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Season 1

  • S01E01 Into Etheria

    • September 9, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Prince Adam/He-Man, Cringer/Battle Cat, The Sorceress, Bow, Glimmer, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Force Captain Adora, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Catra, Scorpia, Leech, Mantenna, The Horde Troopers Prince Adam is summoned to Castle Grayskull by The Sorceress, who sends him on an urgent mission to the world of Etheria. She gives him a sword which looks exactly like his except that it has a jewel in the center, and she tells him he must find the owner, whose identity she cannot reveal. Accompanied by Cringer, Adam goes to Etheria, where he meets Bow, a rebel archer who is part of the Great Rebellion, who are aiming to overthrow the planet's dictatorial rulers, the Horde. Adam soons finds himself caught up in a conflict between the Rebellion and the Horde, and transforms to He-Man. He is attacked by the Horde's ruthless force captain, Adora, but is shocked when the sword glows in her presence. Can she really be the owner of the sword, when she is serving evil?

  • S01E02 Beast Island

    • September 10, 1985

    Key Characters Include: He-Man, Battle Cat, Force Captain Adora, Spirit, Glimmer, Bow, Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor He-Man has been captured by the Horde, and the Rebels manage to trace his whereabouts to Beast Island, on which the Horde have a prison. As the Rebels set out to rescue him, the imprisoned He-Man finds that Force Captain Adora, who has taken the sword, has been tricked from birth into believing the Horde are the rightful rulers of Etheria. He tells her to go out and see the world, to find for herself just how evil the Horde are. She is sceptical of him, but agrees to do so. When the Rebels reach Beast Island, they face danger from the many monsters of the island and a series of traps set by the Horde, whose leader, Hordak, is interrogating He-Man about why he has come to Etheria.

  • S01E03 She-Ra Unchained

    • September 11, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Prince Adam/He-Man, Cringer, Glimmer, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Force Captain Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, The Sorceress, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Horde Troopers He-Man has been rescued from Beast Island by his friends, but soon sets out back to the Fright Zone, to find Force Captain Adora and see if she has learned the truth about the Horde. At Doom Tower, Hordak has created a machine called the Magna Beam, which can drain the energy of his rebel captives. Adora, who is being prevented from turning against the Horde by Shadow Weaver's magic, is complying with his scheme. He-Man manages to sneak into Doom Tower, but when he finds Adora she arrests him, and Hordak imprisons him in the Magna Beam. However, overnight Adora's sleep is interrupted by telepathic communication from The Sorceress, who reveals to her that she was stolen from her parents as a baby by the Horde, who brought her up to follow their evil ways. And not only that, but He-Man is her

  • S01E04 Reunions

    • September 12, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Princess Adora/She-Ra, Prince Adam/He-Man, Spirit/Swift Wind, Cringer/Battle Cat, Glimmer, Bow, Queen Angella, Madame Razz, Broom, King Randor, Queen Marlena, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Skeletor, Hunga the Harpy Having rescued Hordak's prisoners and destroyed his Magna Beam, She-Ra and He-Man relax in the woods, where She-Ra reveals to He-Man that she is his sister. He-Man is amazed and confused, having never known he had a sister, so he calls upon The Sorceress to explain the whole story to both of them. The Sorceress explains that Adam and Adora were born to the King & Queen of Eternia as twins, but then The Horde invaded Eternia, and after they were defeated, their leader Hordak stole Adora in revenge and fled to another world. Since no-one could find Adora, The Sorceress used her magic to erase the memory of her from everyone's mind except the King & Queen, Man-At-Arms and herself. When Adora's whereabouts were finally traced, The Sorcere

  • S01E05 Battle for Bright Moon

    • September 13, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Princess Adora/She-Ra, Prince Adam/He-Man, Spirit/Swift Wind, Cringer/Battle Cat, Teela, Man-At-Arms, The Sorceress, Glimmer, Bow, Queen Angella, Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Skeletor, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Tri-Clops, Webstor, Kobra Khan, Chef Allen As Princess Adora is being reunited with her parents, Hordak and Skeletor sneak into the palace and capture her, taking her to Snake Mountain. But when they reach Snake Mountain, Skeletor's men throw Hordak through the time portal back to Etheria, so Skeletor can take Adora for himself. He-Man goes with Man-At-Arms and Teela to rescue Adora, but He-Man finds that Adora has already rescued herself- as She-Ra. After wishing goodbye to her parents, Adora returns to Etheria to help the Rebellion, and He-Man follows her, to help to give her a start.

  • S01E06 The Sea Hawk

    • September 16, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Sea Hawk, Hordak, Catra, Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor, Swen When investigating a large vessel that frightened the elves of Seaworthy, Adora encounters a pirate called Sea Hawk, who is stealing from the elves' storehouses and delivering to the Horde. She tries to convince him to turn from the Horde, but when Catra and several Hordesmen arrive to collect their pay, they make Sea Hawk command his men to capture Adora. When he realises the error of his ways, he sets out to rescue Adora and overcome the Horde's hold over him.

