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Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • April 27, 2014

    John talks about the Indian election, Pom Wonderful and talks with the former NSA Director General Keith Alexander.

  • SPECIAL 0x1 General Keith Alexander Extended Interview

    • April 27, 2014

    John Oliver interviews General Keith Alexander, former head of the NSA. General Alexander discusses Edward Snowden and helps John rebrand a national security organization.

  • SPECIAL 0x18 President Obama Meets a Robot

    • April 27, 2014

    John Oliver discusses President Barack Obama's trip to Japan where he met a "scary" robot.

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • May 4, 2014

    John talks about the recent issues of the death penalty, François Hollande and the rising issues happening in Brunei.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Simon Ostrovsky Interview

    • May 4, 2014

    John Oliver interviews Vice news journalist Simon Ostrovsky who was held captive in Ukraine. This is still a comedy show, we promise.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Letter of the Week: POM Wonderful

    • May 4, 2014

    In response to our segment in our premiere on food labeling, POM Wonderful sent us a refrigerator full of juice and an elegantly worded letter implying what we can do with it.

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • May 11, 2014

    John talks about Eurovision, Ukraine and Russia's relations and interviews Bill Nye about Climate Change.

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • May 18, 2014

    John talks about the product recall going on at General Motors, the EU Court of Justice "Right to be Forgotten" ruling and updates us on how the Indian election is going with help from Fareed Zakaria.

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Fareed Zakaria Interview (Part 2)

    • May 18, 2014

    John Oliver and Fareed Zakaria further discuss the victory of Narendra Modi in India's recent election.

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Last Week's News... We Think

    • May 25, 2014

    John Oliver delivers last week's news, predicted two weeks ago. You get it. Just watch.

  • SPECIAL 0x6 #MutuallyAssuredHumiliation

    • May 29, 2014

    With this web exclusive video, the Last Week Tonight staff would like to thank some of the heroes and pioneers who helped make the internet a safer place through #MutuallyAssuredHumiliation.

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • June 1, 2014

    John talks about the rise of the far-right political parties in Europe, the Ukrainian election, Afghanistan, Net Neutrality, Australia's hard-line right-wing Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • June 8, 2014

    John talks about California Chrome and the Belmont Stakes, FIFA and the 2014 World Cup, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

  • S01E07 Episode 7

    • June 15, 2014

    John talks about US Immigration and interviews Professor Stephen Hawking.

  • SPECIAL 0x7 Stephen Hawking Extended Interview

    • June 15, 2014

    John Oliver talks to Stephen Hawking in the first installment of Last Week Tonight's new "People Who Think Good" series. They cover such topics as parallel universes, artificial intelligence, and Charlize Theron.

  • S01E08 Episode 8

    • June 22, 2014

    John talks about Iraq, Antarctica tourism and Dr. Oz's "Miracle Drug".

  • S01E09 Episode 9

    • June 29, 2014

    John hosts an interview with Ugandan LGBT activist Pepe Julian Onziema.

  • SPECIAL 0x8 Pepe Julian Onziema Interview (Part 2)

    • June 29, 2014

    John Oliver talks in depth with Ugandan LGBTI rights activist Pepe Julian Onziema about the oppressive anti-gay legislation in Uganda as well as the western involvement in inspiring those laws.

  • SPECIAL 0x9 Fireworks

    • July 6, 2014

    With Last Week Tonight on hiatus, John Oliver takes to the internet to cover the most important story of the past week: Fireworks.

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • July 13, 2014

    John talks about modern American income inequality, Warren G. Harding's love letters and President Obama's "Day In The Life" tour.

  • S01E11 Episode 11

    • July 20, 2014

    John talks about the Gaza crisis, the decay of American prisons and the gambling addiction problem in Singapore.

  • S01E12 Episode 12

    • July 27, 2014

    John talks about human rights violations in the Middle East, nuclear disarmament and Russia's science satellite that lost communication.

  • S01E13 Episode 13

    • August 3, 2014

    John talks about Uganda's anti-gay laws, the CIA's recent report on their use of torture, the New York Port Authority, Argentina's default on debt and native advertising.

  • SPECIAL 0x10 #WeGotThoseGeckos

    • August 3, 2014

    Last week on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver told us to tell Vladimir Putin to #GoGetThoseGeckos. This week, there's some good news...#WeGotThoseGeckos.

  • S01E14 Episode 14

    • August 10, 2014

    John talks about the return of US military actions in Iraq, replacing all passwords due to a global security breach and an exploration of the Payday Loan industry.

  • S01E15 Episode 15

    • August 17, 2014

    John talks about the conflict in Ferguson, MO and the wage gap between the genders.

  • SPECIAL 0x11 John Oliver Literally Destroys Piñatas

    • August 24, 2014

    Watch John Oliver deliver an epic takedown of piñatas.

  • SPECIAL 0x12 Fan Mail Vol. 1

    • August 31, 2014

    John Oliver reads fan mail, but because no one sends mail anymore, it’s all from YouTube comments.

  • SPECIAL 0x13 Cookie Monster's Ideas

    • September 2, 2014

    Cookie Monster has a few ideas to share with John Oliver. John just wants you to watch their special news report on words, which can be found here: http://youtu.be/iLi2xB82ZyI Filmed in collaboration with Mashable.

  • S01E16 Episode 16

    • September 7, 2014

    John talks about ISIS and student loan debt. Musical group A Great Big World make a special appearance.

