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  • S03E01 Coast to Coast

    • January 4, 1987
    • BBC Two

    Two guys meet, one American, a deserter from the US army, one Brit, and they are drawn together by their mutual love of Soul music. Neither being gainfully employed they decide to start a mobile disco service for fellow soul lovers, which leads them to buy an ice cream van, and the adventure begins. Before long they find themselves on the run from the bad guys and the police.

  • S03E02 Blunt, The Fourth Man

    • January 11, 1987
    • BBC Two

    The story of Anthony Blunt, the "fourth man" in a notorious 1951 spy scandal.

  • S03E03 Will You Love Me Tomorrow

    • January 18, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E04 After Pilkington

    • January 25, 1987
    • BBC Two

    The quiet life of Oxford professor James Westgate (Bob Peck) is shattered when he is introduced to Penny (Miranda Richardson), the wife of his crass new colleague (Barry Foster). Westgate recognises her as his childhood sweetheart, and the two resume their friendship. Westgate is bored with his mundane college life, including his deadly dull girlfriend, his German friend Boris who experiments on animals in the lab, and the attentions of a shy male student who claims to be in love with him, so he is only too happy to be diverted into joining Penny in her search for missing archaeologist Pilkington (a fellow Oxford colleague). As Westgate's obsession with his childhood friend grows, he is drawn into a tangle of misunderstanding, intrigue, and murder.

  • S03E05 East of Ipswich

    • February 1, 1987
    • BBC Two

    Michael Palin's nostalgic comedy set in the 1950s about a teenage boy reluctantly dragged to a Suffolk seaside resort for the family holiday. Loosely based on the real-life story of how Michael Palin met his future wife, Helen Gibbins, on Southwold beach in 1959.

  • S03E06 Naming the Names

    • February 8, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E07 Northanger Abbey

    • February 15, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E08 Visitors

    • February 22, 1987
    • BBC Two
  • S03E09 Heaven on Earth

    • March 1, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E10 Inappropriate Behaviour

    • March 8, 1987
    • BBC Two

    Jo, an American teacher working in a rural comprehensive school on an exchange deal, uses behavioural psychology in her work with difficult pupils. In return, one of her pupils, Helen, teaches Jo horse-riding.

  • S03E11 Going Home

    • March 15, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E12 Quartermaine's Terms

    • March 29, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E13 On the Palm

    • April 5, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E14 Hedgehog Wedding

    • April 17, 1987
    • BBC Two

  • S03E15 The Children of Dynmouth

    • April 19, 1987
    • BBC Two

Season 4

Season 5

  • S05E01 Death of a Son

    • January 8, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E02 Angel Voices

    • January 15, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E03 Flying in the Branches

    • January 22, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E04 Words of Love

    • January 29, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E05 Leaving

    • February 5, 1989
    • BBC Two

    A moving, comic tale of three boys about to leave a grim Catholic School in Greenock, Scotland, who find they must each choose a different path in life as they face the future.

  • S05E06 Virtuoso

    • February 12, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E07 The Picnic

    • February 19, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E08 The Firm

    • February 26, 1989
    • BBC Two

    This is the story of rival "Firms" of football (soccer) supporters, and how one man has a wish to team them up for the European Championships of 1988. However, when this is discussed, the opposing leaders are not happy, as they believe this is a challenge to their authority. This Film shows how football violence has progressed from pure violence to a form of organized crime, to the extent that all the leaders know each others home phone / mobile phone numbers.

  • S05E09 Here is the News

    • March 5, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E10 Ice Dance

    • March 12, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E11 Sitting Targets

    • March 19, 1989
    • BBC Two

  • S05E12 Defrosting the Fridge

    • March 26, 1989
    • BBC Two

Season 6

  • S06E01 Old Flames

    • January 14, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E02 The Man From The Pru

    • January 21, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E03 Drowning in the Shallow End

    • January 28, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E04 Close Relations

    • February 4, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E05 The Impossible Spy

    • February 11, 1990
    • BBC Two

    The Impossible Spy is based on the life and career of Israeli undercover agent Elie Cohen. The story begins in 1959, with the Egyptian-born Cohen (John Shea) being recruited by the Israeli Mossad. Cohen, a mild-mannered Jewish accountant, wants no part of espionage, but goes along with his superior's plans to send him into Syria under an assumed identity. The reluctant spy is so successful in his cover that he is nearly elected Syrian minister of defense! What finally does happen results in the death of Cohen in 1965--and the birth of an enduring legend.

