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Just Duet

Sarah's patient Patricia Kingsley is close to dying from cancer when Sarah discovers she has a husband, Hugo. Sarah locates Hugo to convince him to be at his wife's deathbed and soon discovers why he has stayed away; Hugo is horribly disfigured (looking a lot like the Elephant Man). Roger is happily surprised when Eleanor unexpectedly reappears. She is getting sicker, though, and Tom Florin says she needs to have the tumor removed right away. To Roger's great relief, Eleanor agrees to the operation; she wants to live so she can be with him. Evan finds Patrick's behavior towards a patient, opera singer Francesca Lucchesi, inappropriate. Francesca has problems with her voice, and Patrick (who seems to have a crush on her) suggests to Evan that she may have tuberculosis like the character she is to play in the LA Opera. Evan gets her to take a test to find out, and Francesca worries. Everyone looks strangely at Hugo but he gets to be with his wife as she dies. Afterwards, he collapses due

Name Type Role
Greg Walker Writer
Joe Napolitano Director