  • S01E17 Episode 17

    • September 14, 2014

    John talks about the NFL's decision on Ray Rice's contract, the international response to ISIS, Scotland's separation from the United Kingdom and Twitter hashtags that are being misused by corporations.

  • S01E18 Episode 18

    • September 21, 2014

    The Miss America Pageant… how is this still a thing? They claim to give more scholarships to women than any other organization, and, unfortunately, they’re right. To illustrate these problems, John Oliver stages his own pageant with the help of Kathy Griffin.

  • SPECIAL 0x14 Roger Goodell

    • September 21, 2014

    Roger Goodell spoke about the NFL’s recent controversies. And he spoke badly. Boo this man.

  • S01E19 Episode 19

    • September 28, 2014

    The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama. It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minster of India visited New York and did some classic New York things. Also, some weird, inexplicable things.

  • S01E20 Episode 20

    • October 5, 2014

    Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it's involved in a crime? They can! It’s a shady process called “civil asset forfeiture,” and it would make for a weird episode of Law and Order.

  • SPECIAL 0x15 Pumpkin Spice

    • October 12, 2014

    Pumpkin spice. Why? John Oliver investigates. Well, he doesn't really investigate. He says things about it, though!

  • S01E21 Episode 21

    • October 19, 2014

    Translators who have aided the U.S. Military in Afghanistan and Iraq are in great danger in their home countries, but red tape is making it impossible for many of them to leave. John Oliver interviews Mohammad, one translator who made it out. Cameras aren’t allowed in the Supreme Court, so most coverage of our most important cases looks like garbage. We fixed that problem with real animals and fake paws.

  • SPECIAL 0x19 Real Animals, Fake Paws Footage

    • October 19, 2014

    We have provided this footage for you to do your own Supreme Court reenactments. Please feel free to use it, post your videos, and tag them #RealAnimalsFakePaws so we can find them.

  • S01E22 Episode 22

    • October 26, 2014

    John Oliver talks about a Russian submarine in Sweden, Ebola in New York, added sugar in food, Rob Ford's brother, and interviews Jane Goodall.

  • S01E23 Episode 23

    • November 2, 2014

    While midterm coverage is largely focused on the parts of Congress that do very little, vital (and bizarre) midterm elections are going unexamined. State legislators pass a lot of bills, and some of that efficiency is thanks to a group called ALEC that writes legislation for them. It’s as shady as it sounds!

  • SPECIAL 0x16 1,000,000 YouTube Subscribers

    • November 2, 2014

    We have accumulated 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers. We’re not really sure what that means!

  • S01E24 Episode 24

    • November 9, 2014

    The Lottery: State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens. But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.) Salmon Canon: There is a cannon that shoots salmon over dams. It’s awesome. Check it out.

Season 2

  • SPECIAL 0x21 Fifty Shades #NotMyChristian Apology

    • January 25, 2015

    John Oliver apologizes to Jamie Dornan for perpetuating the #NotMyChristian hashtag...sort of.

  • S02E01 Episode 25

    • February 8, 2015

    Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors. We have a few issues with that. RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. We've helped them create a farewell message. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa.

  • S02E02 Episode 26

    • February 15, 2015

    Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are keeping their business strong overseas. We've noticed that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue still exists but can’t quite figure out why.

  • S02E03 Episode 27

    • February 22, 2015

    The vast majority of US judges are elected, forcing many judges to pander to the electorate and accept campaign money in order to keep their jobs. This seems slightly troubling... The UK's Labour Party has painted a campaign van pink in an attempt to attract women voters. We are glad they didn't keep going with that strategy.

  • S02E04 Episode 28

    • March 1, 2015

    America's crumbling infrastructure: It's not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one.

  • S02E05 Episode 29

    • March 8, 2015

    A set of Supreme Court decisions made over 100 years ago has left U.S. territories without meaningful representation. That’s weird, right? Daylight saving time doesn’t actually benefit anyone. Strangely, it’s still a thing!

  • S02E06 Episode 30

    • March 15, 2015

    The NCAA doesn’t pay athletes because they consider them amateurs. The NCAA considers them amateurs because they don’t get paid.

  • S02E07 Episode 31

    • March 22, 2015

    If you have money, committing a municipal violation may pose you a minor inconvenience. If you don’t, it can ruin your life. The New Hampshire legislature refused to make the red-tailed hawk the official raptor of their state...so we made it the official raptor of our show.

  • SPECIAL 0x22 April Fools' Day

    • March 29, 2015

    April Fools’ Day is awful. Please stand with John Oliver and take the Last Week Tonight No-Prank Pledge.

  • S02E08 Episode 32

    • April 5, 2015

    There are very few government checks on what America’s sweeping surveillance programs are capable of doing. John Oliver sits down with Edward Snowden to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.

  • SPECIAL 0x23 Edward Snowden on Passwords

    • April 9, 2015

    John Oliver and Edward Snowden talk password security.

  • S02E09 Episode 33

    • April 12, 2015

    Nobody likes the IRS. But recent budget and staff cuts have made it increasingly difficult for the department to do its very important job. Don’t take our word for it. Ask Michael Bolton.

  • S02E10 Episode 34

    • April 19, 2015

    For inventors, patents are an essential protection against theft. But when patent trolls abuse the system by stockpiling patents and threatening lawsuits, businesses are forced to shell out tons of money. CNN produced an actual doomsday video to broadcast when the world is ending and it’s incredibly dull. We've enlisted Martin Sheen to help make humanity’s final moments happier!

  • S02E11 Episode 35

    • April 26, 2015

    Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it's horrible for the people who make them.

