TV
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Name Type Role
Andrew Green Writer
J. Holland Moore Writer
Rhett Reese Writer
Paul Wernick Writer
Gabe Miller Writer
Jonathan Green (II) Writer
Tom Kane Guest Star
Brendon Carter Director