  • S01E07 The Red Knight

    • September 17, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Bow, Glimmer, Kowl, Queen Angella, Hordak, Leech, Mantenna, Scorpia, Imp, The Red Knight A mysterious hero called the Red Knight rescues the rebels from the Horde as they journey to a fair at Blackmoor Castle. Queen Angella thinks his voice sounds familiar, but he says he cannot reveal his identity until Etheria is free. At the fair, the Red Knight defends Blackmoor Castle from the Horde, who are determined to capture Queen Angella.

  • S01E08 The Missing Ax

    • September 18, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Mantenna, Mark, Thad, Kyle Bow is having dinner with a woodcutter called Mark. Mark's sons, Thad and Kyle, offer to cut down some trees for him, so Mark gives them his ax and they head into the woods. The boys get tired and leave the ax by a log, and while they are gone it is removed by some Twiggets, who think it is lost and decide to find the owner. When the boys get back to find the ax gone, they fear that their father will be angry with them for losing the ax, so when they go home they make up a story about a thief stealing it from them. Bow sets out to the Horde-occupied village of Greenthatch, where he thinks the thief might have gone, and he soon finds himself attacked and captured by the Horde. It is up to She-Ra to rescue Bow, and convince the boys to face up to their responsibility, having put Bow's life in danger with their lie.

  • S01E09 The Prisoners of Beast Island

    • September 19, 1985

    The Horde is attacking castle Mysticor. Bow convinces Sorrowful the dragon to venture out of the castle to scare off the Horde attackers. When Catra realizes how cowardly Sorrowful really is, she captures him and brings him to Beast Island.

  • S01E10 The Peril of Whispering Woods

    • September 20, 1985

    Shadow Weaver discovers an ancient potion that can kill the plants in Whispering Woods and countering the magic that keeps the Horde out. However, on one of the raids of the Rebels camp, Horde Prime's son, Prince Zed is taken hostage and realizes just how badly the Horde treat people. He forces Hordak to stop the destruction of the woods on a count of his father's wrath.

  • S01E11 The Laughing Dragon

    • September 23, 1985

    Bow and Adora meet Sorrowful, the cowardly dragon (previously seen in ""The Prisoners Of Beast Island""). He journeys with them to Mysticor where Castaspella tries to use her magic to give him some courage, when the Horde begins to attack Mysticor.

  • S01E12 King Miro's Journey

    • September 24, 1985

    Adora meets her long lost grandfather, King Miro in this episode when Adam brings him from Eternia.

  • S01E13 Friendship

    • September 25, 1985

    Lani, an old friend of Adora's (back when she worked for the Horde) sends Adora a letter. In the letter, her Lani says that Hordak has locked her up in the Fright Zone and is threatening to send her to the slave pits on Horde World. When Adora enters the Fright Zone to save Loni, she finds out that she has been tricked into a trap.

  • S01E14 He Ain't Heavy

    • September 26, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Bow, Glimmer, Spirit/Swift Wind, Kowl, Madame Razz, Prince Adam/He-Man, Teela, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor, Callus Shadow Weaver breaks into the home of the retired wizard Callus, and steals his magical mirror which can transport people from different worlds to Etheria. Hordak uses the mirror to transport Prince Adam to his dungeons, in the hope that Adora will come to rescue her brother and he will be able to recapture her. As Callus enlists the help of Bow and Glimmer to recover his mirror, She-Ra sets out to rescue Prince Adam, before Hordak can cause more havoc with the mirror.

  • S01E15 Return of the Sea Hawk

    • September 27, 1985

    In an attempt to capture 2 Horde traitors, Adora and Sea Hawk, Catra hatches a plan that will bring them both into her clutches. However, when She-Ra turns up instead of Adora, Catra sees that there are bigger fish in the sea worth going after...

  • S01E16 Duel At Devlan

    • December 6, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Bow, Glimmer, Madame Razz, Frosta, Dylamug, Kristala, Darius The village of Devlan is being terrorized by a group of Hordesmen, led by a super-advanced robot called Dylamug. A young girl called Kristala goes to She-Ra for help, and She-Ra tells her that the villagers must develop the courage to fight back to the Horde. She-Ra accompanies Kristala back to Devlan, where she sets about convincing the frightened villagers to stand up to their tormentors.

  • S01E17 A Loss for Words

    • September 30, 1985

    Adora and Bow go to a village to try and convince potential rebels to join them in the fight for freedom. However, Hordak gets word of this and sends Shadow Weaver to steal their voices and capture Adora. Though she fails to capture the Rebel-traitor, Shadow Weaver does take Adora's voice - disallowing Adora to transform into She-Ra - Bow and the voiceless Adora journey to the Fright Zone to get her and the other's voices back.

