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Poetic Justice

Gary has no luck finding Sally's friend. Val tells Karen she's falling in love with Danny, but doesn't take him seriously when he proposes. Paige, Greg and Ted are in Spring Lake. Paige finds the post office box, and takes the envelope which contains Abby's original Morikame documents and negatives of Ted with Nagata. Ted hot wires a truck and follows her. Paige gets a flat tire, so she pulls into a garage to have it fixed. She hides the documents in the towel holder and jumps out the window as Ted breaks in. Greg is there too, so Paige throws the empty envelope at Ted. He takes off in the truck. Paige retrieves the real papers after Greg leaves. They stop in the road where tow trucks are pulling Ted's truck out of a lake. They think Ted drowned, but he hasn't. He flags down a car to drive him back to town.

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Name Type Role
Bernard Lechowick Writer
Phil Brook Guest Star
Pamela McMyler Guest Star
Riff Giordani Guest Star
Jody Carter Guest Star
John Gowans Guest Star
Matthew Sacks Guest Star
Harry Moses Guest Star
Leonard Roger Guest Star
Grant Gelt Guest Star
Ryan McWhorter Guest Star
Nicholas Sgarro Director