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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Series 1 DVD Extras - Deleted Scenes

    • Channel 4

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Series 1 DVD Extras - Outtakes

    • Channel 4

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Series 2 DVD Extras - Funny Moments

    • Channel 4

    Oh how we laughed. And played. And laughed some more. More funny moments than Dennis Norden could shake a tickling stick at. Hold on to your sides, they will be splitting in seconds. And maybe not.

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Series 2 DVD Extras - Deleted Scenes

    • Channel 4

    See your favourite scenes that never were as they are rescued from the cutting room floor, bagged up and slapped on the DVD for a bit of extra padding. Nice. Don't forget, there's a reason why these scenes were deleted.......!

  • SPECIAL 0x6 Series 2 DVD Extras - Interview

    • Channel 4

    Bless, a touching interview with those crazy cats from Sugar Rush, touching on everything from the dangers of Space Dust to the safe removal of CFC's. Good.

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • June 7, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Meet 15-year-old Kim, who has an earth-shattering, hormone-surging crush on her new best friend, Sugar. Sugar is a bad girl. She's wild, sexy and exciting, and meeting her has turned Kim's world upside down. Kim and family have just moved to sunny Brighton

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • June 7, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim is dead set on revenge, determined to get even with her mother Stella after she interrupted her and Dale (the delicious decorator) in a very compromising position.

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • June 14, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim toys with the idea of drugging Sugar so she can have her wicked way with her. After all, according to Sugar herself, she's always under the influence when she does it with boys

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • June 21, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim decides that the only way forward is for her to come clean to Sugar about her feelings. She arrives at Sugar's flat all set to bare her soul, only to discover that Sugar's been struck down with a bad case of crabs. Kim is horrified that Sugar's got crabs and can't believe that Sugar has no idea who she caught them from! But the thing about infectious diseases is that before you know it, they can spread like a bush fire....

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • July 5, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim is stuck in the middle and hating it. Her parents Stella and Nathan are rowing like crazy and using Kim as messenger and go-between

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • July 12, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Sugar wants to escape to Paris to be with her French squeeze, Guillaume. Kim knows Guillaume doesn't care a toss for Sugar and the only way to stop Sugar from leaving is to come clean about him.

  • S01E07 Episode 7

    • July 19, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim has not left her bedroom for a week. She's been sexually obsessed with Sugar since they first met and now Sugar knows how Kim feels.

  • S01E08 Episode 8

    • July 26, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim is determined that her stupid crush is over. As far as she's concerned, Sugar is a selfish using bitch from hell. Kim attempts to liberate herself from her old Sugar-obsessed life

  • S01E09 Episode 9

    • August 2, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Kim has tried to make the best of things, but it's tough. Especially when your mother's a whore who's only come back home because she's got nowhere else to go.

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • August 9, 2005
    • Channel 4

    Just when Kim thought she had a chance at a real date with a fit, cool girl who actually listens to what she says... Just as she thought that she was over her hormone-surging, life-ruining obsession with Sugar, Kim gets a phone call

Season 2

  • S02E01 Episode 1

    • June 15, 2006
    • Channel 4

    The episode opens with Kim still alone with only her electric toothbrush for company. Her parents are back together and Matt’s gone Goth and they all know that she's a lesbian which Nathan is still coming to terms with it all.

  • S02E02 Episode 2

    • June 22, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Kim believes that there are two kinds of women in the world. The Manipulative ones and the ones stupid enough to fancy them

  • S02E03 Episode 3

    • June 29, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Kim is insecure despite having everything she ever wanted

  • S02E04 Episode 4

    • July 6, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Kim has everything she ever wanted, New love and her best friend back in her life. But how can she fit both of them into her spare time

  • S02E05 Episode 5

    • July 13, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Saint goes off to a sex festival, how will Kim react?

  • S02E06 Episode 6

    • July 20, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Kim overdoeses after her insecurity takes her too far

  • S02E07 Episode 7

    • July 27, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Kim spends a night in the cells, but how will Saint react to Kims behaviour

  • S02E08 Episode 8

    • August 3, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Unfortunately for Kim, and her lesbian life-style, Nathan is getting increasingly worried about the break-down of family values. Kim is forced to suffer through new rules, though Nathan looks set to break them himself...

  • S02E09 Episode 9

    • August 10, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Mark invites Sugar to meet his family, how how will the react or her? Meanwhile Stella and Nathan's sex life has a very unexpected consequence

  • S02E10 Episode 10

    • August 17, 2006
    • Channel 4

    Saint asks Kim to move in, But is it what she really wants?