  • S01E18 Horde Prime Takes a Holiday

    • October 1, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Prince Adam/He-Man, The Sorceress, Bow, Kowl, Glimmer, Hordak, Mantenna, Multi-Bot, Skeletor, Horde Prime When Horde Prime goes on a vacation, he tells Hordak to look after his ship, the Velvet Glove. He-Man is concerned that Hordak will use the ship to attack Eternia, so he goes to Etheria to enlist She-Ra's help in the case of an attack. Skeletor is also concerned that his old mentor will attack him, so he sets out to steal the ship for himself. When Hordak tries to use the ship's freeze rays to freeze the Whispering Woods, She-Ra and He-Man set about stopping him, and chaos ensues as they fight to stop Hordak while Skeletor competes for control of the Velvet Glove!

  • S01E19 Enchanted Castle

    • October 2, 1985

    Adora tells the story of the time Mysticor was ruled by an evil queen named Mortella. She ruled the kingdom in terror and had captured Adora and Bow, who were then freed by an old woman. As Mortella fell from her throne, it was revealed that the old woman was actually Castaspella, Mysticor's true queen, who had been put under a terrible curse by Mortella.

  • S01E20 Three Courageous Hearts

    • October 3, 1985

    At Mysticor's Annual Trickster Competition, Shadow Weaver appears, disguised as a young girl. By tricking the Rebels with her assumed identity, she sends She-Ra into the 6th Dimension, a place from which no one has ever returned from. The only ones on hand to do the rescuing are Kowl, Madame Razz, and Broom and they must overcome their fears if they're ever going to see She-Ra and or their other friends again...

  • S01E21 The Stone in the Sword

    • October 4, 1985

    The stone in Adora's sword is broken while she is She-Ra. Once the stone is broken she is changed back into Adora. She has to figure out how to get to Light Hope without Swift Wind. Mean while, Hordak has captured Bow.

  • S01E22 The Crystal Castle

    • October 7, 1985

    Shadow Weaver is attacking Castle Brightmoon. Queen Angella will loose the castle's powers in a few days, when an eclipse occurs. Shadow Weaver knows this so, she is attacking Castle Brightmoon to try and weaken Queen Angella. Queen Angella tells Adora that the only way Brightmoon can be saved is if they find the Crystal Castle. Only, one person has seen the castle. The person who has seen the castle is the King of the trolls, and trolls hate humans.

  • S01E23 The Crown of Knowledge

    • October 8, 1985

    Young Marcus dreams of having power as mighty as Etheria's founder, King Jared. So on hearing Bow's story about the Crown of Knowledge, he kidnaps Kowl and goes in search of it and all it's wisdom. What he doesn't know is that he is being controlled by Hordak and Shadow Weaver, who want the crown's power for themselves.

  • S01E24 The Mines of Mondor

    • October 9, 1985

    A king in a domain in Etheria come to Brightmoon to ask for the rebellion's help in saving his captured son from the treacherous Mines of Mondor. The Rebels set off to Krytus, a neighboring housing the mines, unaware of the dangers and tasks that lie ahead of them...

  • S01E25 Small Problems

    • October 10, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Glimmer, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Hose Nose (aka Snout Spout), Hordak, Catra, Scorpia, Professor Tempest A Horde scientist called Professor Tempest invents a shrinking spray, that shrinks She-Ra, Swift Wind and Glimmer to a microscopic size. Bow sets about reversing the effect by disguising himself as a Horde Inspector and probing Tempest's lab for a way to restore them to normal size.

  • S01E26 Book Burning

    • October 11, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Bow, Hordak, Tung Lashor, Rattlor, Mantenna, Leech, Serena, Corey Adora and Bow visit a school in Northland, to tell the children how Etheria was a peaceful place before the Horde invaded it and took over. One boy, Corey, accuses them of lying, believing that the Horde are a peaceful government and the planet's rightful rulers. Just then, Northland is invaded by the Horde themselves, who steal all the school's books for a book burning ceremony, with the intention of replacing them with books depicting the Horde as the rightful rulers of Etheria. Hordak also appoints Tung Lashor as a new teacher for the school. As books are burned in the town square, and the Horde do all they can to ensure the schools teach pro-Horde views, She-Ra must do all she can to stop them, before the Horde's propaganda can corrupt the minds of the children.

  • S01E27 The Eldritch Mist

    • October 14, 1985

    Castaspella uses magic to transport Adam into Etheria (she seems to have a crush on him). Shadow Weaver casts a spell on Whispering Woods that traps all of the rebels inside it. Castaspella goes up against her old teacher Shadow Weaver in this episode.

  • S01E28 Bow's Farewell

    • October 15, 1985

    Horde troopers entrer the Twigget village while Bow is giving a music lesson to the Twiggets. Catra orders that the Twiggets be round up and captured as punishment for being friends with a member of the rebellion. She-Ra saves them, but Bow feels guilty for putting the Twiggets in danger. He decides to leave and finds that the Twiggets have been captured and forced to work for the Horde.