  • S02E12 Episode 36

    • May 3, 2015

    American students face a ridiculous amount of testing. John Oliver explains how standardized tests impact school funding, the achievement gap, how often kids are expected to throw up.

  • S02E13 Episode 37

    • May 10, 2015

    Many American companies do not offer paid leave after the birth of a child, which means they probably shouldn’t run sappy Mother’s Day ads.

  • S02E14 Episode 38

    • May 17, 2015

    John Oliver explains how chicken farming can be unfair, punishing, and inhumane. And not just for the chickens!

  • SPECIAL 0x24 Lost Graphics

    • May 24, 2015

    John Oliver shows off some of his favorite graphics that never made it onto the show.

  • S02E15 Episode 39

    • May 31, 2015

    After the arrests of numerous top officials, John Oliver decided to give an update on the state of FIFA.

  • S02E16 Episode 40

    • June 7, 2015

    John Oliver explains why America’s bail system is better for the reality tv industry than it is for the justice system.

  • SPECIAL 0x25 The Mittens of Disapproval Are On

    • June 8, 2015

    John responds to former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner’s wild “The Gloves Are Off” paid political program by buying his own airtime on Trinidad television.

  • S02E17 Episode 41

    • June 14, 2015

    The US Senate Torture Report revealed horrifying details of America's interrogation program. Helen Mirren will fill you in.

  • S02E18 Episode 42

    • June 21, 2015

    Online harassment is a major problem, but it’s rarely prosecuted. If only we’d been warned about this in the early days of the internet.

  • S02E19 Episode 43

    • June 28, 2015

    This week's gay rights victory was historic, but the transgender community still faces staggering challenges. John Oliver focuses on the “T” in “LGBT.”

  • SPECIAL 0x26 And Now - People Prematurely Declaring The End of Obamacare

    • June 28, 2015

    Five years of people prematurely declaring the end of Obamacare. (This is a web-exclusive video.)

  • SPECIAL 0x27 Shallow Dives

    • July 5, 2015

    Instead of covering 1 topic in 15 minutes, John Oliver covers 15 topics in 1 minute.

  • S02E20 Episode 44

    • July 12, 2015

    Cities spend massive amounts of public money on privately-owned stadiums. Cities issue tax-exempt municipal bonds that — wait, don’t fall asleep!

  • S02E21 Episode 45

    • July 19, 2015

    Producers, sellers, and consumers waste tons of food. John Oliver discusses the shocking amount of food we don’t eat.

  • S02E22 Episode 46

    • July 26, 2015

    Mandatory minimums require fixed prison sentences for certain crimes. John Oliver explains why we treat some turkeys better than most low-level offenders.

  • S02E23 Episode 47

    • August 2, 2015

    Washington DC experiences taxation without representation. It's also missing from rhyming state songs. John Oliver and a group of singing children fix one of these problems.

  • S02E24 Episode 48

    • August 9, 2015

    Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

  • S02E25 Episode 49

    • August 16, 2015

    U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.

  • S02E26 Episode 50

    • August 23, 2015

    This year’s gay marriage ruling was a milestone, but LGBT discrimination is still surprisingly legal. John Oliver explains why we need a federal anti-discrimination law.

  • SPECIAL 0x28 History Lies

    • August 30, 2015

    John Oliver shares some of his favorite completely made-up history facts.

  • SPECIAL 0x29 Back To School

    • September 6, 2015

    John Oliver gives students a crash course in everything they will learn — or not learn — in school this year.

  • S02E27 Episode 51

    • September 13, 2015

    The Miranda warning includes the right to a public defender. It doesn’t include the fact that public defenders are highly overworked and grossly underpaid.

  • S02E28 Episode 52

    • September 27, 2015

    The European migrant crisis sees millions of refugees face hostility, racism, and red tape so John Oliver does something small for them. In other news Pope Francis visited the U.S., an interesting report on David Cameron and the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

  • SPECIAL 0x33 Facebook Privacy Hoax Debunked

    • September 30, 2015

    John Oliver explains that the Facebook privacy protection messages are a hoax and tells you how to actually protect your personal information.

  • S02E29 Episode 53

    • October 4, 2015

    John Oliver investigates the treatment of mental health in the US and discovers the system doesn't always work. In other news Russia gets involved in the bombing of Syria, the UN trains the leaders of the future and Jason Chaffetz is embarressed. John Oliver also launches a brand new app.

  • S02E30 Episode 54

    • October 11, 2015

    North Dakota's reputation for politeness has led to oil companies taking advantage so John Oliver offers the people of the 'legendary' state a solution. In other news the war in Syria rages on, FIFA is still rife with corruption and Toyota are asked to explain why ISIS has so many of their vehicles.

  • S02E31 Episode 55

    • October 18, 2015

    In order to help Canada with their upcoming election, John Oliver enlists Mike Myers, a beaver, and a moose to give some advice to voters. In other news the New Zealand Prime Minister admits to some interesting habits, Mexico isn't happy with it's president and a zoo in Denmark tries to educate visitors by butchering animals.

  • S02E32 Episode 56

    • November 1, 2015

    John Oliver discusses the impact of the upcoming US elections on the status of Medicaid and tries to calm tensions in the East China Sea through Kenny G. In other news the peace talks in Syria feature no Syrians, the link between the Ukraine and Star Wars, and Andrew Lloyd Webber has some opinions on UK tax credits.

