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Season 1

  • S01E01 Inside the Tesla Gigafactory

    • July 15, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Special access to Tesla's record-breaking Gigafactory reveals its bold ambition to build one of the most advanced cars in the world; this cutting-edge facility is one of the world's largest, representing the frontier of engineering innovation.

  • S01E02 McLaren Supercar

    • July 22, 2020
    • Science Channel

    McLaren's high-tech production center is as remarkably distinctive as the handcrafted automobiles they design and produce, overtaking its supercar rivals through the application of Formula One science and sophisticated production standards.

  • S01E03 NASA's Michoud Facility

    • July 29, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Victronix Swiss Army Knives, NASA Michoud Rocket Facility, Nestle Kit Kat Bars, Heinz Baked Beans

  • S01E04 Volkswagen Mega Factory

    • August 5, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Volkswagon's manufacturing facility is the greenest car factory in the US.

  • S01E05 Maserati Mega Plant

    • August 12, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Maserati takes production of their luxury automotive brand to another level at the Mirafiori facility in Turin, Italy, where the highest standards of materials and manufacturing result in handcrafted cars built on a cutting-edge assembly line.

  • S01E06 Inside UPS Worldport

    • August 19, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Explore Worldport in Kentucky, the parcel distributing powerhouse for UPS.

  • S01E07 Rolls-Royce Super Engine

    • August 26, 2020
    • Science Channel

    Rolls-Royce's Trent XWB is the most efficient jet engine ever produced.

  • S01E08 World's Largest Steel Plant

    • September 2, 2020
    • Science Channel

    The largest steel plant in the world is a hi-tech super factory that takes production to astonishing levels, turning out 21 million tons of steel every year on a sprawling campus comprised of 50 individually operating sub-factories.