  • S01E29 The Price of Freedom

    • October 16, 1985

    Key Characters Include: She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Prince Adam/He-Man, The Sorceress, Orko, Bow, Glimmer, Hordak, Mantenna, Colin The Sorceress sends He-Man to Etheria, telling him that She-Ra needs him urgently. On Etheria, He-Man finds himself surrounded by intense war and chaos, as the Horde bomb a small city. The villagers escape to the mines while She-Ra and He-Man fight the Troopers, then they explain to the heroes that the Horde attacked their city after they ran out of Etherium, a substance they were mining for the Horde. The Horde are planning to burn the city, but the villagers tell She-Ra and He-Man that they no longer care about saving their homes- all they want is freedom. As She-Ra heads off to get some backup rebels, He-Man does his best to help the villagers survive in the mine. Amidst all this war and suffering, the villagers realise that they must join the rebellion and fight for their freedom.

  • S01E30 Play it Again, Bow

    • October 17, 1985

    Madame Razz's old boyfriend named Fritz reappears on the scene looking for help as his monument representing the free people of Etheria is under threat from the Horde. The Rebels journey to save it, giving both Madame Razz and Fritz to patch up their differences in the process.

  • S01E31 The Reluctant Wizard

    • October 18, 1985

    Madame Razz is saved from a Horde Trooper by a powerful wizard who lives in a tree. Believing he could be a great ally to the Rebellion, She-Ra and the Rebels set off to seek his help. However, he is reluctant to help them due to his appearance and remains so even when they rescue him from being captured by the Horde.

  • S01E32 Friends Are Where You Find Them

    • October 21, 1985

    A mysterious ship lands in Etheria from another planet containing a young boy and his ""Robo-Friend."" When Hordak learns of this, he tries to steal the boy's Robo-Friend for his own use.

  • S01E33 A Talent for Trouble

    • October 22, 1985

    Orko is helping the Sorceress clean Castle Greyskull when he accidentally crashes through one of the interdemensional doorways. He winds up in the Whispering Woods on Etheria and meets Madame Razz and Broom. Unfortunately, both Orko and Madame are captured by the Horde and taken to the Fright Zone. Neither Shadow Weaver's magic nor Hordak's scientific scanners can make any sense of Orko's weirdness, so they decide to send Orko to Horde World and let them figure out what he is. Fortunately, Broom finds She-Ra and tells her what happened. She-Ra contacts the Sorceress, who asks She-Ra to wait for He-Man before attempting a rescue because he'll want to help save Orko. He-Man and She-ra fly into the Fright Zone on Swift Wind, find Madame Razz, and lean that Orko's space ship is about to launch. Madame, who likes Orko's spunk, transports the heroes to the space port. She-Ra deals with Hordak and his goons while He-Man reverses the ship's course and saves Orko. Orko is very relieved

  • S01E34 Troll's Dream

    • October 23, 1985

    King Ahgo's preminition of the release of the Crystal Spider becomes a distinct reality as She-Ra and the Rebels must stop it from wreaking havoc on Etheria. However, along the way, they must also deal with the threat of the Horde Duke named Duke Dreer and overcome the prejudices that Bow and Spragg hold against the trolls.

  • S01E35 Gateway to Trouble

    • October 24, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Kowl, Prince Adam/He-Man, Cringer/Battle Cat, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Modulok, Skeletor, Tung Lashor On Eternia, Skeletor's scientist Modulok has created a Gate-Maker machine that can transport entire cities to other planets, and Skeletor plans to use it to transport Eternos to Etheria. But Modulok is sick of Skeletor's disrespectful treatment of him, so he betrays him and takes the machine to Etheria to give it to Hordak. Skeletor angrily follows Modulok to Etheria, where Hordak has recruited Modulok as his scientist and is planning to use the Gate-Maker to invade Eternia. As long-time enemies Skeletor and Hordak battle for control of the Gate-Maker, it is up to both She-Ra and He-Man to stop the villains before they invade Eternia!

  • S01E36 The Unicorn King

    • October 25, 1985

    Hordak finds Unicorn Island and plans to use it as a Horde base. She-Ra arrives with Swift Wind to help, but the Unicorn king is fearful of humans and is against her being on the island.

  • S01E37 The Anxious Apprentice

    • October 28, 1985

    Ariel a student magician who can't wait to use her master's power(Castaspella). When she steals the fabulous book of spells it becomes a test of She-Ra's strength. After all, the magic book has fallen into Scorpia's claws and it looks like battle in the Forbidden Zone!

  • S01E38 Zoo Story

    • October 29, 1985

    Kowl and Kowla, Kowl's lady-friend, are captured by a vulture-like Horde member named Vultak and are imprisoned in Hordak's zoo. It is only when Kowl's freedom is challenged that he realizes truly how important one's freedom is and and soon all the animals are released from Hordak's zoo by She-Ra and Bow.

  • S01E39 Into the Dark Dimension

    • October 30, 1985

    After an overload on a machine and spell created by Catra and Shadow Weaver during the Rebel's attack on Fright Zone, She-Ra and Hordak are transported to the Dark Dimension and must work together to get back to their dimension or they'll never see Etheria again.

  • S01E40 Treasures of the First Ones

    • October 31, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Sea Hawk, Hordak, Mantenna, Shadow Weaver, Octavia When an ancient island once occupied by the First Ones rises out from the sea, Hordak sets out to invade it and steal its treasure. She-Ra calls Sea Hawk to her side and sets out to stop Hordak!

