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Season 1

  • S01E01 First Day

    • September 22, 1995
    • CBS

    Nothing goes right during Bonnie's first day at WBDR -- not the least of which is her ill-fated crush on her new boss, Mr. Kirkland.

  • S01E02 Another Day at the Office

    • September 29, 1995
    • CBS

    Bonnie isn't happy that Mr. Kirkland wants her to do a fluff piece or that a neighbor in her apartment building was robbed.

  • S01E03 The Phone Call

    • October 6, 1995
    • CBS

    Bonnie worries that her secret's out of the bag when she forgets to hang up the phone and announces her crush on Mr. Kirkland in earshot of it.

  • S01E04 True Lies

    • October 13, 1995
    • CBS

    Bonnie is swimming in lies when Holly's boyfriend hits on her at the same time Keith sinks money into a hopeless music career.

  • S01E05 Better Offer

    • October 20, 1995
    • CBS

    Tensions are high when Bonnie learns her ex may be joining WBDR.

  • S01E06 Here's a Little Halloween Twist

    • October 27, 1995
    • CBS

    Bonnie and company pull the ultimate trick on Andrew -- they tell him to come to work in a Halloween costume for a party the station isn't having. Meanwhile, Bonnie has her own Halloween fright when Diane passes around a derogatory letter about her weight.

  • S01E07 Up All Night (a.k.a. My Brilliant Career)

    • March 10, 1996
    • CBS

    Bonnie gets on Mr. Kirkland's bad side after an all-nighter causes her to blurt out some inappropriate things.

  • S01E08 On the Streets Where You Live

    • March 17, 1996
    • CBS

    Mr. Kirkland asks Bonnie to buy Diane's birthday present for him. Meanwhile, Tom rents a new apartment -- across from Bonnie.

  • S01E09 Hair Today, Gone to Merlot

    • March 24, 1996
    • CBS

    Lance is accused of being an alcoholic after Bonnie accidentally spills wine on his toupee.

  • S01E10 To See or Not to See

    • March 31, 1996
    • CBS

    Tom worries that Bonnie might see his old girlfriend who is visiting him, while Bonnie prepares for her dinner engagement with Mr. Kirkland, only to have him cancel out on her when a story breaks.

  • S01E11 Beginning of the Beginning

    • April 7, 1996
    • CBS

    Westingmouse buys out WBDR, and, like in the finale of ""The Mary Tyler Moore Show,"" begins handing out pink slips.

  • S01E12 Queen of Hearts

    • CBS

    When Tom decides to hold his office poker game in Bonnie's apartment, Bonnie nervously redecorates it to impress Mr. Kirkland.

  • S01E13 The Bermuda Triangle

    • CBS