  • S02E33 Episode 57

    • November 8, 2015

    John Oliver explains the hurdles for prisoner re-entry in the US with help from a real life ex-convict. In other news, the UK introduces new surveillance measures, US patriotism is an advertising gimmick, and the Washington Redskins defend their trademark.

  • S02E34 Episode 58

    • November 15, 2015

    John Oliver investigates the murky world of Daily Fantasy Sports and creates an advertisement to help explain the positives. In other news, the terrorist attacks in Paris shocked the world, Singles Day in China features some questionable celebrity endorsements, and India want their diamond back.

  • S02E35 Episode 59

    • November 22, 2015

    John Oliver starts a campaign to remove the penny from circulation and takes a look back at the highlights of the season with appearances from some of our favorite characters. The Paris attacks and their impact on refugee intake across the globe are also discussed.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Episode 60

    • February 14, 2016

    John talks about Scalia's love of the Letter of the Law, Chipotle's avian mascot, and how Voter ID laws should be applied to those who write them.

  • S03E02 Episode 61

    • February 21, 2016

    Abortion is theoretically legal, but some states make it practically inaccessible. And how is Hollywood whitewashing still a thing?

  • S03E03 Episode 62

    • February 28, 2016

    Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can't believe we're saying that either.

  • S03E04 Episode 63

    • March 6, 2016

    Special districts spend more public money than all city governments combined. That's odd considering most of us don't know they exist.

  • S03E05 Episode 64

    • March 13, 2016

    Strong encryption poses problems for law enforcement, is weakening it worth the risks it presents? It’s…complicated.

  • S03E06 Episode 65

    • March 20, 2016

    Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?

  • SPECIAL 0x34 Conspiracies

    • March 27, 2016

    John Oliver delves into the world of conspiracies and the imagination required to create them. He attempts to wake up the sheeple by showing how Cadbury's Crème Egg is funding the Illuminati.

  • S03E07 Episode 66

    • April 3, 2016

    Lawmakers have to raise money to keep their jobs, but a surprising amount of their job now consists of raising money. John Oliver sits down with Congressman Steve Israel to discuss the costs of political spending.

  • S03E08 Episode 67

    • April 10, 2016

    Credit reports play a surprisingly large role in our lives, but even more surprising is how often they contain critical mistakes. John Oliver helps credit agencies see why this is a problem.

  • S03E09 Episode 68

    • April 17, 2016

    Lead poisoning is a national problem. If only lawmakers were as concerned as the puppets on Sesame Street.

  • S03E10 Episode 69

    • April 24, 2016

    Puerto Rico is suffering a massive debt crisis. Lin-Manuel Miranda joins John Oliver to call for relief.

  • SPECIAL 0x35 Cicadas

    • May 1, 2016

    A mass of cicadas will soon emerge after 17 years in the ground so John Oliver attempts to fill them in on what they have missed since 1999.

  • S03E11 Episode 70

    • May 8, 2016

    John Oliver on Sticking to the Facts: Media outlets often report new findings from scientific studies, but how many are true?

  • S03E12 Episode 71

    • May 15, 2016

    John Oliver on 911 Reliability: Things you never want to hear: there are no guarantees when you call 911. Emergency call centers are in desperate need of funding and new technology, so “no guarantees” is the unfortunate reality.

  • S03E13 Episode 72

    • May 22, 2016

    Last Week Tonight Tackles U.S. Primaries and Caucuses: The United States selection process for presidential nominees is convoluted — to say the least. Nevertheless, John Oliver reminds Americans that the "middle of the game" is the worst possible time to change the rules.

  • SPECIAL 0x36 How is this Not a Thing?

    • May 29, 2016

    John Oliver looks at some things that don't exist, but definitely should.

  • S03E14 Episode 73

    • June 5, 2016

    John Oliver Takes On Debt Buyers: Companies that purchase debt on the cheap will aggressively collect on it. 'Last Week Tonight’ took a hands-on approach to addressing this issue.

  • S03E15 Episode 74

    • June 12, 2016

    John Oliver Covers Ins and Outs of Retirement Plans: Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice - Last Week Tonight is here to help.

  • S03E16 Episode 75

    • June 19, 2016

    John Oliver on “Brexiting” from the EU: There might be an innate British desire to diss Europe, but Last Week Tonight lays out exactly why it’s a mistake to leave the EU.

  • S03E17 Episode 76

    • June 26, 2016

    Main segment: 2016 Summer Olympics and doping in sports. Segments: Aftermath of the United Kingdom EU membership referendum.

  • SPECIAL 0x37 Independence Day

    • July 3, 2016

    To celebrate the anniversary of America’s Independence John Oliver reminds us what they lost in the process.

  • SPECIAL 0x38 Fan Mail Vol. 2

    • July 10, 2016

    John Oliver reads some fan mail, once again they all come from YouTube comments.

  • SPECIAL 0x39 Endorsements

    • July 17, 2016

    John Oliver makes some official political endorsements.

  • S03E18 Episode 77

    • July 24, 2016

    John Oliver discusses last week's unsurprisingly surprising Republican convention. It was a four-day exercise in emphasizing feelings over facts.

  • S03E19 Episode 78

    • July 31, 2016

    John Oliver Talks DNC vs. RNC. 'Last Week Tonight' covers the Democratic convention and has choice words regarding the Republican presidential nominee.

  • S03E20 Episode 79

    • August 7, 2016

    Last Week Tonight on the Decline of Journalism. John Oliver has some bad news about the state of the industry that gives us our news.