  • S01E41 Glimmer's Story

    • November 1, 1985

    Prince Highcliff is captured by Hordak during his visit to Brightmoon from his home at Blue Stone. Hordak's shape-shifting assistant False Face assumes the form of Highcliff and enters Brightmoon in order to flood it. He then captures Glimmer and the Moonstone, preventing the Castle from protecting itself - the Horde attack once more and She-Ra and Bow save it.

  • S01E42 Enemy With My Face

    • November 4, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, Bow, Light Hope, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Catra, Scorpia, Modulok, The Melog Shadow Weaver unleashes a swamp creature called The Melog, which can absorb the strength and ability of anyone it touches. She sets the Melog on She-Ra, and when it touches her it absorbs her power and takes upon a human female form. She-Ra is now faced with an enemy with equal strength to herself, that may just defeat her. Light Hope tells She-Ra that she will be able to overcome the Melog if she works out what else it has, besides her strength and power. But what could this be?

  • S01E43 Welcome Back, Kowl

    • November 5, 1985

    Kowl is framed for a crime against the Rebellion and is believed to be the cause of kidnapping of Madame Razz. Wnating to prove to the others that he's innocent, he journeys to the Fright Zone to rescue Madame Razz by himself. When She-Ra arrives to help too, they both discover that Imp was behind the charade and Kowl is let off the hook when Madame Razz is returned safe and sound.

  • S01E44 The Rock People

    • November 6, 1985

    Strange, intergalactic rocks have landed on Etheria and Hordak wants them. Thinking the move is out-of-the-ordinary, She-Ra and the Rebels travel to see what the fuss is about. It is revealed that the rocks are actually people looking for a safe place to live. But Hordak won't let them be free until he learns all of their secrets.

  • S01E45 Huntara

    • November 7, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Bow, Kowl, Glimmer, Hordak, Catra, Scorpia, Mantenna, Grizzlor, Huntara Hordak summons a warrior woman called Huntara from the planet of Silax, who he believes may be able to beat She-Ra. Hordak convinces Huntara that She-Ra is evil and that he needs her to rid Etheria of She-Ra. When Huntara and She-Ra finally clash, She-Ra faces one of her greatest challenges ever- will Huntara really be able to beat her? And will Huntara realise who the real villain is in time?

  • S01E46 Micah of Bright Moon

    • November 8, 1985

    Queen Angella's long-lost husband Micah escapes from Horde World so that he can be with his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary. However, Hordak has been ordered to recapture Micah by Horde Prime...and if that wasn't enough, Hunga the Hary has an old score to settle with Micah and Angella...

  • S01E47 The Price of Power

    • November 11, 1985

    A studen of Shadow Weaver's arch-nemesis Norwyn craves power and so stows away to Horror Hall after hearing the tales of the Horde witch. Believing he will get immense power like Shadow Weaver, he is used instead as ransom for Norwyn who comes to save his student and settle some past issues with Shadow Weaver.

  • S01E48 Birds of a Feather

    • November 12, 1985

    Red Eye, Kowl's evil cousin, offers his service to Hordak who accepts when he discovers that Red Eye's feathers can be used to see into the Whispering Woods via Kowl as the 2 are close relatives. When Kowl discovers this, he leaves the Rebellion believing he's a threat to friends, but the bigger threat is the Valley of the Lost, which awaits him around the corner...

  • S01E49 For Want of a Horse

    • November 13, 1985

    Swift Wind is captured for Horde Prime's birthday and is planned to be the main attraction at the zoo on Horde World. Discovering that her terrible ally is in grave danger, She-Ra travels to Fright Zone with Bow only to discover that the Horde are being extra-specially safety-conscious. But to save her friend, She-Ra will risk absolutely anything...

  • S01E50 Just Like Me

    • November 14, 1985

    Adora's level of patience is challenged when a young girl and Modulok see her as a 'mere woman' incapable of doing the things She-Ra does. Just to show the both of them, Adora attacks the Horde on her own after Bow and the girl's family are captured and achieves a surprisingly better outcome that she would've as She-Ra.

  • S01E51 My Friend, My Enemy

    • November 15, 1985

    To destory Hordak forever Skeletor puts him under a spell that will make him vanish forever. The only way to cure Hordak is to have someone shed tears for him. But who can cure him before he vanishes for good?

  • S01E52 The Wizard

    • November 18, 1985

    When Kowl forgets to warn Adora and Bow of a Horde attack, he comes to the conclusion that he is no good to the Rebellion. Broom too has been feeling like a hinderence to Madame Razz and so they both decide to journey to Silverstone in search of an old wizard who would be able to solve all their woes. However, on their way, they meet 2 sly strangers who offer them a lift - but en up turning them over to the Horde...

