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Season 1

  • S01E01 ?/Stuck on You

    • November 4, 1995
    • CBS

    Entrobe heats up the Earth using methane from cows. Entrobe captures Hyperman using a giant electromagnet.

  • S01E02 Guess Who's Coming to Earth/The Evil Brian

    • November 25, 1995
    • CBS

    When Entrobe's parents visit, he has to explain why he hasn't destroyed the Earth yet. E. Brian Small creates a monster that feeds on energy

  • S01E03 Cosmo Not/The Brain Game

    • December 2, 1995
    • CBS

    A cosmonaut collects all of Earth's satellites and holds TV ransom. Kid Chaos goes back in time to collect the brains of the great thinkers so that Entrobe can beat Emma in a game show.

  • S01E04 Robotot/Foul Weather Friend

    • December 9, 1995
    • CBS

    E. Brian Small creates a robot body in order to upstage Hyperman at the beach. When Hyperman develops a crush on the weather girl, he changes the weather to match her predictions.

  • S01E05 Emma is History/Appalling 13

    • December 16, 1995
    • CBS

    In an effort to erase Emma from existence, Entrobe goes back in time to marry Emma's grandmother. Hyperman and friends win a contest to join Buttons the Chimp for a trip to Mars.

  • S01E06 Have a Hyper Christmas!/The Good, The Bad and the Emmas

    • December 23, 1995
    • CBS

    Entrobe gets hold of Santa's naughty/nice list, and makes himself the only nice one on the list. When Emma is split into Good Emma and Bad Emma, Entrobe tries to get Bad Emma to kill Hyperman.

  • S01E07 ?/Studd Puppy Come Home

    • December 30, 1995
    • CBS

    Emma invents a device that can instantly evolve or de-evolve living things, but Entrobe uses it to wreak havoc in a shopping mall. When the governing body praises only Hyperman, Studd Puppy quits to pursue a singing career, and Hyperman has to deal with a swollen ego.

  • S01E08 E. Brian Strangelove/Hypermeddling Made Easy

    • January 6, 1996
    • CBS

    E. Brian Small plans to blow up Einstein University with a nuclear missile. Hyperman eats microchip-laden cookies that force him to mimic whatever is on television.

  • S01E09 Some Like It Hotter/You Dirty Rats

    • January 13, 1996
    • CBS

    Entrobe competes in a chili cook-off, but he uses creamed corn and plutonium as ingredients. On a planet inhabited by giant rats, Hyperman, Emma, and Studd Puppy are forced to navigate a maze.

  • S01E10 Immaculate Man/Book 'Em Studdo

    • January 20, 1996
    • CBS

    C.P. creates a perfect superhero to replace Hyperman. Entrobe gets hold of a device that materializes characters from books.

  • S01E11 ?/Hyperness Is Only Skin Deep

    • January 27, 1996
    • CBS

    When Hyperman is framed, the Comptroller makes capturing Hyperman his personal mission. Hyperman is left weak and vulnerable when he sheds his skin. Kid Chaos is forced to be a hero when he puts on Hyperman's discarded skin.

  • S01E12 Oceans A Leavin'

    • February 3, 1996
    • CBS

    On a long weekend, Emma and Brittany go on a vacation to study bacteria, leaving Hyperman to himself. Since even Entrobe is on vacation, Hyperman finds there's not much to do, so when a fired Kid Chaos comes to him for help, Hyperman vows to rehabilitate him. Entrobe decides that destroying the Earth without Chaos just isn't fun, so he decides to enlist the help of Glen the Oil Slick Monster to the job and be done with it.

  • S01E13 Two's a Crowd/The Promotion

    • August 10, 1996
    • CBS

    Entrobe's new taste for bamboo puts pandas in danger. Hyperman gets news that he is being promoted to Full Agent status, but because the promotion comes with a transfer to another planet, he decides to do a lousy job to cancel it. When Entrobe hears the news, he decides to lay low to make sure he doesn't make Hyperman look bad.