  • S03E21 Episode 80

    • August 14, 2016

    John Oliver Takes Subprime Auto Lenders To Task: Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban help show how auto lenders can steer vulnerable people into debt.

  • S03E22 Episode 81

    • August 21, 2016

    Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

  • SPECIAL 0x40 Johnny Strong

    • August 28, 2016

    Fed up with the constant stream of superhero movies, John Oliver pitches an original idea for a summer blockbuster based on the adventures of Johnny Strong.

  • SPECIAL 0x41 Labor Day

    • September 4, 2016

    Intrigued by the rule against wearing white after Labor Day, John Oliver suggests some other holiday rules to live by.

  • SPECIAL 0x42 Birds

    • September 11, 2016

    John Oliver isn’t fond of birds. So as they begin their migration for winter he gives them a piece of his mind.

  • S03E23 Episode 82

    • September 25, 2016

    John Oliver on Scandals: the 2016 presidential race is teeming with raisins. Sorry…scandals.

  • S03E24 Episode 83

    • October 2, 2016

    John Oliver discusses the systems in place to investigate and hold police officers accountable for misconduct.

  • S03E25 Episode 84

    • October 9, 2016

    John Oliver examines the legal and moral issues surrounding the military prison at Guantánamo Bay.

  • S03E26 Episode 85

    • October 16, 2016

    John Oliver considers third party candidates seriously as potential presidents.

  • S03E27 Episode 86

    • October 23, 2016

    John Oliver discusses the extent and root of the nation’s epidemic of opioid addiction.

  • S03E28 Episode 87

    • October 30, 2016

    Public schools are increasingly divided by race and class. John Oliver discusses the troubling trend towards school resegregation.

  • S03E29 Episode 88

    • November 6, 2016

    Multilevel marketing companies claim to be legitimate businesses, but some seem awfully…pyramid shaped. John Oliver and Jaime Camil demonstrate how they work.

  • S03E30 Episode 89

    • November 13, 2016

    Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. How did we get to this point? And what do we do now?

Season 4

  • S04E01 Episode 90

    • February 12, 2017

    Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.

  • S04E02 Episode 91

    • February 19, 2017

    Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

  • S04E03 Episode 92

    • February 26, 2017

    John Oliver Talks Health Care: Last Week Tonight explores why Congressional Republicans’ proposed Obamacare replacement works like a thong.

  • S04E04 Episode 93

    • March 5, 2017

    John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk.

  • S04E05 Episode 94

    • March 12, 2017

    The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.

  • S04E06 Episode 95

    • March 19, 2017

    Donald Trump’s federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration.

  • S04E07 Episode 96

    • April 2, 2017

    Under federal law, even legal marijuana is illegal. John Oliver explains why conflicting drug laws pose serious problems.

  • S04E08 Episode 97

    • April 9, 2017

    Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That’s unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

  • S04E09 Episode 98

    • April 16, 2017

    2017 French presidential election, Sean Spicer Hitler–Assad controversy, Political positions of Donald Trump, and the 2017 Nangarhar airstrike.

  • S04E10 Episode 99

    • April 23, 2017

    Main story: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner; plus, North Korean missile tests and the Turkish constitutional referendum.

  • S04E11 Episode 100

    • May 7, 2017

    Equal access to online information is once again under serious threat. John Oliver encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure to the FCC by visiting www.gofccyourself.com and clicking “express” to file your comment.

  • SPECIAL 0x43 Net Neutrality Update

    • May 14, 2017
  • S04E12 Episode 101

    • May 14, 2017

    Main story: Dialysis and DaVita; plus, dismissal of James Comey, Bill English.

  • S04E13 Episode 102

    • May 21, 2017

    Main story: Stupid Watergate; plus, Donald Trump's disclosure of classified information to Russia, Comey memos, Transportation Security Administration.

  • S04E14 Episode 103

    • June 4, 2017

    Main story: U.S. pullout from the Paris Agreement; plus, London terror attacks; the week in Putin; And Now: 60 Minutes Anchors are Still Prompting People to Give Them the Exact Soundbites They Need.

  • S04E15 Episode 104

    • June 11, 2017

    Main story: U.K. elections and Brexit with special appearance by Lord Buckethead; plus, “Stupid Watergate” update: James Comey edition; And Now: There Is No Group More Easily Amazed Than the Audience of ’America’s Got Talent.’

  • S04E16 Episode 105

    • June 18, 2017

    Main story: coal industry; plus, the American Health Care Act bill; And Now: Things People’s Fathers Used to Say.

  • S04E17 Episode 106

    • June 25, 2017

    Main story: vaccines; plus, Trump on Comey tapes; health-care bill update; And Now: The Ongoing Controversy Over WNEP 16 Scranton’s Backyard Train.

  • S04E18 Episode 107

    • July 2, 2017

    Main story: Sinclair Broadcast Group’s conservative takeover of local TV news; plus, Trump’s travel ban; and Last Week Tonight unveils its collection of presidential wax statues and brings Warren G. Harding’s incredible life story to the big screen.

  • S04E19 Episode 108

    • July 30, 2017

    Main story: Alex Jones; plus, Trump Transgender military ban; Sen. McCain’s dramatic Obamacare repeal vote; amusing press coverage of Anthony Scaramucci’s expletive-filled interview.

  • S04E20 Episode 109

    • August 6, 2017

    Main story: Trump’s plan to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents could lead to corruption and misconduct; plus, Trump’s leaked phone calls; Stephen Miller’s feud with the press.

