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Hello Hollywood

Fresh from Miami, the S Club have finally reached L.A. They browse around town, but when it's time to find a place to sleep, their only option is a cheap, dumpy motel where their first impression is not good because three people have to sleep in the car(the rules are rooms can be occupied by no more than 4 people.) Those three people are the boys who quietly sneak in and sleep in the room with the girls in spite of the rules. The next morning the owner of the motel cathches them and throws them out or he'll call the police. In order to receive some money, the S Club(mainly Jo) sadly sell their first car they received in Miami for a not-so-good-looking used car. As the S club browse around town again, this time for their sole reason, to find an agent! As the band splits up, Rachel and Hannah are startled by a ""standing cowboy"" who says he might be able to find what they are looking for, Bradley gets run over by a roller blader who cares for him at her apartment, and Jon and Tina can

Name Type Role
Kim Fuller Writer
David Lloyd Wilson Guest Star
Daniel Raymont Guest Star
Mark Reynolds Guest Star
Andrew Margetson Director