  • S01E53 Unexpected Ally

    • November 19, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Bow, Glimmer, Hordak, Mantenna, Grizzlor, General Sundar, Mali A farming family is arrested by the Horde General Sundar when they attempt to protest against having to pay Horde taxes. The daughter, Mali, manages to escape and runs to tell She-Ra of her predicament. When the rebels attack General Sundar and his troopers, Sundar manages to capture She-Ra. As She-Ra's friends set out to rescue her, She-Ra attempts to help General Sundar see the error of his ways, and convince him to leave the Horde.

  • S01E54 The Light of the Crystal

    • November 20, 1985

    The Rebels travel to Elf World where Catra is forcing the innocent residents to work for her in the Crystal Mines. A runaway prince tags along too just for fun as he finds being by his father's side boring but soon learns that he is needed in his kingdom. Elf World is freed form Horde control and peace is resumed.

  • S01E55 Loo-Kee Lends a Hand

    • November 21, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Glimmer, Bow, Loo-Kee, Prince Adam/He-Man, Frosta, Light Hope, Madame Razz, Broom, The Sorceress, Orko, Hordak, Mantenna, Shadow Weaver, Skeletor, Beast Man Hordak acquires an element called Parfax, which can freeze people in time. He uses it to freeze all of the Rebellion- including Adora. Only Loo-Kee, the small creature who supposedly observes all She-Ra's battles, is left unfrozen, and he is summoned by Light Hope to the Crystal Castle. Light Hope tells Loo-Kee She-Ra's secret, and sends him to Eternia to find He-Man and help him to free the Rebellion.

  • S01E56 Of Shadows and Skulls

    • November 22, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Light Hope, Bow, Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Imp, Catra, Skeletor, Spikor Shadow Weaver joins forces with Skeletor in order to overthrow Hordak. But when they have Hordak captured, Skeletor betrays Shadow Weaver and imprisons her as well, and takes over the Horde for himself! Can She-Ra stop Skeletor before he can use the Horde to attack Eternia?

  • S01E57 Jungle Fever

    • November 25, 1985

    Adora loses her memory when escaping form the Horde prison on Beast Island. She works her way into a deep jungle and meets the jungle inhabitants, who need to be taught the concept of co-operation with the beasts of the jungle - Adora gains respect from most of the Jungle Tribe - but she still cannot remember who she is. Will we ever see She-Ra again?

  • S01E58 Black Snow

    • November 26, 1985

    Key Characters Include: Adora/She-Ra, Spirit/Swift Wind, Frosta, Modulok, Hordak, Multi-Bot Frosta calls She-Ra to her Ice Kingdom to help investigate a dispute between her people and their neighbouring kingdom, Galacia. Black snow has been falling in Galacia and ruining the crops, and its people, the Sulkies, blame Frosta's people. She-Ra and Frosta set out to find the real source of the black snow, which turns out to be none other than Modulok, who is trying to start a war between the two kingdoms.

  • S01E59 Anchors Aloft (1)

    • November 27, 1985

    The Sea Hawk's ship is attacked by Captain Scurvy. The ship crashes on a remote island and Adora and Hawk's men believe the Sea Hawk to be dead.

  • S01E60 Anchors Aloft (2)

    • November 28, 1985

    The Sea Hawk hides in a cave with Davey, a tiny mouse he meets on the island. There, he finds the wreckage of an old ship and meets a mysterious man.

  • S01E61 Darksmoke and Fire

    • November 29, 1985

    While traveling to Eternia for a visit, Adora is sent back in time by one of Hordak's rockets, which enters her portal. She realizes that she is in Eternia, but hundreds of years earlier!

  • S01E62 Magicats

    • December 2, 1985

    Catra's new weapon has the ground open and swallow She-Ra and herself (by accident) and they wind up in an uderground city where the cat-folk live. They were waiting for their queen (who looks like Catra) to return. She plans to use them against She-Ra while ruling them at the same time.

  • S01E63 Flowers for Hordak

    • December 3, 1985

    Hordak becomes the laughing-stock of the Horde when she captures Perfuma who subsequently turned Fright Zone into a beautiful garden-paradise! We learn that Hordak dislikes flowers. The fears for Perfuma's safety circulate through Whispering Woods - but they wouldn't worry - the dizzy air-head is having fun.

  • S01E64 Wild Child

    • December 4, 1985

    Something has been ruining the trees and crops in the Whispering Woods. The angry woodsmen see a pack of large, white wolves in the woods, and blame them and their pack-leader, the ""wild child"" Princess Allegra of the Green Island Kingdoms, for the problem. Adora finds Princess Allegra, who was shipwrecked many years ago and plans to return her to her home and resolve the current crisis.

  • S01E65 The Greatest Magic

    • December 5, 1985

    She-Ra travels with Orko to help Orko's uncle and his people fight the evil Dr. Zeug.