  • S04E21 Episode 110

    • August 13, 2017

    Main story: As nuclear tensions continue to escalate between the U.S. and North Korea, LWT enlists “Weird Al” Yankovic to perform some accordion-based diplomacy; plus, bipartisan criticism of Trump’s failure to explicitly condemn white supremacists at Virginia rally.

  • S04E22 Episode 111

    • August 20, 2017

    Main story: Nuclear waste poses a serious threat to public health if it’s not stored in a safe place; plus, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s firing; and local newscasters warn people not to stare at the sun.

  • S04E23 Episode 112

    • September 10, 2017

    Main story: Joe Arpaio; plus, Trump’s democrat deal; DACA; And Now: What the NFL Will and Will Not Tolerate; Scranton train update.

  • S04E24 Episode 113

    • September 24, 2017

    Main story: Corporate consolidation; plus, Trump’s NFL comments; Price and Mnuchin scandals; And Now: A Preview of Megyn Kelly’s New Morning Show; Scranton train update.

  • S04E25 Episode 114

    • October 1, 2017

    Main story: Forensic science flaws; plus, Trump’s response to Puerto Rico; tax reform plan; And Now: Guy Fieri Gives a Surprisingly Detailed Tour of His Favorite Place on Earth.

  • S04E26 Episode 115

    • October 8, 2017

    Main story: Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize; plus, Rex Tillerson reportedly calls Trump a ’moron’; Theresa May and Harvey Weinstein’s bad week.

  • S04E27 Episode 116

    • October 15, 2017

    Main story: Equifax; plus, Harvey Weinstein scandal; Trump’s latest strikes at Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal; And Now: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  • S04E28 Episode 117

    • October 29, 2017

    Main story: Floods; plus, opioid epidemic; Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore; Australian vote on legalizing same-sex marriage; And Now: Meat Loaf Butchering “America the Beautiful.”

  • S04E29 Episode 118

    • November 5, 2017

    Main story: Economic development; plus, the latest on “Stupid Watergate;” And Now: Morning Shows Celebrating Halloween; the U.S. Postal Service on TV.

  • S04E30 Episode 119

    • November 12, 2017

    Main story: The Trump Presidency; plus, a look back on the year’s segments.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Episode 120

    • February 18, 2018

    Main story: Trump vs. the World; plus, Parkland school shooting; leadership scandals in South Africa, Australia and Israel.

  • S05E02 Episode 121

    • February 25, 2018

    Main story: Italian election; plus, Trump’s idea to arm teachers; Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Jr. in India; And Now: The Quiet Pain of Rachael Ray.

  • S05E03 Episode 122

    • March 4, 2018

    Main story: NRA TV; plus, the week in White House chaos; And Now: Would You Like to Be on The Maury Show?

  • S05E04 Episode 123

    • March 11, 2018

    Main story: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies; plus, the Week in Trump; the creepy side to International Women’s Day; And Now: An MSNBC Guest, Brought on to Discuss Gary Cohn’s Departure, Can’t Get Over “The Bachelor” finale.

  • S05E05 Episode 124

    • March 18, 2018

    Main story: John Oliver looks at Mike Pence’s past and creates his own children’s book about a rabbit to compete with Pence’s bunny book; plus, Trump fires Rex Tillerson; the Russian spy poisoning case; Putin wins re-election.

  • S05E06 Episode 125

    • April 1, 2018

    Main story: America’s dysfunctional immigration court system forces many children to appear in court alone; plus, Sinclair Broadcasting forces local TV news to air pro-Trump propaganda; Egypt’s sham presidential election.

  • S05E07 Episode 126

    • April 8, 2018

    Main story: Crisis pregnancy centers; plus, embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt; Hungarian election; And Now: Coming Up on “The Doctors.”

  • S05E08 Episode 127

    • April 15, 2018

    Main story: corporate taxes; plus, James Comey interview; Michael Cohen raid; And Now: Ari Melber, Rap Genius; Alaska’s last Blockbuster store; Russell Crowe memorabilia.

  • S05E09 Episode 128

    • April 22, 2018

    Main story: Trump and the Iranian Nuclear Deal; plus, Michael Cohen; Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke; And Now: Somebody Please Tell Ryan Zinke He’s Not a Geologist.

  • S05E10 Episode 129

    • May 6, 2018

    Main story: Rudy Giuliani; plus, West Virginia Senatorial candidate Don Blankenship; And Now: The Inevitable Consequences of Combining Local News and the Fifth of May; Russell Crowe memorabilia update.

  • S05E11 Episode 130

    • May 13, 2018

    Main story: John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela; plus, more trouble for Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen; local news gets real about Mother’s Day.

  • S05E12 Episode 131

    • May 20, 2018

    Main story: The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated; plus, coverage of the Royal Wedding; and the planned North Korea summit is in jeopardy.

  • S05E13 Episode 132

    • June 3, 2018

    Main story: Guardianship for senior citizens; plus, North Korea summit; Russian journalist’s staged death; Royal Family expert Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills, Esq.; And Now: The Very British Put-Downs of Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow.

  • S05E14 Episode 133

    • June 10, 2018

    Main story: Stupid Watergate update; plus, North Korea summit; Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte; And Now: Julie Chen has a Few Questions for the Audience of “The Talk”; Parliamentary footage issue.

  • S05E15 Episode 134

    • June 17, 2018

    Main story: China; plus, the Week in Trump; And Now: Senator Chuck Schumer is Caught in an Endless Graduation-Speech Time Loop.

