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Acton Scott

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out... Jedward are back on their biggest adventure yet - a rip-roaring ride through history! John and Edward zoom around the country visiting the UK's historical hot-spots. They have 24 hours to learn all the facts, then assisted by their celebrity guests they go head-to-head, taking a group of unsuspecting tourists on a Jepic tour they'll never forget. This episode's stop is Acton Scott historical working farm. John and Edward learn all about rural life in the Victorian era. They learn about milking, ploughing and the importance of pigs. Plus things hot up at the Blacksmith's forge and they face the axe at the wood chopping bodger. Expect milking, mooing and muck a plenty. Who will be a victorious Victorian and who will face the stinky forfeit? Better learn those facts boys... It's Jedward's Big Adventure!