Season 2

  • S02E01 One to Count On

    • September 13, 1986

    Adora, Bo, Glimmer, Kowl, and Spragg take Queen Angela's crown into town to have the jewels reset. They are ambushed by Leech and some Horde troopers, who manage to take the crown even though She-Ra arrives to lend a hand. Bo, Glimmer, Spragg, and Peakablue decide to go into the Fright Zone to reclaim the crown, counting on She-Ra to come rescue them if they get into trouble. Madame Razz is worried that the Rebels are depending on She-Ra too much and advises Adora to follow them but not transform. When Catra and Claudine corner the Rebels, Adora does transform into She-Ra but tells Bo and Glimmer that they shouldn't put themselves in danger for a crown and then expect to be rescued. She goes on to assure them that they are fully capable of defending themselves in this battle. She then disappears, and the others manage to do quite well, but Peakablue gets captured and they have to continue into the Fright Zone. Catra, Leech, and new bad guy Entrapta keep Peekablue in a garden wher

  • S02E02 Return of the General

    • September 20, 1986

    General Sunder returns in this episode. Now, Sunder is a farmer and he has a wife Mally and a daughter. The Horde captures Sunder's wife and daughter. Now it is up to Sunder to save them.

  • S02E03 Out of the Cocoon

    • September 27, 1986

    In a tale of destiny, She-Ra meets a young girl called Small One after being captured by a group of evil warriors lead by Baron Condor of Sand Valley. The girl is knocked unconscious by one of the Baron's inventions, but is revived by Light Hope into a thoroughly new form - that of Flutterina, the latest addition to the Rebellion. Together, She-Ra and Flutterina teach the residents of Sand Valley to live in peace and Glimmer to see that true beauty comes from within

  • S02E04 A Lesson in Love

    • October 4, 1986

    Young Prince Kevin has runaway from his home and accidentally gets transported to the Fright Zone, where he is put under a spell by Shadow Weaver and used against the Rebellion. Not only is he the cause of the ruined carnival in Twigget Village, but also the capture of Flutterina. So to redeem himself, he goes with She-Ra to rescue her - and breaks Shadow Weaver's spell himself

  • S02E05 Something Old, Something New

    • December 5, 1985

    Madame Razz receives a visitor, a young trainee magician called Ely, sent to her by Candor, a a famous, experienced Etherian magic-maker. However, Ely's arrogance and inexperience get him into trouble with Shadow Weaver, who wants the Serenity Stone that Ely found on his way to Whispering Woods. But the stone possess great power - power that neither Shadow Weaver or Ely can handle

  • S02E06 The Pearl

    • October 18, 1986

    Mermista, who supports the Great Rebellion, tells Adora that the rest of her people won't fight the Horde because the Horde has never provoked them. But that changes when Hordak steals the Power Pearl that gives Mermista's people their magic powers. She-Ra and Mermista have to retrieve the Pearl before Shadow Weaver learns how to unlock its magic. They get some help from a baby horn whale that they helped rescue from Hordak's troopers.

  • S02E07 Above it All

    • October 25, 1986

    The Rebels take cover in a small village when Shadow Weaver releases the relentless power of the Cave of Winds. She-Ra is their only hope - she must fly to Bright Moon to find Queen Angella whose magic is just powerful enough to fight tht of the Cave's. However, our heroine is sidetracked when Swift Wind is needed to help a race of Tree-People reach their new home in the sky - and as they learn never to judge people on appearances, She-Ra finds a new way to defeat the Horde.

  • S02E08 Day of the Flowers

    • November 1, 1986

    Adam, Orko, and Snout Sprout have come from Eternia to witness Etheria's Day of the Flowers, a celebration of the planet's beauty. The same day, Hordak forms an alliance with the Monstroids in an effort to capture more slaves (he's lost many in the Rebellion's raids). Six powerful Monstroid machines close in on the free Etherians' celebration. Unfortunately, one of Orko's spell mishaps has caused the Swords of Power and Protection to disappear! Adam and Adora have no choice but to fend off the Monstroids without the powers of their alter egos. Snout Sprout, Frosta, Madame Razz and Broom help out all they can, but the Monstroids keep coming. Can Orko find the lost swords in time?

  • S02E09 The Caregiver

    • November 8, 1986

    Shakra, Adora's care giver and surrogate mother during the years she lived in the Fright Zone, has decided to leave the Horde. Hordak suprises Shakra by giving her a parting gift: a beautiful pendant. In reality, Hordak uses the pendant to spy on her as she ventures into the Whispering Woods to join the Great Rebellion. When a Rebel raid goes foul and Bow and Glimmer are captured, Madame Razz is convinced that Shakra is a traitor. But Adora/She-Ra doesn't believe that and lets her beloved friend accompany them on the rescue mission.

  • S02E10 Romeo and Glimmer

    • November 15, 1986

    Glimmer falls for a Horde Corporal called Romeo after he is wounded and captured by the Rebellion. But can he be trusted?

  • S02E11 The Perils of Peekablue

    • November 22, 1986

    Peekablue, who is too timid to be an active part of the Rebellion, gets captured by the Horde and placed under one of Shadow Weaver's mind control spells. Hordak then forces her to use her clairvoiant powers to locate rebels in the Whispering Woods and capture them with hover claws. Adora allows herself to be captured so she can enter the Fright Zone and discover how the Horde has learned to penetrate the Woods' magic. Once there, she is able to free the prisoners and break Shadow Weaver's spell with a little help from her alter-ego.