  • S05E16 Episode 135

    • June 24, 2018

    Main story: Mexican elections; plus, Trump’s flip-flop on separating illegal immigrant families; Norway’s 7-Eleven condom ads; And Now: Local News is Concerned About Teens.

  • S05E17 Episode 136

    • July 1, 2018

    Main story: Scientists are developing new ways to alter the genetic code of living organisms; plus, Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement sets off a battle for Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee.

  • S05E18 Episode 137

    • July 29, 2018

    Main story: Workplace sexual harassment, including an interview with Anita Hill; plus, Michael Cohen tapes; Facebook’s stock dive.

  • S05E19 Episode 138

    • August 5, 2018

    Main story: Prosecutors; plus, Paul Manafort trial; And Now: Even More of Paul Manafort’s Jackets.

  • S05E20 Episode 139

    • August 12, 2018

    Main story: Organizations can hire fake advocates who create the illusion of real support for their message in a shady practice called astroturfing; plus, are President Trump and Laura Ingraham racists?; Saudi Arabia and Canada’s feud; Lithuania’s new tourism slogan hits the spot.

  • S05E21 Episode 140

    • August 19, 2018

    Main story: Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers; Giuliani claims “truth isn’t truth;” Australia’s “final solution” to the immigration problem.

  • S05E22 Episode 141

    • September 9, 2018

    Main story: Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, especially in Florida; plus, Trump’s reaction to the anonymous op-ed in the NY Times; the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

  • S05E23 Episode 142

    • September 23, 2018

    Main story: Facebook’s global expansion has been linked to political turmoil overseas; plus, the latest on the GOP’s defense of sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

  • S05E24 Episode 143

    • September 30, 2018

    Main story: the Senate Judiciary Committee testimony by Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; plus, Donald Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly, new Philadelphia Flyers new mascot, Gritty.

  • S05E25 Episode 144

    • October 7, 2018

    Main story: Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. Plus, reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation; scenes from Sean Hannity’s midlife crisis; the Weather Channel’s over-the-top graphics.

  • S05E26 Episode 145

    • October 14, 2018

    Main story: Saudi Arabia and the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi; plus, campaign ads for midterm elections; And Now: The Man from the Ted Cruz Ad Says 8 More Names with Total Contempt; news anchors on Instagram.

  • S05E27 Episode 146

    • October 28, 2018

    Main story: State Attorneys General; plus, Fox News speculation on package bombs; Saudi Arabia–Khashoggi fallout and WWE event.

  • S05E28 Episode 147

    • November 4, 2018

    Main story: Examining the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the real chance that it could happen again. Plus, Trump’s scare tactics and flurry of false statements in the run-up to the midterm elections.

  • S05E29 Episode 148

    • November 11, 2018

    Main story: Washington is looking awfully swampy, despite Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.” Plus, a recap of the midterm election results; a look at acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker’s past; ads masquerading as tweets from celebrity “influencers.”

  • S05E30 Episode 149

    • November 18, 2018

    Main story: A look at the growing number of authoritarian leaders around the world, including our president. Plus, the fate of Russell Crowe’s jockstrap; a Brexit update; Trump’s reaction to California’s wildfires.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Episode 150

    • February 17, 2019

    Main story: the effects of Brexit; plus, Trump’s border wall “national emergency”; and New Zealand’s ongoing map crisis.

  • S06E02 Episode 151

    • February 24, 2019

    Main story: TV psychics can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people; plus, William Happer, 2018 North Carolina election fraud hearings.

  • S06E03 Episode 152

    • March 3, 2019

    Main story: Automation and technological unemployment; plus, 2019 North Korea–United States Hanoi Summit, Michael Cohen testimony, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump.

  • S06E04 Episode 153

    • March 10, 2019

    Main story: Pressuring the FCC to end the scourge of Robocalls; plus, the Brazilian president’s bizarre tweet; Trump signs bibles and welcomes Tim “Apple.”

  • S06E05 Episode 154

    • March 17, 2019

    Main story: A talk about the power of public shaming, good and bad, includes an interview with Monica Lewinsky; plus, Christchurch mosque shootings, Fraser Anning’s response to the shootings, a Brexit update.

  • S06E06 Episode 155

    • March 31, 2019

    Main story: World Wrestling Entertainment and its often-villainous owner, Vince McMahon; plus, fallout from the Mueller Report.

  • S06E07 Episode 156

    • April 7, 2019

    Main story: Mobile homes and Frank Rolfe; plus, Stephen Moore, Herman Cain, and the Catherine Pugh/Heather Holly scandal.

  • S06E08 Episode 157

    • April 14, 2019

    Main story: an update on opioid abuse and Richard Sackler; plus, Brexit gets a Halloween extension; Julian Assange gets arrested.

  • S06E09 Episode 158

    • April 21, 2019

    Main story: The Mueller Report; plus, Chiitan, the rogue Japanese mascot. Guests: Hugh Bonneville, Ryan Barger

  • S06E10 Episode 159

    • May 5, 2019

    Main story: lethal injection and the death penalty; plus, the various options in the Australian elections.