  • S06E06 He's Asking for Me

    • February 18, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E07 Sometime in August

    • February 25, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E08 Small Zones

    • March 4, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E09 Circles of Deceit

    • March 11, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E10 The Lorelei

    • March 18, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E11 Children Crossing

    • March 25, 1990
    • BBC Two

  • S06E12 The Kremlin, Farewell

    • April 1, 1990
    • BBC Two

Season 7

Season 8

  • S08E01 The Grass Arena

    • January 19, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E02 Flea Bites

    • January 26, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E03 The Count of Solar

    • February 2, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E04 The Lost Language of Cranes

    • February 9, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E05 The Object of Beauty

    • February 16, 1992
    • BBC Two

    American couple Jake and Tina are living in an expensive London hotel way beyond what they can afford. When they were asked to pay the bill, Jake wants to sell Tina's 20.000 pound Henry Moore sculpture, but she is not happy about that. The deaf-mute hotel maid admires the sculpture for its beauty rather than its value. When the sculpture goes missing, the couple start fighting over it...

  • S08E06 My Sister-Wife

    • February 23, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E07 Truly Madly Deeply

    • March 1, 1992
    • BBC Two

    Once upon a time there were two people in love, their names were Nina and Jamie. They were even happy enough to be able to live happily ever after, (not often the case) and then Jamie died. Nina is left with a house full of rats and handymen, a job teaching foreigners English and an ache that fills the night sky.

  • S08E08 Common Pursuit

    • March 8, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E09 Utz, la passion de l'art

    • March 15, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E10 The Law Lord

    • March 22, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E11 The Last Romantics

    • March 29, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E12 Enchanted April

    • April 5, 1992
    • BBC Two

  • S08E13 Memento Mori

    • April 19, 1992
    • BBC Two

    The story sets in UK during the 1940's. Lettie Colston is a bad tempered lady, who treats in a very rude fashion her maid and has a quite strict personality. Charmian Colston, on the contrary, is a very nice woman, but she lives obsessed with Jean Taylor, because she calls every person like that despite his husband, Godfrey Colston, tells her everyday that Taylor's in the hospital. In fact, Lattie visits almost everyday to Jean at the hospital, a very calm old lady, who shares the room with other old women, some of them living in her own world. One day, Lattie receives a mysterious phone call, with a creepy male voice speaking, telling that "remember that you have to die one day". Charmian is receiving the same phone calls as well as Godfrey. Other friends are receiving the phone calls as well, a group of old people who likes to organize social reunions, gathering together in funerals. Lattie and Charmian are too scared because of these phone calls, and they're trying to find out who might be the responsible. Nevertheless, Godfrey has a fetish obsession with woman legs and he's been unfaithful to Charmian with a younger woman, in fact, the girlfriend of an old man, whom Godfrey can't stand because he pretends to be a literary critic. A refined and attractive lady, Mrs. Mabel Pettigrew leads the group during the social events and she offers to care for Charmian at her house, having a very seductive behavior with Godfrey, when she dares to show her legs to him. However, Lattie wants to solve the phone calls mystery with the help of a kind doctor, because the culprit maybe is among them.

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

  • S11E01 A Very Open Prison

    • March 26, 1995
    • BBC Two
  • S11E02 Life After Life

    • April 2, 1995
    • BBC Two
  • S11E03 Persuasion

    • April 16, 1995
    • BBC Two

  • S11E04 Crazy for a Kiss

    • April 23, 1995
    • BBC Two

  • S11E05 The Absence of War

    • May 18, 1995
    • BBC Two

    Adapted by David Hare from his own play, this British TV movie stars John Thaw as politician George Jones. Going against the grain of his bosses during a tough political contest, Jones finds himself campaigning against his own party. Though the ending is ironic, it is hardly surprising -- especially since the story was based on the real-life defeat of the Labour Party in the 1992 election.

  • S11E06 Mrs. Hartley and the Growth Centre

    • May 21, 1995
    • BBC Two

  • S11E07 Black Easter

    • June 4, 1995
    • BBC Two

  • S11E08 Bliss

    • June 11, 1995
    • BBC Two

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