  • S02E12 Sweet Bee's Home

    • November 29, 1986

    Adam's visit to Etheria is interrupted when he and Adora spot a space vessel being shot down by the Horde. They transform into He-Man and She-Ra and seek Mermista's help in saving the pilot, who landed in a region of ice water. Frosta also volunteers for the mission once she spots He-Man, who is uncomfortable with the attention she gives him. He-Man and Frosta deal with the Horde Troopers while Mermista and She-Ra swim down and free the unconscious pilot from her ship. The pilot turns out to be Sweet Bee, a beautiful alien who can fly and create honeycomb nets. He-Man is very attentive to her, much to Frosta's annoyance. Sweet Bee was scouting out a new home for her people after their planet was destroyed. She-Ra tells Sweet Bee that her people would most likely be enslaved by the Horde if they came to Etheria. They have to get word to the Hive not to come, but the Horde has Sweet Bee's ship and uses it to send a message encouraging her people to settle here. With the help of h

  • S02E13 Portrait of Doom

    • December 6, 1986

    Sprintina is given a magic paint brush by a mysterious woman she meets in the woods. It gives her the ability to paint gorgeous pictures of her friends in the rebellion. Little does she know, that the mysterious woman is none other than Shadow Weaver herself. Once Sprintina paints someone's portrait, they disappear and end up in the Fright Zone, trapped in their own painting.

  • S02E14 Assault on the Hive

    • December 13, 1986

    Sweet Bee escapes just as Skeletor takes possession of her people's Hive. Can the Rebels help Sweet Bee save her people, who have been enslaved by Skeletor's magic?

  • S02E15 Loo-Kee's Sweety

    • September 12, 1987

    Loo-Kee's people (including his father) are captured by Hordak. It is up to Loo-Kee, his female friend, and She-Ra to save them.

  • S02E16 The Time Transformer

    • September 19, 1987

    The Horde Professor Tempest Invents a Machine that can rewrite History and Hordak uses it to his advantage to rewrite History to where he always Defeated She-Ra. Can She-Ra Destroy this machine?

  • S02E17 Brigis

    • September 19, 1987

    She-Ra must fight to stop Hordak from stealing the essential element of a magical village that appears only once every 500 years.

  • S02E18 When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed

    • September 26, 1987

    Hordak tricks Spinnerella into believing Netossa is being held captive by the Rebellion. Spinnerella creates a whirlwind that puts the Whispering Woods in danger.

  • S02E19 Just the Way You Are

    • October 3, 1987

    A young man runs away from his circus family because he thinks his father does not love him. He and Glimmer are kidnapped by King Darkspur, but He-Man and She-Ra come to the rescue.

  • S02E20 The Locket

    • October 10, 1987

    Adora travels to the Fright Zone with Sorrowful the dragon to retrieve a locket that was stolen by Imp.

  • S02E21 She-Ra Makes A Promise

    • October 17, 1987

    Sprocker, the Twiget, ends up captured by Hordak. Hordak tells She-Ra that if she takes his place he will free Sprocker, and that he will not harm the Rebels. Hordak makes She-Ra promise that she will never try to escape.

  • S02E22 Bow's Magical Gift

    • October 24, 1987

    Shadow Weaver's wand falls into Bow's hands, giving him great magical powers. He becomes arrogant with his new power and causes an entire village to be seized by the Horde.

  • S02E23 Glimmer Come Home

    • October 31, 1987

    The Horde is stealing the rebels' food. Glimmer and Adora disagree on what course of action to take against them. Glimmer gets tired of everyone following Adora's plans instead of hers. She visits Mirror Lake, where a magical reflection of herself says she should make her own plans to fight the Horde. Little does she know, Shadow Weaver has used her magic to trick Glimmer into making her own rebellion, consisting of Horde troopers.

  • S02E24 The Inspector

    • November 7, 1987

    Adora and Adam sneak into the Fright Zone to reclaim She-Ra's sword and save a group of their rebel friends from the clenches of Hordak.

  • S02E25 Hordak's Power Play

    • November 14, 1987

    Hordak shoots down a spaceship so he can take the energy cell it contains. She-Ra and the spaceship's pilot work together to take it back before it destroys the world.

  • S02E26 Shades of Orko

    • November 21, 1987

    Shadow Weaver steals Orko's shadow. Orko is getting weaker without his shadow. It is up to She-Ra, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Glimmer and Bow to get Orko's shadow back.

  • S02E27 The Bibbet Story

    • November 28, 1987

    Two young Bibbets steal Adora's sword and Bow's weapon. The two Bibbets think that Adora and Bow work for the Horde.

  • S02E28 Swifty's Baby

    • December 5, 1987

    Swift Wind's mate has been kidnapped by Hordak. If she is NOT back on Unicorn Island before their baby is born, their baby will be just a normal horse and NOT a Unicorn.