  • S06E11 Episode 160

    • May 12, 2019

    Main story: Green New Deal and carbon pricing; plus, GOP states are passing extreme anti-abortion bills in an attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade. Guests: Bill Nye

  • S06E12 Episode 161

    • May 19, 2019

    Main story: America’s system for conducting death investigations is a mess; plus, a look at the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest, Hatari, Trump’s tariff confusion. Guests: Glenn Close, Tracy Morgan

  • S06E13 Episode 162

    • June 2, 2019

    Main story: The medical design industry has a troubling lack of regulation; plus, Jared Kushner’s Israel visit, Golan Heights, Glen Casada/Cade Cothren text message scandal. Guests: Jane Krakowski

  • S06E14 Episode 163

    • June 9, 2019

    Main story: Equal Rights Amendment and Phyllis Schlafly; plus Donald Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom, Theresa May’s resignation as Conservative Party leader, 2019 Conservative Party (UK) leadership election.

  • S06E15 Episode 164

    • June 16, 2019

    Main story: The pros and cons of impeaching Trump; plus, Steve Bullock, Duncan D. Hunter campaign finance scandal.

  • S06E16 Episode 165

    • June 23, 2019

    Main story: Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular; plus, Trump almost goes to war with Iran; and “Can Meghan McCain Say Just One Thing.”

  • S06E17 Episode 166

    • June 30, 2019

    Main story: E-commerce, warehouse working conditions and business logistics; plus, Trump’s foreign misadventures; Jared Kushner’s Mideast peace plan. Also guest Gilbert Gottfried (voice-over).

  • S06E18 Episode 167

    • July 28, 2019

    Main story: How Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has succeeded; plus, Puerto Rico’s governor resigns following mass protests.

  • S06E19 Episode 168

    • August 4, 2019

    Main story: Penal labor in the United States and Securus Technologies; plus, Boris Johnson, John Ratcliffe, Sam Clovis. Note: This episode was preceded by a short monologue about the 2019 El Paso and Dayton shootings, both of which occurred earlier that weekend.

  • S06E20 Episode 169

    • August 11, 2019

    Main story: President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Guinness World Records; plus, Trump’s inauspicious visits to Dayton and El Paso in the wake of mass shootings; gun control and the NRA’s recent scandals; stone-skipping competition.

  • S06E21 Episode 170

    • August 18, 2019

    Main story: The roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment; plus, Trump wants to buy Greenland; Hong Kong protests continue; and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! Guests: Wanda Sykes, Larry David.

  • S06E22 Episode 171

    • September 8, 2019

    Main story: Legislation and the filibuster; plus, Trump’s weather map flub; Boris Johnson and British Brexit chaos; And Now: Fox Business’s Stu Varney Gets All Giddy Over the President.

  • S06E23 Episode 172

    • September 15, 2019

    Main story: Legal immigration; plus, corruption in Russian elections, And Now: Maria Bartiromo and Investigative Discovery’s Joe Kenda.

  • S06E24 Episode 173

    • September 29, 2019

    Main story: Why compounding pharmacies that create medication for individual patients can cause big problems; plus, “Stupid Watergate II: The Stupidest Watergate.” Guests: David Schwimmer, Method Man, Jimmy Kimmel, RuPaul, Michael Bolton, Kristen Bell, and Kiefer Sutherland.

  • S06E25 Episode 174

    • October 6, 2019

    Main story: The consequences of China’s one-child policy; plus, the latest on Trump’s impeachment inquiry and his plea for foreign meddling.

  • S06E26 Episode 175

    • October 13, 2019

    Main story: Tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather; plus, two of Giuliani’s cronies are arrested, and the NBA-China mess.

  • S06E27 Episode 176

    • October 27, 2019

    Main story: The alarming decision to pull U.S. troops from the Turkey-Syria border; plus, the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (the ISIS leader), Trump’s impeachment inquiry continues, and the latest on Brexit.

  • S06E28 Episode 177

    • November 3, 2019

    Main story: How voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them; plus, Trump and his allies attack witnesses in the impeachment saga. Guests: Ken Burns (voice-over).

  • S06E29 Episode 178

    • November 10, 2019

    Main story: How SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent (including an update on Bob Murray’s lawsuit); plus, Trump “caught” the swamp; Lindsey Graham’s desperate defense of Trump; Roger Stone’s trial begins.

  • S06E30 Episode 179

    • November 17, 2019

    Main story: Why the census matters; plus, the return of Chiijohn; Republicans struggle to defend Trump in impeachment hearings. Guests: Hugh Bonneville, Seth Meyers.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Episode 180

    • February 16, 2020

    Main story: The pros and cons of Medicare for All; plus, Bill Barr does Trump’s personal bidding; and Flyers mascot Gritty is exonerated!

  • S07E02 Episode 181

    • February 23, 2020

    Main story: India’s controversial Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and his government’s Hindu nationalism; plus, a look at Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.

  • S07E03 Episode 182

    • March 1, 2020

    Main story: What’s being done to fight coronavirus as it spreads to the U.S.; plus, John offers the Phillie Phanatic a new job.

  • S07E04 Episode 183

    • March 8, 2020

    Main story: A look at how much power–and how little accountability–local sheriffs have; plus, Trump’s coronavirus incompetence; India’s self-censorship of “Last Week Tonight.”

  • S07E05 Episode 184

    • March 15, 2020

    Main story: 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak, governmental response in the US, and the prevention of COVID-19. This episode was filmed at an unspecified location with no live audience as the studio and the show's offices were shut down after employees tested positive for COVID-19. John Oliver stated the show will go on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time but will definitely return.

  • S07E06 Episode 185

    • March 29, 2020

    Main story: 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic related shortages and social distancing. Plus, paintings of rats in coitus.

  • S07E07 Episode 186

    • April 5, 2020

  • S07E08 Episode 187

    • April 12, 2020

  • S07E09 Episode 188

    • April 19, 2020